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HS-117 Rocksim Design File

Contributed by Kevin McQuown

Loosely based on info from


Hs-117 Schmetterling  


Basic Data
Mission Surface-to-Air Missile
Developed by Germany
Deployed by Not deployed
Development Year 1943
Deployment Year Not deployed
Number manufactured 60 manufactured, 25 test launched
Number deployed Not deployed
Contractor Henschel
Specification / Performance
Length 4.03m
Body Diameter 33.5cm
Wing/Fin span 2.0m
Launch Weight 420kg
Range 32km

Propulsion Liquid, solid
Warhead 25kg
Guidance Optical targeting and wireless guidance

(scale shows 1 meter)

Download HS-117.rkt

To use the design file above, you need a copy of Rocksim, a rocket design and simulation program.

CG: 7.6099 inches from front
CP: 11.3772 inches from front
Margin: 2.26

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