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11.5" 1/5 Scale V2 Rocksim Design File

Contributed by Don Bitz

This is Curtis' 11.5" V2 kit with the airframe left at 48". I originally modified it to deploy the main chute from a 6" tube in the rather volumnous nosecone as shown.

This was a laborious one to assemble despite the few simple parts because both the NC and the fincan arrived with their shoulders way to large. We took shifts sanding until down to the very cloth in places. Finally got there however ... my first time with the recently acquired Fuji HVLP Mini Mite 3 turbine spray system revealed my amateur status in the makeshift paint booth, but everyone still compliments me on the result despite the freehand flame-job & slight orange peel evident in the clearcoat. Evidently it's a noticible improvement over rattle-cans.

Dual deploy has not been utilized to date as it was damaged on the maiden voyage due to a CATO at about 100 feet. (98mm CTI M4470 V-Max had a "known defect" causing the case to come apart right at the thrust ring. Wildman and Anthony Cesaroni were very accomodating, replacing the case and motor, flown several times since without a hassle.)

Comments: 8.5 : 1 scale model using LOC 7.5" parts. LOC PK-100.

Designer: Werner Von Braun

Download perf_v2_final.rkt

To use the design file above, you need a copy of Rocksim, a rocket design and simulation program.

Kit Name: Performance Rocketry - 1/5 Scale V2 {Kit}
Diameter: 11.6700 inches
Style: Scale

CG: 51.0710 inches from front
CP: 72.8470 inches from front
Margin: 1.86

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