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On-Board Videos

Ride a rocket by watching these videos featuring segments recorded by cameras onboard a flying rocket.

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Flight and ground video of my parallel staged model rocket design. This system I've come up with is still under development. Thanks! Enjoy.
Keychain camera rocket Semroc Texas Firefly two-stagedonlindich2011-05-292010-09-19
Keychain camera attached to Semroc Texas Firefly two-stage rocket. September 19, 2010 with my club, Pittsburgh Space Command NAR Section #473]
Madcow CRICKETtommieshoes2011-06-242011-01-23
Madcow CRICKET 22 Jan 2011 High Powered Rocket (HPR) Engine H148R-M Southern Arizona Rocketry Assoc
Megan's Firexhisle2011-05-292010-04-18
Fire is a Semroc SLS Jaguar, this video was taken on 4/18/2010. We used an Aerotech E20-7w motor for this launch. We were lucky to retrieve, our initial search in a small cluster of trees yielded no ...
Model Rocket - Rocket Cam 1 (2010)MMPVideo19812011-07-312010-06-08
The first (and last) successful flight of "Rocket Cam 1" carrying a video camera onboard.(June 7, 2010). This was a modified Estes LoadStar kit.
Two Stage High Power Rocket Launch - Horizontal Cameraorbitalpiano2014-01-172013-02-20
Red Between the Lines - Flight 5 Launches on an Aerotech I211 to an Aerotech H123 Max Altitude ~3500ft.
"38 Special" High Power Rocketrockytysonrocketman2012-03-092012-03-05
This is Camera #2 of the "Onboard a Rocket to 4356' " launch.
"Back in BLack" at LDRS-26 - Flight 2 - on-board Low-rez videocyberia552011-06-222008-01-05
On-board video via hacked CVS camcorder installed into the altimeter bay of my Hawk Mountain Talon-3 rocket. This is one of two successfully recorded flights. In this case the chute never opened.
"Back in Black" at MDRA Red Glare 8 (VIII) - Onboard HD Videocyberia552011-06-032010-04-19
This is my Hawk Mountain Enterprises Talon-3 rocket named "Back in Black", flying on an Animal Motor Works L-1300 engine at MDRA's Red Glare VIII event on April 17th, 2010 at approximately 12:30 PM. ...
"Lazy 8" high power rocket video on H123mnrocketry2011-06-282010-09-26
Onboard video from a high power rocket flown near Elk River, MN on an H123 motor.
"O" motor Nike Smoke high power rocket launchvahpr2011-07-042010-10-25
This is my 3/4 scale 200lb Nike Smoke flying to 11300' on propellant designed to simulate the Space Shuttle SRBs. We were test flying an on-screen display unit which overlays flight info on the ...
1/3 Scale IQSY Tomahawk-flown on an Aerotech H148Rrubbnsmoke2011-06-252010-10-18
My 1/3 scale IQSY Tomahawk flown on an H148R to an altitude of 1135 feet at MIS on 10-9-2010. Dual Deploy recovery.
1/3 Scale Wac Corporal Rocket at Red Glare VIIIqzpm1502011-07-292010-06-17
This is my 1/3 Scale Wac Corporal flown at Red Glare 8. It was boosted using an Aerotech J540R staged to a Censaroni J355 Red Lightning. On board cam is a Booster Vision GearCam DVR. It flew to ...
1999 launch of the Portland State Aerospace Society rocket (on-board)PSASRockets2011-08-012009-04-26
Video from on board our open source rocket. See for more info.
2 Rocket Camera Flights taken in Columbia, SC USALeosLeisureSite2011-05-292010-04-11
I had the chance of strapping a Keychain and GumCam camera on some rockets while I was in Columbia SC, USA with a friend for some great rocket launches. This video shows 2 launches with the first ...
2 Stage Darkstar! High power rocketBeamer17922014-01-172013-07-25
My 2 stage wild-man Darkstar flies to 13980 ft in altitude, on a CTI L805 white to a CTI K360 white.
2 Stage Rocket with Onboard Camerarockytysonrocketman2011-09-242010-05-26
My second flight of Pinacle 2 with a G80 staging to a G80 3 seconds later. Onboard altimeter read 4640' but this flight had arced over horribly even before the second stage ignited. Recovery was ...
2008-12-25 - Aerotech Mirage Flight 005 - G64W-4 - Rocket View - Launch Onlybguffer2011-06-252008-12-30
2008-12-25 - Aerotech Mirage Flight 005 - G64W-4 - Rocket View - Launch Only Memorex 7-in-1 Camcorder for on board video. Regretfully, i accidentally had the focus set to macro.
2009-01-03 - TORC Launch 0003 - Aerotech Mirage Flight 006 - H250G-M - Dual View Groundbguffer2011-05-292009-01-04
2009-01-03 - TORC Launch 0003 - Aerotech Mirage Flight 006 - H250G-M - Dual View Ground
3/4 Patriot - 8th Flight.wmvDmboomboom2011-06-282011-05-28
Once again, a perfect flight of my 3/4 scale Patriot. 9th flight will be at Red Glare XII in April of 2012.
6th Flight 720p HD Camera Rocket - Aerotech F39 PoweredNitrowolfUT2011-05-292009-09-14
This was the next to last flight of the 720p HD Camera Rocket. The launch after this, I had transported the rocket to Colorado for a launch in the mountains. It turned out that day was unlucky all ...
80533 All Flights, Onboard rocket Cameraarttef2011-06-032011-05-31
80533 All Flights, Onboard rocket Camera, 1000 Feet 1k launch pad strange missile inside view cam
Aboard the Triskelion On Flight 7.wmvRecordersRocketsBEC2011-05-292009-12-14
Third flight of my FlisKits Triskelion with a key fob-style video camera taped to the forward end of the body tube looking downward. Flown at the Boeing Employees' Model Rocket Club's December ...
Absolute XS by Michael Cain - HPR Rocket - 2010 - EARSmickywoe2013-03-112010-07-14
My Absolute XS flown at Big Ears 2010, launched on an Aerotech J415-W with Mission Control Altimeter and one of Andy Hughs HD cameras .
Aerial Video Val de RuzPixopax2011-06-262010-10-05
Two videos taken from a highpower rocket on the ALRS XI Event in Val de Ruz, Switzerland. The first is from my AGM-390 on a I300T, the second from my SpaceShipThree on a J540R, 600 and 800 m high. ...
Aerotech Cheetah flight on rocket camdirtypoolvids2011-06-032010-08-09
Aerotech Cheetah on E18-7w. Ignore the time stamp on the keychain camera. The ignition seemed a bit slow and the delay is too long. Flew to 710 feet with the camera taped to the body tube per ...
AeroTech G-Force Launch on a CTI H133Samuel Fineberg2014-01-182011-02-08
LUNAR Snow Ranch launch February 5, 2011. Cesaroni H133 blue.
Aerotech INITIATOR (black and green) launchtommieshoes2011-07-022010-08-29
Southern Arizona Rocketry Assoc (SARA) 27 June 2010 MPR Aerotech INITIATOR (black and green) Engine G76-7W, Approx altitude 1800 ft
Aerotech Initiator fitted with 5 in 1 camerae0368412011-06-252008-03-11
This is the newest camera rocket I put together after the others had too much flight spin. Much better flight but the landing was less than perfect. It has been repaired to fly again.
Aerotech Initiator Rocket with Mini Camvalleygoddess2011-06-202010-01-18
Odin's Initiator Rocket Camera Location: Creston Valley, British Columbia Father & Son (8 years old) Hobby: Model Rocketry (Mid Level) Note: All safety protocols were adhered to; as well as, ...
Aerotech Mirage with camera 3/10/07e0368412011-06-202007-03-23
Third flight with new SU AT G77R. Thought I had the twist out of it but not completely. You can see the bent fin on the lower right. Two chutes used to lessen the landing spin seem to have helped. ...
Aerotech Tomahawk - Red Glare XIJimmyZNJ2014-01-182011-11-22
Onboard video taken with a cheap standard definition keychain video camera strapped to the side of my Aerotech IQSY Tomahawk flying on an F39-6T motor. Altit...
Amateur rocket launchroonaschutney2011-06-252006-10-22
this is classic also, you get to watch from the rockets onboard camera........split screen
Amazing On-Board Camera GoPro Hero HD Estes Model Cluster Rocket Launch Cape Codlaspeed132011-09-282011-08-16 Amazing On-Board Camera GoPro Hero HD Estes Model Cluster Rocket Launch on Cape Cod over the old Sea View Playland in Dennisport Ma and a miraculous safe landing. Rocket flies to ...
Apogee Aspire Rocket Launchrbbremer2011-06-032010-06-10
A movie made with video shot from a key chain camera that I mounted to an Apogee Aspire model rocket. The camera is taped to the upper body tube using electrical tape. I used an Estes E9-6 engine in ...
ARMY HAWK HIGH POWER ROCKET J-415Wpslimo1232011-07-052009-07-18
ARMY HAWK HIGH POWER ROCKET K-550Wpslimo1232011-07-052009-08-15
Astrovision 2 stage videocitrus1banana2011-06-202008-12-27
This was a flight on a C6-0 to a A8-3 Estes rocket engine. The movie starts in the air, due to the confusing flashing indicator light. We calculated that it reached a little less than 1000 feet (we ...
B4-3R (with H250G) Rocket VideoQacheqOfBorg2011-11-202011-10-30
My B4-3R ("Basic 4-inch Rocket 3rd Revision") on an Aerotech H250G motor with a Hot Wheels video camera attached to the side. This was the 2nd flight of the Hot Wheels Video Racers Camera as a video ...
Back in Black MDRA Red Glare IX - Short (fixed).mpgcyberia552011-06-282010-10-28
Here is my modified Hawk Mountain Talon-3 as it flew Saturday Oct 23rd at MDRA's Red Glare IX. It was in the identical configuration as for the previous flight at Red Glare VIII. This shorter video ...
BALLS 2010 Lloyd Humez Duck's Strike RocketLawndartRobert2011-06-032010-10-23
Lloyd Humez rocket with on-board video flies to one mile high at BALLS 2010 launch event
Barbara Estes Oracle 1 0004John C2014-01-182009-10-16
My wife Barbara\'s Estes Oracle digital video camera rocket.
Best On Board video yet! Air Start pushes rocket to 2929 FeetZFamilyRockets2011-09-022010-11-13
An H160 Skidmark(r) with an Air Start to two H140 Classics. Using high quality still photos, it is so cool to be able to see that the first H140 burns for .6 seconds before the second H140 ignites. ...
Big Bertha Estes Model Rocket Launch with Video key chain Cam on board D engine poweredshivatheguru2014-01-172012-05-18
Using two mini key chain cameras on modified estes rocket with a D engine.
Big model rocket with onboard camerarockytysonrocketman2011-09-242010-05-24
This is the Maiden Flight of my 38 Special using a G80T. I built this rocket for my level 1 and 2 certification flights and I was testing to see if it flew streight and true. It is a dual deployment ...
BIG Rocket Cam - Sledgehammer M1315 Launchjurvetson2012-02-202012-02-09
We launched the 7.5 ft tall, 55 lbs rocket on a M-size motor (imagine four thousand Estes A engines) and she screamed over a mile straight up. This video is a compilation from 5 cameras, including ...
Big Rocket Launch Video Compilationjurvetson2011-09-222010-06-03
I launched my 9 ft. tall Sledgehammer rocket with the biggest motor I have flown in California - an Aerotech M1850. This video is a compilation of the videocam on the rocket, the pad cam and a ...
Big Sparky Sledgehammer Rocket Launch at Dairy Aire 2011jurvetson2011-07-132011-05-29
55 lbs. 9 ft. tall, with multiple cameras on rocket and ground. GLR Sledgehammer rocket with video bay, honeycomb nomex wings under fiberglass. HCX and LCX flight computers. Rousetech CO2 parachute ...
Big Yeller May 24th, 2009 on board videogoseid2011-05-292009-05-31
Recording from the on board camera from the launch of "Big Yeller", the largest amature rocket launched in the state of Minnesota to date. Big Yeller is 17.5 feet tall and weighed in at 180 lbs. It ...
Bigger Purple Two stage RocketSpacemo2011-06-222007-06-22
Two stage rocket with onboard camera
BINFORD 6100 K805 2-19-2011hognutz632011-06-252011-02-20
Black and Silver Estes Rocket Short Clipaltitudealchemy2011-05-292010-03-22
An unknown model of an Estes model rocket, black and silver in color. Launched at 60 Acre Park in Redmond, WA and recorded on a keychain video camera.
Black Brant Vb 2010.12.11SMVideo942011-06-262010-12-13
Launch and onboard video of a PML Black Brant Vb built by Skip Meier launched on an AeroTech H128W at Sacramento Area Rocketry Group launch on December 11, 2010.
BLU-97 Onboard VideoBHPete2011-05-312007-03-07
High Power Rocket Launch onboard video. Motor N3200, rocket approx. 50 lbs., 7400' altitude in about 20 seconds. Successful recovery of both the rocket and the liter bottle of Crown Royal Whisky ...
BoosterVision Mile High 2 stage rocketrockytysonrocketman2011-08-192011-03-10
This is my Pinacle2Sv1 rocket using a Boostervision Gearcam DVR for taking horizon angle video at 640x480. I had a G80-7 in the booster and a G64 in the sustainer. It made 5801' via Perfect Flite ...
Bruiser EXP on AMW L1100 airstarting 2 J-360's onboard videorocket10172011-06-032007-11-01
My Loc Bruiser "Red White and Blue" onboard video flown at Red Glare 3. This time she flew on a AMW L1100 Red Rhino and then airstarted two J360's Cesaroni 6 grain Pro 38 motors at the L1100 burnout ...
BSD Horizon J530 8 Oct 2011NDRocketNM2011-12-082011-10-10
Keychain camera records flight of BSD Horizon on a CTI J530 motor.
Cabin 2010 rocket launchbeads272011-09-052010-10-17
Cadets Big Blue RocketDOosterhouse2011-06-202010-05-01
St. Joseph Christian Reformed Church Cadets boys club rocket project. Thank you Dave Brunsting for helping us build this 6 foot tall rocket. Dave's estimate of the height of the first flight was ...
Callisto 101109mfborman2011-06-032009-10-13
Public Missiles Callisto rocket flying on an Aerotech G64W reloadable motor with a Booster Vision Gear CAM DVR on board taking the video. Having the camera and the already installed mirror housing ...
Callisto Rocket Onboard Videomfborman2011-07-022008-05-06
Mike Borman's PML Callisto Rocket Onboard Video Flight, May 4, 2008, at Launch Crue's May Regional Contest in Holland, Indiana. Rocket motor was an Aerotech G64W composite reload.
Camera Rocket - 1st Flight - Onboard Videokrustyclown422011-05-292009-12-07
1st Flight of Camera Rocket Onboard Video - Taken with "Gum stick" camera mounted in the forward payload bay. Flight on an Estes C6-5 motor.
Camera Rocket - 2nd Flight - Onboard Videokrustyclown422011-06-152009-12-07
2nd Flight of Camera Rocket Onboard Video - Taken with "Gum stick" camera mounted in the forward payload bay. Flight on an Estes C6-5 motor.
CBU 97 CLUSTER BOMB HIGH POWER ROCKETpslimo1232011-06-192009-04-19
Cheetah on Aerotech Blue Thunder GAaronius312011-08-192011-08-02
This is my Cheetah on an Aerotech Blue Thunder G!
Cherokee-M rocket, N2000W, onboard videoeebert32011-06-152007-08-16
Cherokee-M rocket onboard video 6" dia., 10' tall, 64 lbs. liftoff wt. N2000W motor, 388 lbs. avg. thrust 14250 ft., 1350 ft/sec., 11.4 Gs AeroPac launch: Aeronaut 2007 Black Rock, NV
Cineroc Video/Model Rocket Launch @ JSCDavid Montgomery2014-01-182008-11-19
Short clip of my Cineroc 8 mm flight @ JSC June 5, 2004. Model was my Proton/ Saturn - IV using a single D12-0 for the booster with a D12-7 & three C6-7 clus...
Cliff's Temporary InsanityLaneKG2011-05-312008-09-13
Cliff launched his 7.5 inch diameter Temporary Insanity rocket on an AMW M1350 at the SEARS Sept 6th Launch. The on-board camera was an ATC-2K. Thanks to Marty for the ground video.
Cluster Model Rocket With Onboard CameraTheMastersScience2011-08-132011-06-02
Model rocket with onboard camera. Everything worked better than we could have expected. Estimated altitude is between 500 and 740 ft AGL. The rocket flew on a cluster of 3 C6-5's with a total ...
Cluster Model Rocket with video cameratappadoodle2011-06-172009-01-19
Scratch built cluster rocket. Only one launch so far with my split view cam but more to come this year.
Coca-Cola OnBoard Video to 1110 FeetZFamilyRockets2011-09-092010-08-26
9 Feet Tall Modified Loc Magnum with Dual Deploy 54mm to 38 MM Adapter Cesaroni 5 Grain J357 Blue Streak motor Onboard Keyfob Spy Camera
ContourGPS 1080p - Williams Australia from 12100ftmep07162011-08-072011-08-07
Initial footage of Mike Passaretti's Tripoli level three high power rocket certification flight in Williams, Australia on August 6th 2011. Footage was obtained using a ContourGPS HD action camera ...
Corkscrew Rocket Launch at NASA Amesjurvetson2012-05-112009-07-19
We put the strap-on video cam on my son's Initiator Rocket and launched it with a smoky Aerotech G38-4FJ motor. The asymmetric weight and drag was a bit much for this rocket and so it went into a ...
CTI Pro54 Skidmark Flight On-Board Rocket Cambelfastboyca2011-06-042010-10-12
On board footage from a post Level 2 certification flight, dual deployment 4X88" Quantum airframe on a CTI pro54 6G k motor. Top speed was 841kph. 808 Keychain camera.
David Halls High powered rocket Pac 3swingingpink2011-06-282011-03-27
High Powered Rocket Pac 3 on an I-245G
Der Red Max short launch clipaltitudealchemy2011-06-282010-03-07
Estes Der Red Max rocket short clip with a keychain video camera. Launched at 60 Acre Park Redmond, WA, March 6, 2010.
Der Red Mix FAIL - Flip MinoHD survives high-power rocket crash to tell the talegizza22011-09-222010-08-19
I flew this scratch-built, high-power, cluster rocket for the first time on 8/14/10. This was supposed to ground start a Cesaroni K500 Red, wait 1 second, then air-start 2xI345 White Thunder motors. ...
Der Red Mix mark II - L730 on the ground, 2 x I345 air-startsgizza22011-08-312010-12-06
I redeemed myself with Der Red Mix mark II on 12/4/10 at Plaster City flying an L730 on the ground then 2 x I345 in the air one second after the ground L burned out. Great success!! I would add that ...
Deuce Onboard 121110TomB06672014-01-172012-11-12
Onboard view from between the motors of my upscale Deuce. The Aerotech K456 is on the right, a CTI K454 on the left. Altitude was 3521 feet.
Deuce's Wild 11 Sept 2010.wmvtommieshoes2011-07-132010-09-11
Deuce's Wild Launch Video Behind Udall Park, Tucson Arizona 11 Sept 2010 Engines B6-4s
DIY Model Rocket With Onboard Video Camerakristiani752011-06-152010-02-22
DIY Model Rocket With Onboard Video Camera. Rocket is a Estes Liquidator modified to receive a small video camera purchased off ebay. The rocket is a single stage "D" engined rocket. The camera ...
Dual K500 flights with on-board videosolidskateboards2011-06-222010-03-15
Yet another attempt to fly and recover the same rocket twice in one day. This is getting old.
DVR 2 Thrasher 3rd Flight Onboardmoolikeacow22011-06-152009-05-24
Old onboard Rocket video by Brittain Fraley.
Eagle Model Rocket Launch at Certified Peat and Sod - Onboard Videovdopro2011-06-222011-04-05
Elipse 061310.mpegmfborman2011-07-312010-06-15
Launch of Mike Borman's Giant Leap Elipse rocket powered by an Aerotech J350W motor and carrying an onboard Garmin GPS for tracking, Booster Vision Gearcam onboard video camera, and altimeter for ...
Elipse Rocket Onboard Video110809mfborman2011-07-052009-11-12
Mike Borman's Giant Leap Elipse Rocket Onboard Video Recorded November 8th, 2009. The Rocket carried a Booster Vision Gearcam DVR, a Garmin Astro GPS for tracking, and a Missile Works altimeter for ...
Epic Cluster Rocket Launchjurvetson2011-06-032010-07-26
This video is from the on-board videocam. My son designed and built this rocket from scratch. At first, the central Cesaroni Skidmark J360 motor lights, and the igniter wire harness for the fin-tip ...
Epic Cluster Rocket Launch at Dairy Aire 2011jurvetson2011-08-192011-05-28
With HD video from the rocket. My son launched his scratch-built "Epic" rocket with three fin-tip motors and a central Skidmark lit by the on-board HCX flight computer. It also has an RF-tracking ...
Epic HD Camera Rocket Cluster Launchjurvetson2011-05-292011-04-04
My son's scratch-built rocket had a perfect flight with onboard videocam and four motors, one of which was ignited by onboard computer.  (Still photos by Erik Charlton and Martin Hall)
Estes 2 stage Solar Flare rocketharmsworth12012-05-102010-10-07
Estes 2 stage Solar Flare model rocket flying on B6-0 and A10-3T. Half speed and stills at the end of the clip.
estes amazon c6-5pierce44842011-06-162010-05-03
Estes amazon on a c6-5, altitude reduced from camera being strapped to outside of rocket. (maiden cam voyage) better flights to come in my apogee rising star mid power pay loader rocket , they will ...
Estes Amazon Model Rocket Launchaltitudealchemy2011-06-032010-05-02
Two launches of an Estes Amazon model rocket. The launch was April 25, 2010 at 60 Acre Park in Redmond, WA.
Estes Amazon Model Rocket Launch with Onboard Videobloaterpaste2011-08-132011-08-11
My son and I launched his Estes Amazon rocket with a small B motor. This was my first chance to try out my tiny key chain camera that I had gotten for just this purpose. The video turned out great! ...
Estes AstroVision rocket camera #1CreepingDead2011-06-272007-09-17
First launch of Estes AstroVision rocket. We used a B6-4 engine.
Estes Big Daddy rocket launchcarlinvieri2013-12-102012-10-02
Estes Big Daddy, E9-6 motor, on-board camera Moffett Field, April 21, 2012.
Estes Blue Ninja Camera Rocket on an Aerotech G80T motorDavid Kinney2014-01-182010-04-04
Second launch of the Estes Blue Ninja rocket modified with camcorder. Modified to launch on an Aerotech G80T motor. This was launched on April 3rd, 2010 at t...
Estes Cineroc Prep and Flightrcgrabbag2011-06-222008-06-13
This movie was produced by Estes as a means to promote the Cineroc movie camera rocket payload. The film was shot on 8mm movie film (no sound) and could be purchased from the Estes catalogs from the ...
Estes Der Red Max with onboard camera - Take 2JimmyZNJ2012-09-192010-10-25
Second flight of Der Red Max with a keychain video camera taped to the side. This time with a C6-5 engine instead of a B6-4, it got much better altitude for a decent flight. Still exploring ...
Estes Launch.wmvCag16982011-08-172011-08-14
Modified Estes rocket to hold a FLYCAM 1 video recorder.
Estes M-104 Patriot Missile Model Rocket with 808 Keychain Camera attached B-4, C-6 Engines!Model1studios2014-01-172013-08-22
Were back for our second season of rocketry! Kicking it off with a new massive rocket, the estes M-104 patriot missile! with the usual camera. we start with ...
Estes Magician Rocket CamAaronius312011-08-272011-01-24
My Estes Magician flying to 1800ft. on an E Engine.
estes mean machine with video cameraSuperBvd2011-07-092010-04-28
This was the first flight I did with a mean machine rocket equipped with an on board video camera. Sorry for all the spinning. I used a E9-9. This is one of my first attempts at using Microsoft ...
Estes Mini Der Red Maxmdmax132012-09-192012-07-08
Estes Model Rocket Generic E2X Onboard BoosterVision Videokarsnh2011-05-292008-10-15
So "I should have it ready in 2 weeks" turned into 2 months. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed making it.
Estes Monarch Rocket camharmsworth12011-06-172010-09-24
Second flight of the Monarch on a windy day. I under estimated the winds aloft and nearly lost the rocket. Flown with a C6-5 the rocket really scooted up there. Check out the stills at the end of ...
Estes Omega clone, 2-stage flight, onboard videov160501181301142011-07-022007-10-10
Taken at the NARHAMS flying field in Mt. Airy, Maryland. Estes Omega clone rocket, with onboard 2.4gHz video transmitter. First stage D12-0, second stage C11-5. Speed reduced to 50% of actual.
Estes Omega clone, single stage flight, onboard videov160501181301142011-07-022007-06-07
Taken at the NARHAMS flying field in Mt. Airy, Maryland. Estes Omega clone rocket, with onboard 2.4gHz video transmitter. First flight, on a D12-5. Speed reduced to 75% of actual.
Estes Oracle Flight # 1Ron Watkins2014-01-182007-05-13
Estes Oracle model rocket camera flight on D12-5 engine at Manly Bennett Field Pinckney, MI 7/4/06.
Estes Oracle Model Rocket on E9-6 motorGrahame4812011-06-172007-12-04
Estes Oracle rocket with an E9-6 motor - worked a treat!!
Estes Oracle Rocket - Lost & FoundNick Cornaglia2014-01-182011-07-01
Bought this rocket because it has a camera built in. Unfortunately, I have not been able to have a WIndows nor Mac machine recognize the camera to pull image...
Estes Oracle Videorcgrabbag2014-01-182009-04-16
More info at Short clip from an Estes Oracle Video Rocket. Immediately after the Oracle was launched, an Astrocam on a nearby launc...
Estes Oracle Video with Omega 2-Stage Rocketp51mission2011-06-162009-12-12
Model Rocket video with a vintage 1970's Estes 2-stage Omega kit and a modern Oracle Video Camera Nose Cone. Two Estes "D" engines used for lift. Great results using this combination.
Estes Rocket Launch, Mean Machine 6\' rocket, E motor, key chain camerajohn dietzen2014-01-182013-09-25
Estes Rocket Mean Machine and Big Daddy Rockets.
Estes Rocket rides into football practicesurmick2011-06-202010-08-29
Ride an Estes Amazon Rocket into pee wee football practice. Using a key chain camera, you can see the sports fields at Santa Rosa, Ca., Montgomery High School.
Estes Rocket Video TestEmophiliac22011-08-172011-08-13
Last year, I bought a few small spy video cameras, which record to mini SD cards. These cameras are small enough that they can fly in model rockets. So, I bought an Estes Loadstar prebuilt rocket, ...
Estes Rocket with On Board Video 808 #11 keychain cameraJuan Garcia2014-01-182012-10-29
Estes Rocket with On-Board Video 808 #11 keychain camera.
Estes Saturn V Launch On Aerotech G-80 Motor With Keychain Camera - San MarcosMultiTestPage2011-12-312011-12-11 830.896.6331 This was the 2nd actual launch of the Estes Saturn V that my brother and I modified to handle motors up to the J category. We had a successful launch with minor ...
Estes Shuttle Express Video 4TheBoatPirate2012-09-192009-12-10
Setup and launch of a Shuttle Express rocket modified to carry a spy pen video camera.
Estes SkyTrax Model Rocket Launch - FieldBrandon Rash2014-01-182013-05-20
Our first onboard camera rocket launch video. Estes SkyTrax with C6-3 engine and 808 #3 keychain camera mounted to rocket. Launched from the edge of a pasture.
Estes with 808 Keychain Videosaxack2011-08-082011-07-25
Rocket Launch with C engine
Excel Plus C Rocket at Spring Thunder 2010126er1162011-07-312010-06-12
This is an on-board video taken with my flip camera on my modified Binder Design Excel Plus. It flew about 1400 feet on an Aerotech I 161 motor.
Executioner 2011.03.12SMVideo942011-07-132011-03-16
Onboard video from an Estes Executioner built by Skip Meier launched on an AeroTech F12-5J at the Sacramento Area Rocketry Group launch on March 12, 2011.
Executioner E9-6 10-31-10.mp4hornetplt2011-07-092010-11-01
Executioner model rocket E9-6 engine launch with onboard camera
EXTREME High Power Rocket - In Flight Video53rockets2014-01-182012-06-06
During Northern Colorado Rocketry\'s (section 565) annual Mile High Mayhem event, hundreds of rockets were launched, including this Public Missiles Ltd. Calli...
Fabien's Camera Rocket at ALRS XIIafm47112012-02-032011-10-06
Video from the on board Flip HD camera of Fabien's camera rocket, recored at ALRS XII on october 1st, 2011. The rocket is based on a PML Miranda. First flight on an Aerotech I115W, second flight on ...
Fenix-0 LaunchDottorM6662011-08-072011-06-12
Rocket Model Launch Urbe Airport, Roma Video from on board camera. A little confused by Rocket Roll, but in the "freeze replay" some good photos of Urbe Airport, Scuola di Ingegneria Aerospaziale ...
First Test flight of BoosterVision DVR on an Estes AstrobeamCkbCheeseman2011-06-172009-09-25
This is my first test flight of the new Boostervision DVR. A very quick flight on an Estes Astrobeam. While the camera is extremely light and tiny, it certainly does effect the flight profile of ...
Flag Rocket Argonia Onboardwhoburg2011-06-222009-03-22
Woody Hoburg Flag Rocket @ LDRS 23, Argonia, KS Onboard video transmitted via HAM TV payload Motors (aerotech): K1275R airstart (2) J570 @ 2.5 s airstart (2) J350 @ 6 s airstart (2) I284 @ 9.5 s Max ...
Flight of the Phoenix Birdcookewj2011-09-042010-10-31
Onboard video ($6 keychain camera) on Ray Cole's Phoenix Bird rocket
Flight video 3 July #2CanberraRocketry2012-02-122011-07-11
On-board video #2 from the flight of a Dynastar 'Rising Star' on an E18-7W.
Flying onboard a 2 stage rocketrockytysonrocketman2011-08-212011-02-22
Winter launch of my 2 Stage Arreaux. Using a Featherweight Raven Altimeter for dual deployment and second stage ignition. PerfectFlite Micro timer3 for stage seperation. Reached 6041' and 503mph.
Frenzy Massive Level 3 Certification Flight4FlyRockets2014-01-182012-11-06
A model rocket from Madcow Rocketry called \'Frenzy Massive\'. This was my level 3 certification attempt flying on a Cesaroni M-1560 White Thunder. Flight occu...
Gary Rosenfield's Old Cineroc Moviesgaroq2011-05-292009-10-08
Rocket movies taken with the Estes Cineroc flown on various model rocket and motor combinations from 1970-1975
Gearcam Flight Video HDapogeerockets2011-06-222011-05-16
This is the HD version of the flight video taken from the boostervision camera. \
Gerald Meux's 10" Nike Smoke at LDRS 29 On-board camera CTI N1100 Altitude 10500ft 700fps 6g's
Gopro On Rocket To SpaceThomclarks2011-12-072011-10-11
Gopro Camera built into a rocket blasted into space. This video is an edit of a video posted by d3devil: On September 30, 2011 at 11:08am, Derek Deville's Qu8k (pronounced "Quake") ...
Gryphon L1390G Rocket Flightcwmorasch2011-05-302009-11-01
My 12 foot tall Gryphon rocket flying on an L1390 Green motor to 11700 feet. Camera is a pur digital HD mino. Check out my other rocketcam flights from this rocket.
Gum Cam Video Number 1JRThro2011-07-082009-11-16
Model rocket launch video from Challenger 498 club launch on Saturday, November 14, 2009. Camera is "gum cam" purchased on eBay, taped to side of Estes Big Daddy with black electrical tape, facing ...
HD Camera Onboard Footage Naram 51 720pnaramlive512011-06-222009-08-12
a 720p camera takes a ride on a Road runner G80-4 for a nice boost and very nice decent!
HELL FIRE 16generalripper19642011-08-192011-08-18
Photos and on board camera video of rocket flights at HELL FIRE 16 at the Bonneville Salt Flats,Utah
High Power Level 2 Rocket Onboard Video- Incredible Spin Rate During Descent for CINEMA 6.5jmomenee2011-06-032010-07-18
Launched at the monthly TTRA launch at Varn ranch, Plant City, FL. CINEMA 6.5 was completely rebuilt after the May water landing of CINEMA 6, when the camcorder continued recording for several ...
High Power Level 2 Rocket w/ Onboard Video- "RETRO CINEMA 1" Almost Lands on a Herd of Cowsjmomenee2013-03-112012-03-19
79" tall scratch-built Blue Tube design transitioned from 3" motor/fin tube to 2.2" main body tube back to 3" camcorder tube. Reminiscent of a rocket design Kirk Packo and I built and launched in ...
High power rocket launch from on-board camerarickrules0072011-05-292010-07-17
This is my first high power launch for my Level 1 high power certification. Launched from Jean dry lake bed, las vegas, NV with the las vegas tripoli group. Motor used was a reloadable H128 medium.
High Power Rocket Launch I vs. L Drag Race Tripoli Louisiana 02/19/2011TheBayourat2011-05-292011-02-20
I vs. L Drag Race Tripoli Louisiana 02/19/2011
high power rocket launch onboard video camera JMRCjadepond71722011-07-022010-10-10
This is my scratch built ALARM missile I launched with the Jackson Model rocketry club in Brooklyn MI. October 9 2010.
High Power Rocket onboard footage G106 Skidmarkr0ck3tsm0k32011-06-222011-04-06
38mm Thunderbolt kit by Giant Leap, launched on a CTI G106SK to about 1200 feet. This is my first ever onboard video, so excuse the spin. I am pretty happy with the quality of this video, made with ...
High Power Rocket Onboard Video - L2375 WTallenp32011-07-292011-07-04
My scratch built rocket called Positive Ascent flying on a Cesaroni Pro75 L2375 White Thunder Motor with 4878 Newton-seconds of total impulse, 91% of a full 'L' motor. The event was Muck Fest 2 in ...
High Power Rocket Onboard Video- CINEMA 4.5- Feb. 19, 2011 Launchjmomenee2011-06-252011-02-20
Launched at the monthly TTRA launch at the Varn ranch, Plant City FL. CINEMA 4.5 flew an Aiptek Hi HD camcorder and an Aerotech I200-10 motor with a PerfectFlite altimeter for main chute deployment ...
High Power Rocket Two Motor-Cluster Onboard Video- April 21, 2012- "CINEMA 5.5"jmomenee2013-03-112012-04-22
Launched at monthly TTRA launch at Varn Ranch, Plant City FL. Two Aerotech H128 motors ignited simultaneously and rocket launched into strong wind. Nice views of fin section "flying" at the end of ...
High Power Rocket w/ Onboard Video Lands in Fresh Cow Poo!!jmomenee2011-12-082010-06-20
Launched at the monthly TTRA launch at the Varn cattle ranch in Plant City, FL. Rocket was powered by an Aerotech H180-10 motor and contained an Aiptek Hi Speed HD camcorder. Rocket achieved an ...
High Power Rocket with Horizon-view Video Cameratomcroxton2013-03-112012-01-16
High power model rocket with dual deployment and on-board video camera flown on January 14, 2012 with an Aerotech I357T motor.
High Power Rocket with onboard amateur tv live video downlinkvahpr2011-05-312009-05-18
This is my 7.5" T-Smoke flying on a 6000 newton second M-2500 white formula I call "white boy". The payload is Bill Schworer's ham band ATV system w/RDAS flight data on-screen-display board. This ...
High Power Rocket with Onboard VideoMaxxxRocket2013-03-112012-05-20
This is my rocket "Scratch 1" launched at the Queensland Rocket Society May launch day with on-board key-chain video camera. Motor used was an Aerotech J340M.
Highest Estes Oracle Video Rocket Launchwainzwhirled2014-01-182011-08-22
I put an F24 RMS engine in my Oracle Video Rocket to see how high it would go. It was a perfectly vertical launch and beautiful recovery. Unfortunately, it w...
HPR Miss Shellyr3dl3ad3r2011-06-282010-02-20
onboard launch of the Miss Shelly. This airframe has been rebuilt after an unsuccessful recovery. Motor on this launch was an Aerotech G80-10. Our launch location is 15mi east of Glamis, CA.
HyperLOC 300 #2 - HyperTEK Hybrid - 54-440-J250 - On-Board Rear CamEMiRsrockets2011-06-282011-04-10
High Powered Rocketry EMiR's HyperLOC300 HyperTEK Hybrid Launch On-Board Rear View HyperTEK 54mm 400cc Tank - J250
I'm Feeling Lucky - Flight 2caseybarker2012-03-152012-02-09
On-board "I'm Feeling Lucky" at LUNAR's Snow Ranch launch. This is a custom-built rocket based on Performance "Intimidator-5" fiberglass with TeleMetrum and Featherweight Raven avionics, CD3 ...
IcanseeU Video Cam Rocket - Launch #4Traveler3552011-06-032006-11-19
This is the fourth launch of IcanseeU. The addition of a ball bearing swivel to the camera chute resulted in a much better video after the initial oscillation ran down. Filmed at the Team1 Fall ...
Icarus Rocket Launchrobotman20062011-08-082011-07-31
Icarus Rocket Launch at the 2011 ULA Intern Rocket Launch event in Pueblo, Colorado on July 30, 2011. Max altitude ~4000 ft. Video shot from on-board GoPro HD Hero payload designed and built by ...
Io Launch at Brothers May 21, 2010rbbremer2011-05-292010-05-24
A video showing a launch of a Public Missiles Ltd. Io Rocket launched on May 21, 2010 at the OROC Spring Thunder event in Brothers, Oregon. The engine used is an Aerotech G71-7R and the on-board ...
Iso-Haisu hybrid rocket 1st launch - onboard HD-camthjt2011-06-152010-02-14
Onboard HD video of the first launch of "Iso-Haisu" hybrid rocket.
Iso-Haisu hybrid rocket flight collageplaa832011-07-052011-03-03
A collage of the videos from the flight of the Iso-Haisu hybrid rocket.
Jefferson county 4H rocketry 2nd launch eclipseg2rockets2011-12-062011-04-23
Garret launches his 4h rocket the Eclipse on 3 D12-5s. It went 790 feet.
Spaceport Rocketry Association monthly rocket launch held on July 16, 2011 in Palm Bay, FL. Thad Loar launched his Performance Rocketry Competitor 3 on a Pro54 K815 Skidmark. His altimeter ...
KC Chief Rocket Flight @ Kloudbusters Distant Thunder 2011davdue2011-11-192011-11-14
Flight video of my scratch built rocket "KC Chief" on a AeroTech I211R. It is a flight to about 2000 ft at the Kloudbuster's Rocket Pasture during Distant Thunder 2011 on November 13th.
Keychain Camera On a Rocketrockytysonrocketman2011-06-252010-10-08
Test flight. Upper stage only, of 2 heavily modified Aerotech Arreaux's designed for 2 stages and dual deployment. Flown on an ATG80T. Altitude from Raven2 = 2891'.
Kno3 Sugar Rocket with on-board video 2nd attemptsolidskateboards2011-06-152010-02-02
Second attempt to launch and recover the same Coyote Rocket twice in one day.
L3 or Shred - Sam's NAR L3 Certification Attemptsfineberg2012-03-152012-03-08
Flight of Sam's Gizmo XL on a CTI M2250 and the resulting CATO (catastrophic motor failure). The motor failed due to a weak liner which caused the aft (nozzle) end of the casing to burn through. The ...
Larrys Rocket LaunchTheBoatPirate2012-09-192010-05-30
Modified Estes Shuttle Express
Laser X on board 072008want2launch2011-05-292009-02-08
Petitcodiac NB July 2008 high power rocket launch
launch video1.f4vquandtj2011-07-312011-06-25
high power rocket launch video
launch video2.f4vquandtj2011-07-312011-06-25
high power rocket launch video
Launching my mom's iPod on a rocketDierking262011-06-202011-03-31
I launched my mom's iPod without her knowing and the footage turned out pretty cool. Thanks to Matthew Ramirez and Jenalee Custodio for helping! The rocket itself was a scratch built four inch and ...
LBI Blast Off 2011.movNortheastshooter2011-08-082011-08-07
For the second year in a row an Estes Rocket fitted with a mini pen camera launches off at Long Beach Island, NJ while video crew catches the action.
LBI Rocket LaunchNortheastshooter2011-06-202010-08-07
Model Rocket launches using a mini pen camera. Mini pen camera mounted on an Estes Rocket launches over Long Beach Island, New Jersey.
LDRS 28 on board rocket video805662011-06-192009-07-06
On Board rocket video from LDRS 28 in Potter New York
LDRS 30 - PML Eclipse On-board Videoj195132011-10-222011-09-09
NOTE: Motor comes up to pressure at 1:26.....This is a PML Eclipse flying on an Aerotech J-540 Redline motor. The rocket went 520mph. and had a peak altitude of 4400ft. The rocket was recovered ...
LDRS Flight1 Camera1SparkyLen2011-05-312009-07-07
This was taken at the LDRS 28 launch in Potter, NY over the July 4th weekend. This is the view directly out of the rocket (a 'Horizon Shot'). It's a little tilted, because the camera pod has a ...
Level 1 Certification Flight - Onboard VideoJimmyZNJ2014-01-182011-11-06
Successfully achieved my Level 1 High Power Rocketry Certification flying a Madcow Patriot on a Cesaroni H143 Smokey Sam 38mm motor. The flight was at METRA\'...
Leviathan Rocket, Estes Pro Series II2xzess2014-01-172012-09-26
This is the Leviathan, Estes pro Series II Rocket. Conditions were perfect, no wind, hot and sunny. The motor used was an Aerotech F40-7W.
Liberty CamROC second flight... and pretty Fall foliagedlucy672011-06-262010-11-17
Second flight for my "return to flight" rocket and first-ever on-board video. $15 key chain camera from eBay shot 480p footage from the side of a Custom Rockets' Liberty repainted to high visibility ...
Little Bone Dog J450TheBayourat2011-06-282010-10-25
High Power Rocket, A combination of my Bones rocket with my Little Dog rocket. Flying on a J450 at TRA-LA Launch Oct. 16, 2010
LOC Aura model rocket with key chain camera.generalripper19642011-06-242011-01-17
On board camera video for a LOC Aura flown in Pueblo, Colorado on 1-15-2010. The rocket reached an altitude of about 1200 feet on an Aerotech E20-7 motor. It was flown on the flying field of NAR ...
LOC Mini Magg 127 G79lmcdasc2011-12-082011-10-30
Launch date is 30 Oct 2011 (disregard date in corner). LOC Mini Magg Rocket on a CTI 127G79 Smokey Sam motor. Altimeter reading indicated 166 ft, but I suspect a burnt LED segment and it was ...
LOC Norad Pro Maxxtommieshoes2011-06-252010-12-23
LOC/precision Norad Pro Max High Power Rocket (HPR) Southern Arizona Rocketry Assoc (SARA) 19 Dec 2010
LOC-IV on a G64 with a FlyCamOne2DaveHein2011-11-062008-12-07
This video is from a FlyCamOne2 strapped to a LOC-IV rocket. It was launched on a G64-4 motor at the AARG club launch on December 6, 2008.
Long Hill Gang\'s 4-H Model Rocket Launchdcaputi2014-01-182009-12-12
This is the video captured from our Estes Oracle rocket on Dec. 12.
Longshot 2-stage model rocket on-board videomnrocketry2011-06-152010-03-28
Onboard video from a 2-stage Estes Longshot model rocket flying on D12-0 to C6-7 motors.
LV0 launch from on board the rocketPSASRockets2011-08-012009-04-26
See for more details
Mad Cow Phoenix On An Aerotech J800 Blue Thunder - Hutto, TX - AARGMultiTestPage2014-01-172013-02-03
My brother and I finally had a successful launch with a 54mm Mad Cow Phoenix provided by Chad -, thanks Chad!!! Single Deploy at...
Mad Professor TV Test Flight(2) 13.03.2009themadprofessoruk2011-06-282009-03-16
Second Test Flight of the Mad rocket - this time launched from the grounds of the salubrious Mad Professor Clone Team Headquarters.
Madcow CRICKETtommieshoes2011-06-242010-08-25
Southern Arizona Rocketry Association (SARA), Tucson, Az High Power Rocket (HPR) Madcow CRICKET launched on a H123W-M 27 June 2010 Miles of desert and it lands on a cement drainage ditch
Maiden flight of Alley Oop Rocketcrapsack10002011-09-022010-11-16
Maiden flight of a rocket I named after my fathers B-17 squadron.
Maiden Flight of the Supreme Endeavour (On-board video)RocketMan71502011-06-202009-06-22
On-board video of the first flight of my Supreme Endeavour, a scratch-built 7.7 inch diameter 12.5 feet long rocket built for my Tripoli Rocketry Association (TRA) Level 3 Certification. The motor ...
MDRA Red Glare IV Rocket Launch from an RC planevahpr2011-06-032008-05-10
MDRA's Red Glare IV, from the air with my RC plane. 4/2008.
Mercury Joe Story Flight 2E (tower cam)MercuryJoeProject2011-06-252008-03-09
Here's the view of the crash from onboard the rocket.
Mid Power Rocket flight in CA.drdkccd2011-06-282007-01-02
This is a mid power test flight of a rocket video system. It was conducted at Dairy Aire '05.
Mid Power Rocket Snow Ranchdrdkccd2011-06-282007-03-10
Lil-Mo on a G80 with video from the ground and the vehicle.
Model Estes Rocket With Onboard Camrktcam2011-07-092009-01-04
Footage from an onboard digital cam aboard a modified Estes Payloader model rocket.
Model Rocket Camera Launch - Perseus "Eagle"CPGAerospace2011-07-052010-10-10
Finally got our rocketcam project off the ground...Literally! Side note: I messed up the title on the video...the booster is actually that of "Eagle", not Columbia! Columbia is red & black...
Model Rocket Gone Bad With Onboard CameraNinjaAlien1002011-07-092010-12-08
Quest Astra III
Model Rocket Launch - Onboard Video Cameramsibbern2011-07-082010-04-13
The following is video taken from a camera onboard a model rocket. The launch took place during an "Intro to the Nebraska Student Satellite Program / Model Rocket Workshop" given at Little Priest ...
Model Rocket Launch With Keychain Camera POVthedknuckles2011-06-202011-06-19
Monica, Chris and I went out with the kids to launch some model rockets we built. We decided to take a chance and attach one of my keychain cameras and video the launch from the rocket. It was a ...
Model Rocket Launch with On-board Camerakasra1112011-08-262008-04-06 SECOND LAUNCH of my ORACLE...D12-5
Model Rocket Launch with On-board Camerakasra1112011-06-032008-04-05 This was the first launch of my ORACLE with D-12 and an on-board camera...
Model Rocket Launch with On-board Camerakasra1112011-06-032008-05-24 This is my VENOUS Rocket which was launched using a 'D' engine and going the altitude of approximately 800ft. The cone and the camera inside it detached from the parachute at the ...
Model rocket launch with onboard cameraRapidnadion2011-05-312010-05-17
After the first crash of this rocket (see related video), we shortened the missile's body and fired it again. The long delay on the D-engine we used resulted in a tense moment.
Model Rocket Launch With Onboard Keychain Camera... Awesome Launch POV!modelkitsdotcom2014-01-182012-08-11
We launch our rocket with the 808 keychain video camera! You don\'t want to miss the end when we launch and show you the onboard view! For more model rocket a...
Model rocket launch with onboard video camera!Jay Randall2014-01-182013-05-18
Bill came up with the idea to use our spy camera to record a model rocket launch as if you were onboard. The end of the video has a slo-mo view of the launch...
Model Rocket Launch with Onboard Video Launch #2bloaterpaste2011-08-162011-08-14
My son and I launched an Estes rocket with a small B motor. This was our second launch with my tiny key chain camera that I had gotten for just this purpose. Sorry for the shaky-cam on the main ...
Model Rocket Launch with Onboard Video Launch #3bloaterpaste2011-08-162011-08-14
My son and I launched an Estes rocket with a small B motor. This was our third and last launch of the day. Onboard was recorded with my tiny key chain camera that I had gotten for just this purpose. ...
Model Rocket On Board Video Camera!!! Lands in a Tree!ABbuggin2011-05-292010-03-20
Launched this rocket as a Royal Rangers activity. Lost the previous two rockets that day (they went above the clouds) and very nearly lost this one. As it was floating back down, a gust of wind ...
Model Rocket onboard camera July 2010 - orange rocketTheBFC232011-06-152010-07-23
Camera mounted on model rocket records launch and recovery sequence. Rocket: BCRS10-01. Engine: D12-5
Model Rocket Onboard Video August 15, 2009jmomenee2011-06-282009-08-17
Launched at TTRA monthly event held at Varn ranch, Plant City, FL. "Cinema 3" scratch-built rocket with G80-7 motor. Separate parachutes, custom-made by Phylachutes, for Aiptek HD-1 camcorder and ...
Model Rocket Rear-Ejection, Great On-Board Video - F Engine, Ida Lee Park, Leesburg, VALandShark2014-01-182013-08-24
Lost this one in a poison ivy-covered tree on its test flight with an E engine this morning, got it out about one-o\'clock minus the rear-ejection recovery sy...
Model rocket with onboard camera over Berowra, Australiaberowarocketclub2011-06-152010-10-09
Home made cardboard / balsa model rocket fitted with a rear-facing mini video camera. Parachute is rigged so the ground is filmed when the rocket floats back down. Powered by Estes C6-5 engine. This ...
Model Rocket with Strap-on Boostersapogeerockets2011-06-222011-05-16
This video shows what you can do with the Booster Vision Gear-Cam HD video camera. I mounted it on the top of a model rocket with strap-on boosters. You can see the boosters fall away and land on ...
Model Rockets | On-Board ViewSKMatoBB2014-01-172013-06-10
We went launching model rockets yesterday. We fired Estes Amazon & Estes Crossfire rockets, but also my first homemade rocket! The results were good but it w...
Monarch x1.7 2011.02.12SMVideo942011-06-262011-03-15
Onboard video from Monarch x1.7, a scratch built upscale of an Estes Monarch built by Skip Meier launched on an AeroTech F39-6T at the Sacramento Area Rocketry Group launch on February 12, 2011.
NARAM 51 Multipodbrotoro2011-07-132009-08-16
Video rocket launch at NARAM-51 in Johnstown, Penn. on August 13, 2009.
Naram 52 04 00 My L1 Cert Flightnaramlive522011-08-212010-08-03
Nike Corona: 2-stage Rocket (LDRS 25)kdaugi2011-06-032009-04-12
Edited video from an amateur rocket launch outside Amarillo Texas (LDRS 25) in June of 2006. The rocket featured is two stages, 17ft. tall, and weighs ~130lbs at takeoff. It has flown twice ...
Nike Smoke Onboard Model Rocket Video - Tie Dye Parachute, F40 White LightningRocketChutes2011-05-292008-08-10
Nike Smoke: onboard video with a F40 White Lightning motor and an American Eagle Tie Dye Parachute
Nike Smoke Rocket Launch #1 at OROC Summer Skies 2010rbbremer2011-09-202010-06-30
A video, taken with a mounted key chain camera, of my first flight of a Cosmodrome Nike Smoke Rocket that I built this past Spring. The engine used was a CTI H133 Blue Streak with a 7 second delay. ...
Nuke PRo Maxx High Power Rocket- Alamo Rocketeers - E-30-4t MotorMultiTestPage2011-06-252011-04-17 This was the first Model Rocket launch of the Nuke Pro Maxx with a Key Chain Spy Cam attached. About 500-600 foot altitude.Took place in China Grove Texas with Alamo R ...
On board Camera Estes Model Rocket Fails and 100ft High Start SailplaneRCPilot2042014-01-172013-07-01
Doing something different today, I didnt pack enough inside that's why I was getting failures. Of course when I get it right, my camera pops off the rocket a...
On Board Model Rocket Cam (Oregon Rocketry - 7 /11 / 09)tappadoodle2011-06-192009-07-13
Here is a launch at Desert Heat with a G71-7R at Brothers OR
On Board Rocket Video of Launch in Pueblo Coloradogeneralripper19642011-06-222011-02-07
On board rocket video from an Estes Blue Ninja on a D12-5 and an Estes Big Bertha with a C6-3 motors. Launch site was near Pueblo Colorado on the Hudson Ranch.
On board vid of Big Rocket with water landingJDccc262011-06-262010-12-19
Video footage from Key chain cam on board a Loc Bruiser EXP on an EX K motor with water landing
on-board HD video camera taped to rocket over dry lakebedThatMichaelPerry2011-06-032009-09-20
Ordinary masking tape holds a Boostervision GearCam HD video camera to an Estes Liquidator rocket which is then launched from Superior Valley dry lakebed near Barstow. Look for the shadow of the ...
On-Board Little Dog (Dual-Deploy) Rocket - Flight 3caseybarker2011-08-072011-08-03
On-board my dual-deploy rocket at Tripoli Central California on July 16, 2011. This is a custom-built rocket based on Performance "Little Dog" fiberglass with Telemetrum avionics flying on an ...
On-board Rocket Video CamTheFlarper2011-08-132011-08-12
I bought a mini key chain DVR camera off of amazon and attached it on to Estes rocket and launched it.
On-board video from my rocket at LDRS 29jgroverman2011-07-292010-06-16
My rocket flying on an experimental 76-6000 load over 12600 feet and 1300 feet per second.
Onboard "Space Taxi" flight on AT K-550Wcableguy20942011-07-052011-06-06
Flug meiner Modellrakete "Space Taxi" mit einer Onboard Kamera
Onboard a 2 Stage Rocket Disasterrockytysonrocketman2011-09-092010-09-11
After booster seperation I had an event. Apogee charge fired fractions of a second before sustainer ignition.
Onboard a Mid Power Rocket Going Into Raincloudrockytysonrocketman2011-09-282010-04-25
This is a really cool video of my AT Areaux on a G80-13T. This motor really rocks and sends it to a confirmed altitude of 3097' !!!! WOW! Great flight up, and at about 2500' I start to get into rain ...
Onboard a Rocket to 4356'rockytysonrocketman2012-03-092012-03-04
I was at Fire and Ice 2012 for the day and decided to throw my BSD "38 Special" up on an Aerotech I284W. Great winter time launch. Pretty cool to recover it on a frozen lake.
Onboard camera 4ft. Model Rocket Projectreallyjustadad2011-10-202010-04-25
4ft. Model Rocket Project onboard camera on April 24th on a G64-10W
Onboard Keyfob Camera on Estes Executioner on C11-3hartrockets2011-07-092009-09-25
onboard video from a Keyfob spy camera on a Estes Executioner on a C11-3 - low flight due to launched in a school field during one of my rocket workshops. more information at
Onboard Rocket Camera, Arreaux G64-10Wrockytysonrocketman2011-09-282010-04-19
I just received my "Key Chain Cam" from China and was eager to see some cool video. I taped it to the side of the payload bay of my AT Arreaux and threw in a G64-10W and a Perfectflite MiniAlt/WD to ...
Onboard Rocket Video After Sunsetrockytysonrocketman2011-06-252010-04-25
This flight I launched shortly after sunset hoping for a cool "nightish-like" view. I have an AT Arreaux here with a "Key Chain Spy Cam" taped to the side launching with a G40-10W. Estimated ...
Onboard Rocketry Videograntgibson452011-06-282009-05-12
Taken On Board My Goldmine Rocket on 10th May 2009
Onboard Video from X-15 RC rocket boosted gliderburkefj2012-03-242011-12-17
Onboard Video from X-15 RC rocket boosted glider
Onboard Video Test Rockettdstr6662011-06-232009-10-18
Just a very simple rocket for me to test out aerial video using a $30 CVS digi camcorder. Worked out a lot better than I hoped for.
Path Model Rocket Launch at Certified Peat and Sod - Onboard Videovdopro2011-05-292011-04-05
Perseus X4 Columbia launching on an F24-7 at TORC Fest 11/7/2010CPGAerospace2011-07-052010-11-23
Perseus booster "Columbia" launching on the Aerotech F24 motor at TORC Fest Nov 7, 2010 near Springfield, OH. Altitude reached: about 1380 feet...
Phoenix RC rocket glider flight at Moffett Fieldparkysjc2011-11-202011-10-23
This is onboard video of an AeroTech Phoenix boost at Moffett Field/NASA Ames Research Center. It was shot at the LUNAR launch on Oct 22, 2011. This was flown with an old AeroTech F10 single use ...
Phoenix RC rocket glider flight at Moffett Field F50 boostparkysjc2011-11-202011-10-23
This is onboard video of an AeroTech Phoenix boost at Moffett Field/NASA Ames Research Center. It was shot at the LUNAR launch on Oct 22, 2011. This was flown with an old AeroTech F50 single use ...
Plaster City March '11 videogizza22011-08-192011-03-26
Plaster City featured beautiful, windless conditions once again this month. Here's my best effort to condense my two flights into just a few minutes.
PML Io Dual Deploy Rocket at 2010 OROC September Sage Xtremerbbremer2011-09-092010-09-11
Video depicting the launch of my Public Limited Missiles LTD. Io rocket that I built for dual parachute deployment. This rocket was launched on 09/04/2010 at the OROC September Sage Xtreme event in ...
PML Patriot Rocket Launch #1 at OROC Summer Skies 2010rbbremer2011-09-222010-06-29
A video taken from an on-board key chain camera that was flown aboard my 1/4 scale Public Missiles Limited Patriot Missile at the OROC Summer Skies event in Brothers, Oregon. This flight took place ...
Polecat Aerospace Pershing 2 Models Rocket Camjvarric2011-11-242011-08-28
High Power Launch w/Pro38 I212 Smoky Sam engine Altitude ~1100 Landed within yards of my black car! Build Info:
Porthos FlightXirrusTV2011-05-292010-06-25
This is the on board video from the flight of Porthos at LDRS 29 in Lucerne Valley, CA on June 13th, 2010. Porthos is 12" in diameter, stands 16 ft tall, and weighed 220lbs at lift off. She reached ...
Pringles Rocket launched with G77 aerotech enginetoben882011-05-292009-09-26
The Julius Pringles Rocket is launched on a G77 Aerotech engine. Rocket built from 5 Pringles cans, 1 piece of balsa wood, 1 piece of plywood, 1 styrofoam decoration, 1 mcdonalds straw, garbage bag, ...
Probe 1-C Model Rocket Launch - Chestnut Log Soccer Complex 6/20/2009DavidHHopkins2013-12-102009-06-21
This was the first flight of the 'Probe' on 'G' power (Aerotech single use G80-7T). This was about 40% more thrust than the rocket had been subjected to befo...
Probe 1-C Model Rocket Launch with On Board VideoDavidHHopkins2011-07-092009-05-25
First launch of the scratch built Probe 1-C with successful on board video. The probe 1-C is powered by a cluster of 7 Estes black powder motors (1 E9 and 6 C6). The flight took place at Post Rd. ...
Proteus 6.5 Onboard videoLokiResearch2011-05-312011-03-03
Amateur rocket "Proteus 6.5" launches from the Black Rock Desert, 9/25/2010. Constructed and launched by Jeff Taylor and Curt Newport, Proteus 6.5 reached an apogee of about 75000 feet ASL. After ...
PSAS rocket launch - onboard camera - Brothers, OR June 2010PSASRockets2011-06-152010-07-01
This is our footage from our rocket mounted camera during the launch of LV2c June 27th, 2010. We went to an altitude of 15600 feet. The control system (the fins you see moving) were attempting to ...
Putting a Miniature Video Camera on a Rocket - ROCKET CAM!aliendaddy322011-06-242009-09-09
This is something I've wanted to do since I was 10. I put a miniature video camera from Hong Kong into the nose cone of a model rocket and lit it off down at the soccer field. I took about half of ...
PVC Sugar rocket flight with on-board videosolidskateboards2011-06-152010-01-25
The latest launch of the Coyote rocket. This rocket had on-board video in the nosecone and was recovered intact. The upper rocket body was damaged by the parachute cord but could be launched again ...
Qu8k - MultiCam On-board Video - High Altitude Rocket Launchd3deville2011-12-072011-10-12
Showing the views from a FlipHD and a GoPro side by side you get a first hand view of what it is like to fly to 121000 feet. These cameras flew on September 30, 2011 at 11:08am on Derek Deville's ...
Quest Big Dog, Aerotech Arreaux, And Strong Arm Rocket Video2xzess2013-04-042012-07-17
Three rockets were launched in this video. The first launch is my Quest Big Dog with a Estes D12-5 motor. The second launch is my Aerotech Arreaux with a Aer...
Quest FALCON Launchestommieshoes2011-09-052010-10-01
Quest FALCON Low Power Rocket 01 Oct 2010 Engines C6-5s Udall Park, Tucson, Arizona
Raceway in the Sky for Rocket Racing LeagueRRLofficial2011-09-222010-06-12
A great video showcasing the Raceway in the Sky technology developed by Rocket Racing League. RRL's Mike D'Angelo and Dr. Peter Diamandis discuss the convergence of ground and cockpit based systems ...
Richter Recker-Fulltibor1252011-06-172010-08-10
Full length on board video of FlisKits Richter Recker on E9-6's
Roc Lake 13: Onboard VideoTheMastersScience2011-08-132011-07-03
Video from a WingTote HobbyCam on a scratch built "Skyseeker" powered by a D12-7. Flight was perfect
rocket aerotech g 80 engineyacco762011-06-252008-12-31
lancio del 14 12 08 g80
Rocket almost crashes , caused by this strange lizard??jetmanflyhigh2011-06-152009-06-01
This rocket was just flown a few days prior without any problems. As soon as it launched, however, it was evident that something was definitely wrong with the fins, they were not providing proper ...
Rocket Arreaux video onboardAlcoyOscar12011-07-292010-06-13
Lanzamiento desde Alcoy del arreux con una camara de video incorporada ,el despege fue preocupante ya que salio con un angulo de 45 grados y fue a parar encima de un monte cercano 1kilometro, luego ...
Rocket Cam Estes Guardianharmsworth12011-06-282010-09-06
Estes Guardian Rocket launch 9-6-2010 in Southold NY. Wind about 8 mph from the southeast. I did not get the altitude I expected. I suspect the wind caused the rocket to rotate into the wind and ...
Rocket Cam!chainsawposse32011-06-172007-10-01
Video of a model rocket launch from an wireless camera on board the rocket. The camera sends a signal to a receiver which is plugged into a MiniDV camera. The rocket is a modified Estes "Liquidator" ...
Rocket CameraRyan82402011-06-232008-06-09
An on-board camera on the high-powered model rocket Aramis II while taking off with an M motor over the California desert in 2000.
Rocket Camera - Red Glare IIbsnyder972011-06-282007-04-27
Video from my Extreme Performer flying on a J570W.
Rocket camera videobrupp531502011-08-192011-05-07
Woosh Sod Farm Launch 5/7/2011 with Tess Corners Pack 176. This is on board video using a "keychain spy cam". The rocket is a Estes Mean Machine. The cameras were velcro's and taped on to the ...
Rocket Camerastercervargas2013-03-112012-07-05
launching model rockets with on board video via keychain cam aerotech mirage and initiator
Rocket Drag Race at NASAjurvetson2011-12-312011-08-21
My Starburst rocket with HD cam on board took off just before the Sumo and captures both the scene of the NASA facility with its vintage zeppelin hangars and the speck of the other rocket racing up ...
Rocket Launch Gone Wrong!!!!!!!ABbuggin2012-09-192011-10-17
Shot this Estes QCC Explorer on a "D12-5". I had a friend manning the launch area while I was preparing the rocket. He was not paying very close attention and needless to say, I almost got hit by ...
Rocket Onboard Video Nov. 21, 2009- "Cinema 3"jmomenee2011-06-282009-11-23
Launched at TTRA monthly event held at Varn ranch, Plant City, FL. "Cinema 3" scratch-built 52" tall rocket from Aerotech parts and one Aerotech G80-7 motor. Very first test of a timer-fired, ...
Rocket onboard videosAksrockets2011-07-132011-07-05
The two rockets Launched was the Estes CC Express, and the Estes big daddy. The camera was a mini key-chain camera purchased for $10.
Rocket with onboard HD Video - Ultra Disco Berthascsager2012-03-092012-02-24
The Ultra Disco Bertha flies at Midwest Power 9 on an Aerotech H128. Video shot with a #11 Keychain camcorder. This video was made while testing the "Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11 ...
Scorpion Staging Failure w/onboard videoliquidtesla2011-08-312010-11-29
Vintage Estes Scorpion on a B6-0 to B6-6. Must have had a bad batch of B6-6's...had several failures. Luckily, the rocket (and camera) survived! Note the broken fin at the end.
Sky Lofter model rocket with keychain camerabigdruidcam2011-05-292011-05-29
This is our initial test flight with a keychain camera. The rocket is an Estes Sky Lofter, with a C6-4 engine. For this initial flight, the keychain camera was attached via packing tape, although in ...
SkyTrax Rocket LaunchElvisinmybasement2011-07-092011-03-27
Launched a model rocket with a camera inside. Bonus at the end is a ROD - UFO creature.
Sledgehammer Rocket Launch, Pink M1675, Onboard Videojurvetson2011-08-302011-04-10
We launched my 9-ft. tall Sledgehammer with two on-board video cameras, two logging flight computers, radio beacon and a CTI M1675 Pink motor. 56 lbs. at the pad. Zesty!
Spinning Rocketjadebox2011-05-312007-09-29
Onboard video from an EZI-65 on an I366 motor. Rocket spins rapidly until the motor burns out.
Sprite 4wrockets2011-06-032009-10-11
8th October launch of Sprite 4
Stefan Banic Model Rocket Launch 1 - Onboard Cameraagilard2011-07-042011-02-26
Letisko Vajnory, Bratislava Team from
STEM Launch CSU-Pueblo.wmvgeneralripper19642011-06-222011-04-17
Model rocket presentation at Colorado State University -Pueblo for the Science, Technology,Engineering, and Math (STEM) event being held for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Southern Colorado. The video ...
Strong Arm Cam RocketCanariasRocketry2011-05-292009-11-29
G33 Cam installed on Aerotech Strong Arm Rocket - motor G33
Sullivan County 4-H Model Rocket Launch 2009iceboxofpa12011-05-292009-08-17
Heavenly Hobbies Washigei Model Rocket with an F27-8R Redline engine. Oregon Scientific ATC 2K Action Video Perfect launch / minimal damage (paint) / great group of kids. 42nd annual launch for the ...
Super 8 Movie Camera Rocket - Scanned with Moviestuff Retro 8 Film Scannerrcgrabbag2014-01-172013-10-09
This is the first piece of Super 8 movie camera footage I scanned with my new Retro 8 film scanner from Moviestuff. Many years ago I hacked apart an old Supe...
Super Big Birtha - 5000 ft freefallAzoghlin2011-05-312011-02-01
Parachute was packed too tight, so the Super Big Birtha, flying an Aerotech J570, fell from about 5000 ft. No damage at all thanks to kevlar, carbon fiber, fiberglass lamination
Superfluous Launch 5 - On-Board VideoJamesJD32011-09-272010-04-27
On-board video from Superfluous on an M650W at Rainbow Valley, AZ Spring Blast 2010, April 25. Altitude 8100 ft, 660 ft/sec, 5.7 G peak acceleration, launch weight 45 lbs, length 123 in, diameter 5 ...
Superfluous Launch 6 at LDRS 29JamesJD32011-09-222010-06-16
Superfluous Launch 6 at LDRS 29 on 6/13/2010 Motor Aerotech N3300R Max Altitude 17764 ft G-Wiz, 17767 RRC2 Max Speed 1427 ft/sec (mach 1.3) Max Acceleration 16G Above Mach from 2.5 to 7.8 seconds ...
Superfluous Launch 8 at GHS 2010JamesJD32011-05-302010-11-01
Superfluous Launch 8 at GHS 2010, Oct 24, Rainbow Valley, AZ CTI - M1300 Dual Thrust, CTI Igniter, Grains glued to liner per CTI instructions. 10100 ft, 865 ft/sec (mach 0.78), 13Gs, Flight time 283 ...
Test verschiedener Modellraketen (Onboard-Kamera, Raketengleiter ua)DocMedicus2011-06-232010-04-04
Test von Raketenmodellen mit ganz unterschiedlichem
the DER RED MAXAwesomeRocket192012-09-192012-07-23
this is a german rocket
TheoMax Bdrdkccd2011-06-282009-10-08
This is a test of the booster for an N to N 2 stage vehicle. This is an M1419 motor.
Three-Letter Agency Maiden Flightgruntlabor2011-06-032010-07-17
On-board video from my scratch-build model rocket TLA on her maiden flight using an Aerotech F39-6T.
Three-Letter Agency Second Flightgruntlabor2011-06-032010-07-17
On-board video from my scratch-build model rocket TLA on her second flight using an Aerotech F39-6T.
Tikva Launchjadebox2011-06-192009-01-18
Roger and Bracha Smith's "Tikva" is launched on a Gorilla Motors K555 motor at the Tripoli Tampa Rocketry Association's January, 2009, launch. Includes slow-motion and on-board video.
Transparent Rocket On-Board Video - Clear as a Bell IIazspleen2011-07-022010-12-30
HD video from a 9 1/2 ft tall rocket made entirely from transparent plastic.
Tripoli "Oktoberfest" My launch # 1 - Thumb camera viewAtomTrayC2011-12-072011-10-24
This is my first launch of the day, on an E9-4 motor. The view you seeing is from a thumb camera in the payload section. The time-stamp is off by a year and 12 hours.
Tripoli South Florida Launch 2-28-2010MarcFTL2011-12-162010-03-04
Tripoli South Florida Launch 2-28-2010 My Giant Leap Vertical Assault 3.0 launched with a Cesaroni Pro-38 J285. The video was done with a GearCam DVR mounted to the aft end of the Rocket. It was ...
skyfinder is my 25# 1/3 scale Nike Smoke from Polecat Aerospace. this flight was a test to see if it could handle impulse similar to an M. the motor was a cesaroni 4grain 75mm L-1395 blue time to ...
Triton Rocket Club: Launch #1gretasburg2012-02-202012-02-05
Launching our solid rocket, the "Silver Bullet", in Plaster City!
Two Stage High Power Airstart Onboard Rocket Video Dec. 19, 2009- "Airstart 1"jmomenee2011-05-292009-12-20
Launched at TTRA monthly event held at Varn ranch, Plant City, FL. Maiden flight for "Airstart 1" scratch-built 61" tall rocket from PML and Aerotech parts. H180-4 booster motor and G80-10 upper ...
Two Stage High Power Airstart Rocket Onboard Vid with Great Vidcaps- 4/16/2011jmomenee2011-06-032011-04-17
Launched at the monthly TTRA launch in the Varn ranch in Plant City FL. "Airstart 1" is a scratch-built two stage rocket that has a 2.5" dia. upper stage and 3" dia. booster stage. The upper stage's ...
Two Stage High Power Rocket Launch- "Airstart 1", September 18, 2010jmomenee2011-06-282010-09-21
Launched at the monthly TTRA launch in the Varn ranch in Plant City FL. "Airstart 1" is a scratch-built two stage rocket that has a 2.5" dia. upper stage and 3" dia. booster stage. The upper stage's ...
Two Stage Nike Black Brant.avirocket48652012-02-022012-01-26
Florida Air Academy AFJROTC Rocket Club launches it's 11/32 scale Nike Black Brant at the Palm Bay, FL "Rocket Ranch" of Spaceport Rocketry Association and Tripoli Space Coast. Rocket was boosted on ...
Two stage Rocket Onboard VideoDierking262012-02-122012-01-01
A two stage rocket launched by Bryan Dierking at Lucerne Dry Lakebed. The video was taken with an iPod Nano.
Two Stage Wac Corporal Rocket On Board Videoqzpm1502011-06-282010-02-25
Maiden flight of my 1/3 scale two stage Wac Corporal flown January 16, 2010 at MDRA's Eastern Shore Launch #140. Booster flown on an Aerotech J460 Blue Thunder staging to a Censaroni I255 Red ...
Uber Toober Launch (09/13/2010)tommieshoes2011-09-082010-09-13
Uber Toober, Low Power Rocket (LPR) 13 Sept 2010 Engine E9-4 Launch site behind Udall Park (Tucson, Az)
UCI Rocket 2011istilldonotgetit2011-08-082011-07-24
Launched on 7/23/2011 in the Mojave Desert at the (FAR) sight near Cantil, CA. A side angle view of the rocket as it liftoffs and lands. Special thanks to the people of Friends of Amateur Rocketry ...
Unbelievable High Power Rocket Launch with Underwater Onboard Video at Landing!jmomenee2011-06-262010-05-19
Launched at Varn ranch in Plant City, FL. "Cinema 6" scratch-built L2 rocket with J275 motor and Tender Descender main chute release device. Flight went perfectly until main chute prematurely ...
Upscale rocket's The Goblin drag racing Der Red Maxahansom2014-01-172012-12-01
Drag race between two Estes classic's upscaled to 4" diameter. Der Red Max flying on a Aerotech I-285 Redline against the Goblin with a CTI J-250 Skidmark. T...
USLI Flight Test 4/2/2011sasprr2011-08-192011-04-05
USLI Flight test: at METRA rocket club, Pine Island NY 4/2/2011 L1420R 4600 ft Main inadvertently came out at apogee due to the ejection scheme. A new ejection scheme will be present on the next ...
V-3 model rocket on-board videoSavPrato2011-06-152008-10-05
Estes V-3 model rocket with D.12-5 engine.
V2 In flightmaclarcs2011-05-292007-02-25
7.5" Polecat Aerospace V2 flight from on board camera.
Video of Blue Alley Oopcrapsack10002011-09-022010-11-16
Key chain camera onboard video.
Video On High Power Rocketdadinmadison2011-07-132011-07-09
Keychain camera onboard a High Power Rocket, launched to about 2000 feet in Manchester TN. HARA MC2 - Southern Thunder 2011. Motor is an AeroTech I154. pretty simple, but first video flight. Camera ...
View from two model rocketsinternetken2011-06-262010-09-09
Two launches of a low to mid power model rocket as seen from the rocket. First launch all OK, second launch the parachute doesn't deploy correctly.
Vince's Level 2 Cert Flightrocket10172011-09-022010-11-23
Vince flys his DART rocket on a Cesaroni J335 Pro38 5 grain motor for a sucessful NAR level 2 certification. Flight was on sunday Nov 14, 2010 at the CTRA NARCONN invitational.
Viper 3 Airstart RocketDierking262011-06-252008-07-14
High power rocket launched at Lucerne Dry Lake on July 12, 2008 by Bryan Dierking. The rocket was launched with a I218R to a H128W.
VVII High Power Rocket Launchgeneralripper19642011-06-032010-11-26
Civil Air Patrol rocket built by Valkayrie Cadet Squadron launch at the Hudson Ranch. Hudson Ranch is the launch site of the Southern Colorado Rocketeers NAR Section 632. The core motor of a K ...
Wildman Drago Rocket onboard footage - F240 vmaxr0ck3tsm0k32011-12-082011-11-07
A Wildman Drago on a CTI F240 (Vmax .3 second burn time) to about 400 feet. More at This launch was at METRA, a NY state NAR organization. The rocket is all ...
Wildman Drago Rocket onboard footage - G125 Redr0ck3tsm0k32011-12-312011-11-07
A Wildman Drago on a CTI G125 (red) to about 1800 feet. More at This launch was at METRA, a NY state NAR organization. One can see the red nosecone fall off and ...
Wildman Dual Deploy on I366brupp531502012-02-172011-08-28
I flew my Wildman dual deploy on a Aerotech I366R to 1250 feet. It was a perfect flight.
The first flight of my Wildman Jr rocket with a Boostervision Gearcam DV onboard on a CTI G83 Blue Streak Pro29 motor.
zinc sulfur rocket onboard filmrattmanndoo2011-10-092009-12-19
onboard film footage from a16mm gun camera launched at the Mojave test area 1977
Flirtin' with Disaster rocket over a mile high!getoffmylastnerve2012-11-242012-03-19
4" Darkstar kit from wildmanrocketry,com flown on a Aerotech K1275R motor.Named for one of my fav bands Molly Hatchet.
Level 3 Certification: Extreme WildMan on M2250 C-StarJMZawodny2012-03-052011-11-23
This is the video for my Level 3 Certification flight. I flew an Extreme WildMan on a Cesaroni 75 mm 4-Grain M2250 C-Star motor to 13,250' apogee. Max speed was Mach 1.2. The flight took place at ...
2009-03-21 Big Daddy Akavish at TTRA Launchjadebox2011-06-262009-03-26
Roger and Bracha's Big Daddy Akavish is launched on J327 and K327 motors at the TTRA launch in March, 2009. Includes high-speed and onboard footage.
Hammerhead and Prangle's Drag Race, Onboard!rocketreviews2011-06-202009-09-07
Small Spy Camera launched in the Hammerhead, a rocket I designed souly for this camera. The Camera weighs less than 3/4 of an ounce, allowing it to be launched by even a C6 motor. This launch was on ...
High Power Rocket Launch with Drogue Streamers/ Camcordersjmomenee2013-03-112013-01-20
Launched at the monthly TTRA launch at the Varn ranch in Plant City, FL. I reconstructed my CINEMA 4.5 rocket to have a 39" long camcorder section with its own altimeter and main chute. Used a 70" ...
Maiden flight of Aurora X5 Big Red II with on board cameraCPGAerospace2011-05-292011-03-27
Almost to the day of the anniversary of the maiden flight of the Artemis X2 rocket originally named Big Red (March 27, 2010), Aurora X5-03 took to the skies in honor of our lost rocket sporting the ...
NSSL-09 16 April 2011 PML X-Calibur Flight 6ROSM742012-11-202011-04-17
Sixth Camera flight of my Public Missiles X-Calibur rocket. Rocket was adjusted and outfitted with a Flycamone 2. Launched during NSSL-09 in Baarlo, The Netherlands on 16 april 2011. Rocket engine ...
Onboard a Level 1 Flightrockytysonrocketman2011-05-292010-06-28
My CAR Lvl.1 cert flight. This is a Dual Deployment modified BSD 38 Special on an Aerotech H123W. Flawless flight! Success!
onboard camera on model rocketaGmanproduction2011-05-292011-04-29
My first upload, more aireal footage coming soon, including my plane. I take these videos with my mini FPV cam.
Patriot WD 03-2011jhoudi772011-05-292011-03-14
On board video from my Quasar One E9 X 3 cluster. Really like this little rocket! Forgot to set the date!
V14 Rocket Launch, Tripoli Cert Level 3jetmanflyhigh2012-08-242012-07-15
Cert 3 Rocket Launch 2nd attempt, Jun 17, 2012 Tampa, Florida. 11,000 feet at 920 mph or 1.2 mach Own design all PVC, no carbon fiber or fiberglass. Aerotech M1315 motor Launched at TTRA Tampa, ...
Punk Rocket Science Interceptor-N flight at LDRS-29PunkRocketScience2011-05-292010-07-07
On board video from the nose camera of the Punk Rocket Science Interceptor-N flight at LDRS-29! The rocket flew on an Aerotech N3300 to an altitude of 3913 feet!
2 Stage Rocket with on-board camrockytysonrocketman2011-05-292007-04-29
This is the eighth and highest launch to date with the on-board cam. Its a two stage rocket called Snubby that I fully designed and built myself.I'm usung Estes D12-0 for the booster and a D12-7 for ...
2009-12-12 - TORC Launch - Chase Rocket View - 720p.mpgbguffer2011-07-022009-12-13
2009-12-12 - TORC Launch - Aerotech Mirage Launch 012 Passed By Arrow On KXXXG - H180W - Rocket View - 720p
2010-04-24 Rocket launch camera onboard videokamtung2011-06-262010-04-25
My rocket : ) Intro to rocketry class at Casper College. Wickman Spacecraft & Propulsion Company in Casper, Wyoming Casper College 2010 Springs ES1100 Introduction To Rocketry Dr. John H. ...
3X Upscale FatBoy editsflorig2011-05-292008-02-08
This is an edited video of my 3X upscale FatBoy rocket flying at LDRS 26 in Jean Dry Lake Nevada on a central K445 air-starting two outboard J350's. The on-board video didn't work in Nevada so the ...
AeroTech Initiator Rocket Launchsmorrismlbco2013-03-112012-01-03
Mid-power rocket with a GoPro camera installed. I used an F27-4R AeroTech motor and measured 650 ft. peak altitude with the camera installed.
Amateur Rocket Lauch with onboard Cameraracheforbes20082011-06-032008-11-04
We had an amateur rocket launch on Nov 3, 2008 at the soccer field near our office in Libertyville. Quite an amazing experience. the device onboard the rocket had a video and audio component. ...
AMRAAM 4 Rocket On-board Videoronglasmann2011-05-292007-09-02
Greg Lane's High Power AMRAAM 4 Rocket was launched with the ARC-2K on-board at the June 2nd 2007 South East Alabama Rocketry Society Launch in Samson, AL.
ATC 2000 Rocket Ride with Free FallLaneKG2011-09-042007-06-03
My PML AMRAAM 4 was launched on a J350 at the June 2nd 2007 SEARS launch with a ATC 2000 camera on-board. Due to the mounting I used it flew off at 1900 feet. See what happens.
Big Bertha Rocket with Onboard VideoFangarJim2011-06-222007-09-02
Estes Big Bertha Rocket with Mini 5 in 1 DVR mounted to body.
Big Bertha Rocket with Onboard Video 2FangarJim2011-06-152007-09-03
Estes Big Bertha Rocket with Onboard video camera. This time the camera was mounted facing down. Much better effect. My 4 year old is the official launch master =). Take look at my website for more ...
BJH Rocket Video Hi-Resmycoleptodiscus2011-06-232006-10-05
Video rocket launch at Brooklyn Junior High 10/5/06
Blue Ninja Rocket Launch w/ Onboard Videoflyingndiving2011-05-292011-03-16
Maiden launch of our new rocket at Ragwing Field. Not bad video from the rocket POV as the mini video camera only cost $8 shipped!
Camera Rocket Launched at LDRSDaveHein2011-05-292008-09-02
This is a video sequence captured by a FlyCamOne2 attached to a LOC-IV Rocket. It was flown at the LDRS in Argonia, Kansas on August 31, 2008. I combined several still frames from this video to ...
Caribou Caffeinator - On Board Rocket CameraZFamilyRockets2012-05-042010-07-16
Caribou Caffeinator Cesaroni 38mm 5 Grain I297 Skidmark(TM) 2165 Feet on July 10, 2010 North Branch, MN Tripoli Minnesota High Powered Rocket Club Adding a swivel did not help minimize spin. Drat! I ...
CHERRY 2010 final edited version of the launchfffori2011-06-282010-09-15
Edited version of the CHERRY 2010 flight, including ground video, onboard video and pics.
Comanche 3 Launch - April 25, 2010 - Onboard Videoaltitudealchemy2012-05-042010-05-01
Estes Comanche 3 model rocket launch with on board video. Launched April 25, 2010 from 60 Acre Park in Redmond, WA. The camera, about the size of a key fob was attached with masking tape just above ...
D2E Rocket Videokevinj732011-05-292006-04-08
Onboard video from Rokitflite of a 2 staged rocket.
Delta II Rocket VideoDierking262011-12-312011-11-26
High Powered Delta II scale rocket launched on 11/11/11 at ROCstock in Lucerne Dry Lake, California.
Deuces Wild on boardtibor1252011-07-132009-11-28
On board video from the Fliskits Deuces Wild, clustered on C6-3's.
ESL #107 Little John Clusterrbazinet19662011-06-032007-03-16
This is flight of a full-scale Little John during the MDRA launch 3/10/2007. This video was taken from an on-board camera.
Estes Astrovision rocket launch #2CreepingDead2011-05-292007-10-05
Second launch of Estes AstroVision rocket. We used a C6-5 engine.
Estes Big Daddy Launch - Pad Cam and Onboard Side By Sidekarsnh2011-06-172008-11-18
Awesome footage from our August 2008 Launch; it's a shame we didn't have a third ground camera tracking the rocket; it ejected just a few feet off the ground.
Estes Oracle launch on an E9-6 with On-Board Footagekitmastercentral2011-06-222006-11-06
Oracle video rocket launched on a E9-6 over the New Forest in the South of England, external as well as on-board with pip (picture in picture).
Estes Oracle Model Rocket Launchbloaterpaste2011-06-172007-01-29
This was the first launch of my Estes Oracle model rocket with it's built in USB cam. Launch occured on 1/27/2007 on a boy scout outting with BSA Troop 716 to Vandenburge Air Force Base. It was ...
Estes Oracle Rocket launch on C11-3 then D12-3 engine with onboard HD keyfob camerahartrockets2014-01-182011-07-19
Estes Oracle Launched on C11-3 then D12-3 with onboard HD keyfob camera, needs longer delay, will probably use D12-5 next time. Launched at one of the HART r...
Estes Vector Force rocket with on-board Cameraharmsworth12011-06-152010-11-03
Estes Vector Force rocket with onboard spycam flying on a C6-5
eyeRocket I slomo onboard rocket cameraDavidianAndFriends2011-06-222007-03-26
A minidv camera onboard a custom model rocket. Video in slow motion at 1/8th normal speed. It looks really "NASA", including the amazing onboard fire. Shawn Skead "donated" the video camera
EZI65 on I284W at LDRS-28nhldevils2011-08-252009-07-10
LDRS-28 video camera rocket - LOC EZI-65 on AEROTECH I284W
First Flight of Estes CC Express Model Rocket with On-Board Videorbbremer2011-06-152009-10-13
I built a 2-stage Estes CC Express Model Rocket and this is its first flight as seen using a Boostervision digital video camera mounted to the sustainer stage. The rocket was flown on October 12, ...
FlyCamOne2 on a LOC-IVDaveHein2014-01-172008-09-21
This video was taken by a FlyCamOne2 carried on a LOC-IV rocket. It was launched on an Aerotech G77-4.
flycamone2 rocket onboard videohartrockets2011-06-162007-12-30
Footage from a model rocket using the flycamone2 camera
G-40 Powered rocket with on-board camrockytysonrocketman2011-06-282007-10-04
This is a rocket designed and built by me with a G-40-10W. It is really lightweight and soars to 3500'. Watch as it corkscrews all the way up.
Gold Member Rocket Launch - Onboard VideoFangarJim2011-05-292007-10-14
This is an onboard video of Travis Music's "Gold Member" model rocket. An Estes D12-5 motor was used. The chute was broken, so hang on!
Gold Member Rocket Launch - Onboard Videohockeyrightwing2011-06-152007-11-24
This is an onboard video of Travis Music's "Gold Member" model rocket. An Estes D12-5 motor was used. The chute was broken, so hang on!
HART Rockets Onboard Rocket video using ATC-2000 Camerahartrockets2011-05-292006-11-15
Visit for more details - Video from my Tubular HART rocket on a I205-6 motor, Filmed using a ATC-2000 helmet camera from for more information visit the ...
High Power L2 Rocket w/ Onboard Video- Thick Black Exhaust Smoke- 5/20/2011jmomenee2011-05-292011-05-23
Launched at monthly TTRA launch at Varn Ranch, Plant City, FL. Aerotech J401 Black Max and Aiptek Hi Speed HD camcorder. Camcorder record button turned itelf off after only three seconds of flight- ...
High Power Rocket flown in Nevadadrdkccd2011-06-192006-12-29
This is Hy-Po launched in Nevada at the Aero-Pac Mud Rock launch of '05.
High Power Rocket Launch w/ Panoramic Onboard Video- May 20, 2011jmomenee2011-05-292011-05-23
Launched at the monthly TTRA launch at Varn Ranch, Plant City FL. CINEMA 3.5 used a Aerotech I200 White Lightning motor and flew an Aiptek Hi Speed HD camcorder. The camcorder was positioned so that ...
High Power Rocket Onboard Camera VideoJetPropellerLabs2011-06-172008-10-08
This is another video from back in the days when I was into high power rocketry. This video was taken from an 8mm camcorder mounted inside a 7.5 inch diameter rocket weighing 65 pounds. On this ...
High Power Rocket Onboard Video Sept. 19, 2009- Tripoli Level 1 Cert. Flightjmomenee2011-05-312009-09-21
Launched at TTRA monthly event held at Varn ranch, Plant City, FL. Maiden flight for "Cinema 4" scratch-built rocket with Aerotech H180-10 motor. Separate parachutes, custom-made by Phylachutes, for ...
High Power Rocket w/ Onboard Video- Fantastic Vidcaps- March 19, 2011jmomenee2011-05-292011-03-21
Launched at the monthly TTRA launch at the Varn ranch, Plant City FL. CINEMA 3.5 used an Aerotech I200 White Lightning motor and an Aiptek Hi Speed HD 60 fps camcorder. Altimeter fired the main ...
Hybrid Blue auf einen AT I161 am RJD 2009hybridfreak2011-06-032009-05-17
Flight of my rocket 'Hybrid Blue' on an Aerotech I161, the video was recorded by an onboard camera (sony cybershot). Altitude: 1959 ft.
K500 Sugar rocket with on-board videosolidskateboards2011-06-152010-08-28
We were so close this time. Great launch and on-board video, I'm sure next month will be the one!
KARSNH Nov. 2008 Rocket Launch - Baby Bertha C6-5 Onboard Videokarsnh2011-05-292009-04-03
Another great flight from the last club launch of 2008. Special Nosecone camera offers good descent footage. Be sure to watch to the end of the credits!
Large High Power Rocket with Onboard Videovahpr2011-06-222007-03-17
This is my 11,5" dia, 200lb, 14' tall Nike Smoke rocket with 2 on-board cameras. The 34000ns motor lifted the Smoke to 11800' at a top speed of 641mph.
LDRS Seismic 2010 Crashsonar1002011-05-292010-06-15
Seismic rocket launch at LDRS 29 at Lucerne dry lake, California June 13, 2010. 29 pound rocket on a L850. The main chute charge went off at 500 feet, but the charge was not strong enough to eject ...
Luck Runs Out...TheDParis2011-06-192009-07-05
"Luck Runs Out" High Power Rockets out at BlackRock First HP cluster First air-start / cluster First on-board video 7-1/2' tall, 4" dia. four motors, two computers, two timers, one camera This ...
Maiden Keychain Camera Model Rocket LaunchLeosLeisureSite2011-05-292009-11-15
I strapped my new keychain camera to an Estes Antares rocket with streamer recovery powered by an old B6-4 rocket engine (manufacture date: 27th March 1977). The second flight was an Estes Patriot ...
MGM 140 High Power Rocketpslimo1232011-06-282010-02-20
1/3 scale MGM 140 missile on a J-415W. Forgot to remove the "REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT" key! Low fog at about 500'. No problem recovering with the GPS
Model Rocket Launch With Keychain Camera POV 02thedknuckles2011-06-242011-06-19
Here is a edited version of the launch with some music to go along with it. Enjoy.
Model Rocket Launch with Onboard CameraLearjet152011-05-292006-06-28
Onboard video of an Estes model rocket launch (and crash). Filmed with a modified "CVS One-Time-Use Video Camcorder".
Model rocket with onboard camera, good footageR0ckzor2011-06-152009-06-15
Home made model rocket with onboard camera, good footage
Modellrakete mit Onboard-Kamera / Raketenflugzeug SR-71 BlackbirdDocMedicus2011-06-202010-01-04
Start einer Modellrakete (Quest; Motor D7-3) mit Onboard-Kamera (Somikon) im Januar 2010
Modellrakete mit zwei Onboard-KamerasDocMedicus2011-06-232010-08-22
Start der Modellrakete "Bright Hawk" (Quest Aerospace) mit zwei Onboard-Kameras (Keycam #3; Blickrichtung: Heck und Spitze der Rakete) im August 2010; Motor D7-3, Start mit Funksignal (RC S ...
NARAM 50 HP Rocket w/On Board Videoown2dogs2011-06-032008-08-08
NARAM 50 HP Rocket w/On Board Video. Rocket and video courtesy of Mitch Guess
NexusOne/Arduino PhoneSat Satellite Launch Videomotorbikematt2011-06-282010-07-25
Video from a Google NexusOne smartphone with specially programmed Android apps, installed aboard James Dougherty's Intimidator-5 on a CTI N4100 load. Launch from Black Rock Playa on 24-July-2010 ...
Nike Smoke Onboard Model Rocket Video - G71 RedlineRocketChutes2011-05-312008-06-22 Nike Smoke: onboard video with a G71 Redline motor
Nike Smoke Onboard Model Rocket Video - G76 Mojave GreenRocketChutes2011-06-172008-06-21 Nike Smoke: onboard video with a G76 Mojave Green motor
On Board Rocket Video - Two Camerasckalkhof2011-06-252007-08-20
Modified V2 rocket has landing gear that deploys upon ejection charge - two camera perspective.
On=board 24mm Deuce's Wild!tazzdevl12011-07-132006-12-03
On-board video from a payload section attached to an upscale 24mm Deuce's Wild! The motors are Estes E9-6's. It was flown at the December 2006 mnthly launch of the SouthEast Alabama Rocketry Society ...
Onboard High Power Rocket VideoEvilPrince692011-06-052007-07-02
Don't recall whose rocket this was but it shows a lot of great detail about a HPR flight.
Onboard Model Rocket Videomycoleptodiscus2011-06-252006-10-04
Video camera in the nosecone of a Canadian Arrow Estes Model Rocket shoots a short video of a rocket flight
Onboard Rocket Video - 30000ft Disasterbigrocket992011-06-172007-02-26
This video is from my 2002 flight to over 30000ft on an N-3500. Unfortunately at that altitude, the dual deployment 2 gram charges were not enough to separate the airframe, and the whole thing came ...
Onboard Rocket Video - Two stagebigrocket992011-05-292007-02-04
This video shows a high power rocket flight aboard a two stage rocket. The video is transmitted realtime from the rocket to the ground using a 2.4Ghz signal. The second stage separation is visible ...
Parallel Staged rocket - onboard videopeter798132011-06-152007-09-04
PCR rocket, parallel staged. D12-7, 2 C6-0s, boostervision camera. Ground video, onboard video, onboard at 25% speed.
Qu8k Rocket Launch Highlights - On-board GoPro HD at 22+ miles above earthd3deville2011-12-072011-10-07
On September 30, 2011 at 11:08am, Derek Deville's Qu8k (pronounced "Quake") launched from the Black Rock Desert in Nevada to an altitude of 121000' before returning safely to earth. Above 99% of the ...
Re: Onboard Rocket Video - Two stagebigrocket992011-06-192008-07-29
This is a higher resolution video of this flight showing more detail.
Rippin' The Fins Off A Rocketaaupton2011-06-232006-09-08
The Fins Shred off a 12 foot tall high power rocket flying on an N motor. It exceeds the fins ability to hold up. The fins waive at you, bend around and then fly off in real time as the rocket ...
ROCKET CAMRIMBAUD82011-06-272008-02-04
Digital camera hack installed inside an Estes rocket cone. Rocket powered by Estes E9-4 engine and video downloaded after rocket was retrieved.
Rocket Cam Launch Day 3 April 18th, 2008samdogfilms2011-06-202008-04-19
This is revision 3 of the Video Eggscalibur. The rocket is designed to hold an egg in its large nose cone. We added a small wireless video camera powered by a nine volt battery instead. We modified ...
Rocket on a N2000 OVER 6500 FTcouchpotato11412011-05-292009-04-10
High powered rocked with on board camera
Rocket Onboard Video RATV-2 Flight 5n9lhi2011-06-232007-10-18
Video recorded from onboard a model rocket. The entire clip is slowed to 1/2 of actual speed. This is the fifth flight of the RATV-2 rocket amateur television payload, on October 13, 2007 at the ...
rocket take-off (onboard cam)2trocketman2011-06-152007-03-04
rocket launch
Rocket Tripoli Level 3 Onboard Videoamtr12011-05-292006-07-16
Rocket Tripoli Level III Launch With On-board Video
RVC3 - Aerotech Mirage with Camerarocketreviews2011-06-202007-05-20
This was the second flight of my Aerotech Mirage with a small 5in1 camera:
Screamin' Mimi Onboard Video KARSNH July 2008 Rocket Launchkarsnh2011-05-292008-07-28
Estes Screamin' Mimi on a D12-5 with a BoosterVision GearCam Mini strapped to the top with electrical tape. Great flight, and you can hear it whistle briefly when the engines cut out.
Sledgehammer M1550 Launch - Onboard video camjurvetson2011-06-162008-12-08
This was the biggest launch of the day, with the largest motor permissible in California. Mavericks Sledgehammer flying on a Aerotech M1550 Redline motor. It was a perfect flight, with video capture ...
Super Sonic Rocketstuman11592011-07-022006-10-01
Home built model that goes to mach 1.o in less than 15 seconds. Watch the fins warp at top speed.
talon 4 Rocket Onboard videoclark159872011-06-032008-10-04
Talon 4 rocket flying on on a Hypertek J330 at XPRS 08
The ATC-2K AffairLaneKG2011-08-312007-06-23
The Oregon Scientific ATC-2K video action camera gets more than it bargained for in this action thriller. It takes place aboard the PML AMRAAM 4 rocket boosted by the mighty Aerotech J350 motor at ...
On Nov 20, 2010, at the Hudson Ranch launch site located 9.5 miles south west of Pueblo Colorado located on Colorado Highway 78 (Beulah Highway), the Southern Colorado Rocketeers (NAR Section #632) ...
Video Rocket Launch footage (oracle rocket)epicfantasy2011-05-292010-06-17
The oracle rocket has an onboard video camera. You can see video right from the rocket as it goes up and comes back down. Pretty neat. I have also included footage with a camera showing the launch ...
Video Rocket Raw Launch Footageepicfantasy2011-07-312010-06-17
Raw footage for two launches with an onboard camera. This is the oracle rocket which has a video camera mounted in the nose cone. This is just the raw footage that came out of the camera. First ...
When (xmas) Trees Attack (RC Aerial Video + Rockets) - GoPro HD Hero Camtoobulous2011-06-032010-01-19
My first flight (yes, the maiden!) after attaching the GoPro HD Hero to the Stryker F27C... naturally with RC planes there are trees always willing to reach out and grab it from the sky. In all ...
4 in Nike Smoke K940 Keychain Camgizza22011-07-022011-02-08
I bought a $5 keychain camera and Gorilla-Taped it to the side of my 4" Madcow Fiberglass Nike Smoke for what turned out to be a pretty good video! I cut the delay about 3-5 seconds too short so the ...
Barracuda launch #2mattieshoes2012-02-042010-04-18
Aerotech Barracuda on a G76-7G engine, launched 4/18/2010, at SARA's April launch. I'm guessing somewhere in the neighborhood of 2000 feet. I have no idea why it spins so badly -- I think I'll put ...
High Power Rocket Launch near Pueblo Coloradogeneralripper19642011-05-292011-04-05
Two High Power Rocket Flights that reached altitudes of approximately 2000 feet. Video was recorded by on board cameras mounted to the rockets.
High Power Rocket Onboard Video of Homemade Main Chute Deployment Devicejmomenee2012-12-132010-07-18
Monthly TTRA launch at Varn ranch, Plant City FL. CINEMA 4 contained homemade main chute deployment device (see my newsletter article at Apogee Components) which allows for a single deploy rocket to ...
2 stage model rocket with onboard cameraR0ckzor2011-06-152010-03-03
Second flight of my stage rocket with onboard camera
Another Longshot 2-stage model rocket on-board videomnrocketry2011-06-152010-03-28
Onboard video from a 2-stage Estes Longshot model rocket flying on D12-0 to C6-5 motors
Big daddy model rocket launch with onboard videoEndeavourshuttle2011-07-022010-03-11
The Estes Big Daddy rocket. Awesome model. Almost simultaneously launched with a V2-model, clearly visible in the first few seconds. Watch how the red V2-parachute deploys, as seen from the Big ...
Buccaneer\'s Football Field Model RocketryDana Adams2014-01-182010-08-24
An afternoon of model rocketry at the Buccaneer\'s Football Field in Hinesburg, Vermont - The rocket is the Estes Oracle Video Rocket (there\'s a launch clip a...
Cheetah Rocket Launch (mid-air collision near miss)stinkyfritzdog2011-05-292011-03-13
First launch of Aerotech Cheetah 32 inch rocket. Launched on March 10, 2011 with reloaded G53-10FJ engine. 5 knot wind at 110 degrees. After visually clearing sky of any aircraft, rocket was ...
Crayon X3 on AMW I-315 Skidmarkpinknosepitbull2011-05-292007-04-01
Crayon X3 high-power rocket onboard launch video at NEFAR 9/2006. Crank up the sound, its awesome...
Cygnus Hybrid Rocket Onboard VideoKAPTAINKRYTOX2011-05-292011-04-26
Video of a HPR Hybrid rocket launch taken on Easter Sunday 2011. The flight was a partial success, the thrust was much lower than expected resulting in the semi-stable flight and the low altitude. ...
GoPro HD Rocket Launchmsuttongnv2011-06-272011-01-02
Launched GoPro HD on Estes Renegade-D Rocket with D12-5 Booster Engine without housing. 1st part is a iphone view and second is POV of the GoPro on the rocket.
HART Rockets Onboard Rocket video using ATC-1000 Camerahartrockets2011-06-272006-11-20
Video from a HPR Rocket on a I350 motor, Filmed using a ATC-1000 helmet camera.
High Power Model Rocket @ Rio Grande OhioV2hprsoar2011-06-032007-07-17
High Powered model rocket launch at Rio Grande Ohio. Rocket had on board camcorder.
High Power Rocket Launchvahpr2011-06-262008-04-23
This is my friend Bill's 11' tall, 58lb rocket flying on a white "M" motor to 5000' at a top speed of about 650mph. It recovered safely on a 17' parachute a short distance away from the launch pad. ...
High Power Rocket. On Board Video from Southern Thunder 2009TheBayourat2011-07-022009-06-28
My rocket "Research 3" flying at Southern Thunder on a K800 Blue Baboon to 6200'
Hron: Legacy Model Rocket Launch - Onboard Cameraagilard2011-05-292011-04-02
April 2, 2011 Bratislava - Vajnory launch Engine - Estes C-63 Flight - Nominal
JAVELIN 148 MISSILE HIGH POWER ROCKETpslimo1232011-06-232009-12-12
Mach 10 Upscale Model Rocketrokitflite2012-03-312010-06-27
BT-101 radio controlled Centuri Mach-10 flying on an Aerotech F12-3 24mm reload. Filmed with Hobby Works "Keychain Camera" taped behind the cockpit. Too much of the model in the frame though.
Model rocket onboard video June 20, 2009jmomenee2011-06-282009-06-30
Launched at TTRA monthly event held at Varn ranch, Plant City, FL. "Cinema 3" scratch-built rocket with G78-4 motor. Separate parachutes for Aiptek HD-1 camcorder and rocket sections. Rocket ...
On-board rocket videojgroverman2011-05-292011-04-04
Flight to 19800', dual recording altimeters with GPS tracking. 4" 4 grain APCP motor.
Onboard video of the Discovery Rocket on an F40-7Whouseholdrocketry2011-06-262011-05-01
An onboard video of my Madcow Discovery on an Aerotech F40 reload. The timestamp says 2008, it is actually from April 2011. It flew at CMASS to about 1000 feet, with a max speed of over 200 miles ...
Ride the Rocket - Looking Up!ZFamilyRockets2011-05-292011-05-01
Don't forget to "duck" when the first chute is deployed! I just found this misplaced spy cam 7 months after it's launch. The cam is looking up the 9 foot Coca-Cola rocket. The twin cam looking down, ...
Rocket camera #11legofreak2011-05-292010-06-16
Sorry that the audio is crapped up. I couldn't get other videos due to Polecat V2 crash (straight up, straight down, lake pancake XD). This is from modified Estes Executioner on an Aerotech ...
Rocket Launch with Onboard CameraEtJoAd2011-05-292011-04-24
Camera: Mini DV MD80 Rocket: Estes Spin Control Engine: C6-3
Rocket with onboard keychain camerarmilstead2011-05-292011-04-29
A little camera, a little velcro and a B engine. Blastoff!!
Space Shuttle Estes Model rocket onboard videoEndeavourshuttle2011-06-172010-03-08
The flight sequence of the Estes space shuttle, as seen from the model! Perfect flight. Powered with a D12-3 engine.
Two Stage Model Rocket with Camerapwemovies2011-05-292011-03-17
This is the maiden flight of our 2 stage rocket with on board video camera. David designed the rocket and verified it with a Fortran program he wrote for his Aerospace Engineering 160 class at ISU. ...
Excelsior X-1 Flight 3 - Mid Power "F" Config - 2011/04/24budwheizzah2011-05-292011-04-25
Finally, Excelsior X1 proves it can run a normal flight from end-to-end. Notice three things: First, we believe booster #3, not seen on any video angle, failed to ignite. This caused the rocket to ...
3" Goblin Rocket on an Aerotech H123xsiveguy2011-06-252010-10-12
My 3" Goblin Rocket on an Aerotech H123 soared to 1961 feet with a down facing camera. You'll see the parachute come around the rocket and get hung up on the back of the motor and burn a hole in it.
"Back in BLack" at LDRS-26 - Flight 3 - on-board Low-rez videocyberia552011-06-222008-01-05
On-board video via hacked CVS camcorder installed into the altimeter bay of my Hawk Mountain Talon-3 rocket. This is the third flight, with a successful chute deployment. Lens was dirty (sorry).
1/3 Scale IQSY Tomahawk on an Aerotech H148Rrubbnsmoke2011-06-252010-10-10
Flown at a Jackson Model Rocketry Club launch on 10-9-2010
1/3 Scale Wac Corporal Rocket at Red Glare VIIIqzpm1502012-09-192012-08-03
This is my 1/3 Scale Wac Corporal flown at Red Glare 8. It was boosted using an Aerotech J540R staged to a Censaroni J355 Red Lightning. On board cam is a Booster Vision GearCam DVR. It flew to ...
1/4 Patriot Missile, Onboard Kodak ZxD videonzxela2011-09-302011-05-24
New Zealand Rocketry Association Launch 22th May 2011 1/4 Patriot Missile with Kodak ZxD video strapped just above the fins. H170 Aerotech Sparky Motor Raven altimiter with apogee deployment 36" ...
1/8th speed Drag Race from Super Screamerbuzznau2011-12-112011-04-10
12Flight Cluster 2stage Rocket.POWEagle1012012-12-062012-11-12
1st Flight Gum Cam 11-21-09_0001.wmvzog1392011-11-062009-12-13
1st flight of camera onboard a model rocketkangasl2011-06-162007-07-11
eDVR 5in1 camera onboard a scratch built rocket flown at EFNU airfield, Nummela, Finland. Be sure to check the second video, which is a bit better. The twinstar I almost hit is visible in the end of ...
1st Flt Delta 4 B4 4kevinj732011-12-062009-10-08
1st Model Rocket Video, Nov 08, LUNAR Launchmorgainey2011-05-312009-01-18
First successful video from our customized rocket. We used an Estes 36 DD kit and adapted the payload section to carry a compact Aiptek digital video camera.
2 Rocket Cam Flights March 26th 2011celemonster2011-05-292011-03-27
Fly along on my scratch built Destroyer I with 4 D engines, as well as the Semroc SLS brighton on a F-39 over culpeper VA
2 Rocket Cam Flights March 26th 2011 (uncropped)celemonster2011-05-292011-03-27
Fly along on my scratch built Destroyer I with 4 D engines, as well as the Semroc SLS brighton on a F-39 over culpeper VA - this video is un cropped, you can see the time code and more of the ...
2 Stage Rocket On Board Video Estes "mini" Oraclerockytysonrocketman2011-09-282010-04-19
2 Stage Estes "mini" Oracle D12-0/D12-7. Good altitude, straight flight, and you can see the separation and booster motor fall away. You can see the glowing inside the burnt out booster motor in one ...
2 stage rocket onboard video.wmvEDBASH2011-08-162011-08-14
2 Stage with cameraemmettcorbin2011-07-132011-05-10
This is the second flight of my custom designed 2 stage model rocket. The main stage rocket has an onboard ignition system that is powered by a 3.8v-160mA lipo battery and is triggered by a ...
2008-05-10 NEFAR Onboard Videojadebox2011-06-192008-05-12
Video from a camera flown on a J motor rocket at the May, 2008, NEFAR launch.
2009 03 14 TORC Launch 0005 Aerotech Mirage With Sword Chase H210R M Rocket View Annotatedbguffer2011-09-182009-03-15
2009 03 14 TORC Launch 0005 Scratch 4th Rocket Flight 003 H128W M Dual View Controllerbguffer2012-04-172009-03-15
2009-03-14 - TORC Launch 0005 - Scratch 4th Rocket Flight 003 - H128W-M - Dual View Controller
2009 03 14 TORC Launch 0005 Scratch 4th Rocket Flight 003 H128W M Rocket Viewbguffer2012-04-172009-03-15
2009-03-14 - TORC Launch 0005 - Scratch 4th Rocket Flight 003 - H128W-M - Rocket View
2009-01-03 - TORC Launch 0003 - Aerotech Mirage Flight 006 - H250G-M - Rocket View (Memorex 7-in-1)bguffer2011-09-182009-01-04
2009-03-22 - Aerotech - Mirage Flight 008 - G71R-4 - Rocket Viewbguffer2011-09-182009-03-25
2009-03-22 - Aerotech Mirage Flight 008 - G71R-4 - Fourth Speed Rocket Viewbguffer2011-09-182009-03-25
2009-03-22 Scratch 4th Rocket - Flight 004 - G75J-M Rocket Viewbguffer2012-04-172009-05-16
2009-03-22 Scratch 4th Rocket - Flight 004 - G75J-M Rocket View
2009-04-04 - TORC Launch 0006 - Aerotech Mirage Flight 009 - H220T-M - Rocket Viewbguffer2011-12-062009-04-05
2009-04-04 - TORC Launch 0006 - Aerotech Mirage Flight 009 - H220T-M - Rocket View Passing Screaming Eagle on J90W.
2009-04-04 - TORC Launch 0006 - Public Missiles AMRAAM 3 Flight 006 - I245G - Rocket Viewbguffer2012-04-172009-04-05
2009-04-04 - TORC Launch 0006 - Public Missiles AMRAAM 3 Flight 006 - I245G - Rocket View
2009-04-12 - Aerotech Mirage Flight 010 - G76G-4 - Rocket Viewbguffer2011-09-182009-04-14
2009-11-14 - TORC Launch - Binder Design Velociraptor Launch 001 - J350W - Rocket Viewbguffer2012-06-292009-11-16
2009-11-14 - TORC Launch - Binder Design Velociraptor Launch 001 - J350W - Rocket View - 720x470 Upconvert.
2009-12-12 - TORC Launch - Chase - Fifth Speed Rocket View - 720p.mpgbguffer2012-06-292009-12-13
2009-12-12 - TORC Launch - Aerotech Mirage Launch 012 Passed By Arrow On KXXXG - H180W - Fifth Speed Rocket View - 720p
2010-03-20 - TORC Launch - PML AMRAAM 3 Launch 009 - I357T-M - Rocket View - Memorex -720pbguffer2011-09-182010-03-21
2010-05-23 11-13-48.avimanierocket2011-07-292010-06-15
on board video of my scale model v2 rocket
2010-11-13 tomahawk E18W-7.mp4AgainHandeman2011-09-222010-12-12
2010-12-11 Callisto G53-7FJ.mp4AgainHandeman2011-09-162010-12-12
2010-12-11 Mustang F39-9T.mp4AgainHandeman2011-09-162010-12-12
This is onboard video taken at the 2010 National Sport Launch from a small (24") rocket that I designed and built, featuring functional strap-on boosters. The video is my original work. The rocket's ...
2011 Onboard VideosEeeebeeeE2012-02-152012-02-02
Shorter rock & roll version of my onboard videos launched betweeen July 2011 and New Years 2012 - Music by David Bowie (Starman)
2011-07-23 flight #40 On-board camera view.dave92f12012-02-082011-08-16
SuperHorizon (4") on Skyripper J144. OROC "Desert Heat" launch, Brothers OR. On-board camera view. See for more info.
20110709 IQSY TomahawkGrimracer12011-09-162011-07-10
20110910 HighFlyer XLGrimracer12011-12-012011-09-11
2012 Feb SARG Launch - Nike Smoke flight.mpgrobbdavidm2012-04-152012-02-20
On board video from Madcow Nike Smoke flight on an Aerotech H238.
2nd Flt Delta 4 C6 5kevinj732011-12-062009-10-08
3rd Flight 720p HD Camera Rocket - Estes E9 PoweredNitrowolfUT2014-01-182009-09-14
This is the third flight of a custom built 720p HD (High Definition) Camera rocket (with sound!). I worked out some of the kinks from the first and second fl...
Rocket video from NARAM-53. GearCam HD DVR. Flown on D12-0/D12-7 Maniac. The first stage has two vent ports, and you can see the puffs as the D12-0 burns through and then again as the D12-7 fires. ...
8x alpha.avirm62rocket2011-11-062009-11-23
Onboard video taken from Team R & r Rocketry's 8x upscale Alpha at Indiana Rocketry's 11-22-09 launch in Ash Grove Indiana.
90% Harpoon MDRACrash211362011-10-052009-04-26
Aerotech Arreaux G71stealthfixr2011-11-042011-10-25
Tripoli Vegas Oktoberfest
Aerotech Initiator F52 Onboardhouseholdrocketry2012-04-152012-03-24
The third flight of Joey's Initiator. It flew on an F52 at MMMSClub in Berwick on March 24th 2012. It suffered no damage and will be able to fly again soon.
Aerotech Initiator rocket on an F20-4W engine with cameraneond72011-12-312011-12-30
Ignore the date, it was actually taken 12/30/2011. First time trying out new camera I picked up for $16 on Ebay. The parachute wrapped and failed to fully deploy and a fin was broken on landing. ...
Aerotech Mustang CATO Ground Level and onboard videoEeeebeeeE .2014-01-182013-01-02
Delay charge of a CTI G80 fails and the rocket deploys early. Little damage to the rocket other than cosmetic. It needs a new paint job anyway.
Aerotech Mustang with a Cesaroni G54EeeebeeeE2011-11-192011-09-11
AeroTech Phoenix boosting on F50 motor, VERY fast!parkysjc2012-02-172011-09-12
This is the same AeroTech Phoenix, with onboard camera. This time it is boosting on a single use F50 motor. Peak thrust is about 18 lbs, applied to a 1.6 lb Phoenix, so about 11 G peak acceleration! ...
AeroTech Phoenix F10 boost, full flightparkysjc2012-02-172011-09-12
This is the same AeroTech Phoenix, boosting on a single use F10 motor, this time showing the full flight.
Aerotech Strong Arm Kosdon G40.TIRrocketry2011-09-082010-04-25
Aerotech Sumo First Flight w/onboard cameraneond72012-03-092012-02-22
First launch of my Aerotech Sumo using a G76-4G Mojave Green motor. I attached my 808 keychain cam and also recorded the flight looking down from the rocket. It landed about 25 feet from the launch ...
Aerotech Tomahawk - Onboard Video - PARA December 2011 LaunchJimmyZNJ2011-12-062011-12-04
Flew my Aerotech IQSY Tomahawk again with the keychain camera taped to the side. This flight was using an E28-7T motor. Played it conservative due to a light breeze which had been carrying some ...
Aerotech Warthog F40bukowskiredsox2012-04-052011-03-15
Agnes Baptist Rocket Test Flight.wmvnoprosody2011-08-072011-06-15
June 13, 2011 test flight of E-engine-powered home-made rocket with onboard camera and furry pilot. Upon separation at around 800 feet altitude, the fuselage broke free from its tether and free-fell ...
Airy D12 to C6 lawn darttonypv582011-09-022010-11-07
Airy D12-0 B6-4.wmvtonypv582012-05-102012-04-09
Alan Holmes' rocket Wildman jr. at LDRS 29
Alex's Jr. L1 cert (H163)Aksrockets2011-11-192011-08-09
Thanks for everyone who helped. The rocket was flown at Hellfire 16 in Utah on a CTI H163 White Thunder.
AMW M1350 ZookeeperDgardei2011-11-192008-08-21
My "Zookeeper" takes off with an AMW M1350 White Wolf motor at Nerrf 3 (June 07). This was my first attempt at my Level 3 certification, which failed because the parachute never deployed. The video ...
Annual Cadet Rocket Launchvanbeek622011-06-262011-06-05
Annual Cadet Rocket Launch in the Lucerne Valley Dry Lake Bed 2011. Griffin makes a great catch in the second video. Most fun you can have with rocketry is with this group. Join us next year.
Apogee Aspire Onboard VideoTZ250FANATIC2011-09-172010-07-03
Arcas Onboard 4-10-10TIRrocketry2011-12-292010-04-24
Arcas Onboard video.
Astron SprintGrimracer12011-12-042011-11-20
Astronaut Barbie Crashesscsager2011-12-292010-08-02
The Third and final launch for the Astronaut Barbie Rocket
Astrovision Model Rocket with onboard digital video camera.Leviathan29932011-05-292009-03-23
This is my first launch of the Estes Astrovision Model Rocket using a C6-5 motor.
Aurora "Firefly" flight with rocket camera pod MK II.CPGAerospace2011-08-282011-06-30
Aurora Firefly build & maiden voyage videoCPGAerospace2011-08-082011-08-07
This video shows some of the key construction techniques used in the Aurora X5-02 rocket "Firefly". Also includes its maiden launch...
Aurora Firefly launch #2 1/16/2011CPGAerospace2011-07-132011-01-30
Second flight of Aurora Firefly (Rocket Cam only). This time on an F-24 motor. Hight, around 1400 feet.
AYUCR II Video Rocket at NARAM 50robnee2011-07-132008-08-27
AYUCR II Video rocket carrying a Canon SD300 digital camera in video mode flying on an AT I161 at NARAM 50 in Virginia
B6-4 PatriotDgardei2011-09-162011-03-24
Back in Black MDRA Red Glare IX - Long (fixed).mpgcyberia552011-06-202010-10-28
Here is my modified Hawk Mountain Talon-3 as it flew Saturday Oct 23rd at MDRA's Red Glare IX. It was in the identical configuration as for the previous flight at Red Glare VIII. This longer video ...
Ballistic Spiralrocketreviews2011-08-162007-08-18
This mini-movie includes highlights of onboard video from a NYPower 12 launch of my Aerotech Initiator. The flight was short and eventful, with more than usual spin, and a bonus delay leading down ...
BALLS 2011 Rocket Onboard View HD 720paeroexperimental2011-12-082011-10-03
Onboard HD video of BALLS 2011 Rocket. Launch, motor case burns through, seperation, recovery harness fails, booster section comes in ballistic, payload section recovers under parachute. All parts ...
Barbie rides the Wocket all the way down before the end of daysaaupton2011-08-302011-05-24
Barracuda / Viper drag racemattieshoes2011-09-222010-06-03
Barracuda launch #1mattieshoes2011-06-262010-03-28
12 dollar keychain video camera taped to the side of an Aerotech Barracuda -- launched on a G71-7R, though the delay was short. -- the igniter started the delay burning before the motor ignited. ...
Barracuda OnboardDBJr19802011-08-132011-08-06
On board video taken from my AeroTech Barracuda rocket. Flew on an E28-4T to about 600 feet.
Barracuda on a E18-4 w/keychain camera
Beulah Heights Launch 18 May 2011.wmvgeneralripper19642011-06-222011-05-23
On board rocket video from a model rocket demo flight conducted for the students of Beulah Heights Elementary School on 18 May 2011 in Pueblo Colorado.
Big Bertha Rocket Camgogetyourmommy2011-12-042011-09-04
Model rocket with onboard camera. Sod Farm in New Berlin Wisconsin. Woosh Rocketry Club. September 3, 2011.
Big Daddy E23zephod1002011-05-292010-02-18
Any Estes Big Daddy flying on a Aerotech E23 at the TTRA January Launch
Big Fellow Rocket - M1770 Skidmarkwheaty41402011-05-292011-05-22
Mark Weidhaas's "Big Fellow Rocket" high power rocket launch in Rainbow Valley, AZ.
Big Nuke Apr 09ericksonjc2011-05-292009-04-19
Onboard video of my Loc Precision Big Nuke 3-E at the UROC ( April launch 2009 on an Aerotech K700
Binder Design Velociraptor Launch 003 - Rocket Viewbguffer2011-09-182010-03-22
Binder Design Velociraptor Launch 003 - Sideways Rocket Viewbguffer2011-09-182010-03-26
Bio Hazard IIKiraMajeric2011-09-082010-04-20
Black Brandt-5.MP4jaschmd2012-02-022012-01-25
Successful launch of the Balck-Brandt 2-Stage rocket by the FAA Rocket Club, January 21, 2011
Black Brant IItommieshoes2011-08-192011-03-28
Desert Heat 2011 Fiberglass Black Brant II (HPR) Engine J315R Southern Arizona Rocketry Assoc (SARA)
Blue Maxx onboard videorocketkyle2012-08-092008-06-26
Kevin Cornelius' Blue Maxx onboard video with an AMW M1350
BOB Launch 10-22-06SailorBill2011-10-052006-10-23
Boost Montage Slowkevinj732011-12-062009-10-10
Gum Cam on assorted boosters. Slowed way down.
BRUISER L1400SKMrSeimberg2011-08-282009-05-27
BSD Sprint - H268RDBJr19802011-10-082011-09-12
BT 60 2 stage model rocketemmettcorbin2011-06-042011-04-28
This is a two stage rocket that has some interesting features such as a side chute ejection and micro switch activation of main stage motor. This is estes powered d12-0 first stage and e9-4 main ...
BullPup Rocket Crashes Onboard Videoamtr12011-07-052011-02-26
BullPup Crashes with live footage!
Bull Puppy launch on an I161 testing a Fake Lighter Video Camera: All worked well, but the effective frame rate was 12 frames / second.
James Donald's Bull Puppy At LDRS 29 Launch 1/2 on 6/11/2010 Motor: I211W-14 Altitude 5000 ft
James Donald's Bull Puppy At LDRS 29 Launch 2/2 on 6/14/2010 Motor: I211W-14 Altitude 5000 ft
Cessaroni G-88-Smokey Samkirby11862011-10-092011-09-08
Cheetah 2dirtypoolvids2011-09-162010-08-22
Cheetah Flight July 2011.wmvDaveW6DPS2011-07-132011-07-11
My Aerotech Cheetah onboard video on a near perfect flight. I am still learning the best ways to take video. In the future on this rocket I will use a separate parachute for the nosecone, since it ...
Cherokee N onboard HD videoaeromoe2011-07-082010-04-26
Inagural flight of upscale Cherokee-D called the first N motor...fourth Level 3 flight. Aerotech N2000W White Lightning. Rainbow Valley Arizona. SSS Spring Blast 2010 launch. 12ft 5 ...
China Grove from the rocket's point of viewJPVegh2011-06-272011-01-30
Cineroc Clone 10.10.10.wmvzog1392011-06-032010-10-20
Gum Cam footage from a cloned Omega/Cineroc. Flight done at Foosefest with a D12-0 to a C6-5
Competitor 4 on an Aerotech L850W to 9300' November 6, 2010rekrapmij2011-06-242010-11-11
Performance Rocketry Competitor 4 on an Aerotech L850W November 6, 2010, Frameswitch, Texas Mini-Alt WD and MARSA4 altimeters Maximum altitude 9300' Onboard camera Epic Action Cam
conyers school rocketry workshop Rowes Rocketsrowesrockets2012-02-072012-02-05
School Workshop at Conyers School Jan 2012 Using recycled parts for large model rockets On-board video feed
Cosmic Cobra - Onboard View.wmvSimHQFan2014-01-172011-07-19
'Keychain cam' onboard video of Estes Cosmic Cobra launch.
CPSS_Starbooster Launchduhtrev2011-09-242010-05-22
Launch of the Cal Poly Space Systems Star Booster. Small picture-in-picture of the flight from the ground and the onboard video. From the May 17 2003 Tripoli Central California (TCC) DairyAire ...
Crash of the Arcas HVEeeebeeeE2012-01-052012-01-02
Onboard video of my rocket that failed to deploy the chute, and came in ballistic. It flew on an Aerotech G138 Blue Thunder engine
CRMRC: Aerotech Arreaux September 17th 2011jsargevt2011-09-212011-09-18
CTI L1410 Skidmark Competitor 6mrsheldonclan2012-08-092010-09-20
CRMRC Monthly Launch. Competitor 6 on CTI L1410 Skidmark
Cuda R/C Rocket Glider - staged C6sgeorgegassaway2011-06-202009-10-24
R/C Rocket Boosted Glider. This used two-staged C6 engines. For more info on the model, see this page: This was flown at a Birmingham Rocket Boys (BRB) Launch in February 2005. If ...
CYAL8R 17-08-2011KAPTAINKRYTOX2011-08-182011-08-18
Here is a quick video I lashed together of the rocket I launched on 17-09-2011 over a remote Lincolnshire field. The rocket called CYAL8R reached 5960 feet before falling to Earth without a chute. ...
Dark Star Lite - Onboard VideoTZ250FANATIC2011-06-242010-11-05
Wildman Dark Star Lite flying on an Aerotech G77, onboard video
Darkstar at Ames.aviderraketman2011-11-052010-08-21
Onboard rocket video taken with keychain camera. Flown on an F52 Blue Thunder motor at NASA Ames 8/21/2010
Darkstar Extreme M650W Short520GRIFFIN2012-01-202010-11-25
December 2011 Rocket Launch.wmvgeneralripper19642011-12-312011-12-19
Model and High Power Rocket Launch South West of Pueblo Colorado by the Southern Colorado Rocketeers.
Demise of the BDRJMZawodny2011-05-312011-03-06
This is what happens when you try to launch rocket with a 38mm CTI motor and forget to screw it into the metal motor case!
Der Red Magg G-76-4GKainamhs2012-05-232012-03-25
532ft Apogee 81mph Top Speed 1.4s Burn time 14.7g Peak Acceleration 2.8g Avg Acceleration 3.2s Coast to Apogee -----s Apogee to Ejection 490ft Ejection Altitude 11mph Descent speed 24.6s Flight ...
Derailed J420RMrSeimberg2011-08-282009-05-27
Deuce on 2 Estes C6 5skevinj732011-12-062009-10-10
Deuce Onboard 090808TomB06672011-09-182009-08-12
Deuce Onboard 090905TomB06672011-10-052009-09-08
Deuce Onboard 100704TomB06672011-12-062010-07-07
My Deuce on a CTI J410 red, the other motor, a CTI J425 blue failed to ignite.
Deuce Onboard 110903TomB06672011-09-162011-09-06
Deuce Onboard 120108TomB06672012-04-042012-01-09
Onboard view from my Deuce. Flown on a pair of CTI K160 motors to 4400 feet.
Deuce Onboard 2009-09-07TomB06672011-12-062009-09-08
Onboard view from my upscale Deuce, this time on research (54/1280) J330 motors. Apogee was 3100 feet, main deployed at 500 feet. It was windy so I set the main lower.
Deuce Onboard 2009-11-07TomB06672011-12-062009-11-09
Onboard video from camera mounted between the motors of my upscale Deuce. Flown this time on Aerotech K185 motors with the main chute deployed at apogee. Altitude was 3321 feet.
Deuce Onboard 2010-05-15TomB06672011-12-062010-05-17
Onboard video from my Deuce on Aerotech J180 motors. This is the same flight as the ground view.
Deuce Onboard 2010-06-12TomB06672011-12-062010-06-14
Onboard video from a Kodak Zi6 720p camera mounted between the motors of my upscale Deuce's Wild! Motors were the new Aerotech Metalstorm J340s. See for ...
Deuce Onboard 2010-09-04TomB06672011-12-062010-09-09
Onboard video from my upscale Deuces Wild! Flown on CTI Pro38-6G motors, one a J425 blue and the other a J410 red. If you look carefully, you can see a fireball/smoke cloud on the road just after ...
Deuce's Wild Flightcookewj2011-06-172010-03-28
Onboard video ($6 keychain camera) on a Fliskits Deuce's Wild.
Diablo 165lb rocket onboard footageAZRon342011-12-312008-02-27
This is the footage downloaded from the onboard camera that flew on the Diablo on Sunday, 2/24/08. Rocket reached 6045 feet due to an early deployment. No damage, she's ready to fly again!
Disaster Onboard a High Power Rocketrockytysonrocketman2012-04-152010-06-28
This was my CAR Lvl. 2 attempt at Roc Lake 12 in June 2010. I am/was flying a dual deployment modified BSD 38 Special on an Aerotech I284W. The flight was perfect and straight up but as it ...
Doubel Barrel Onboard VideoWVEagle812011-05-292010-10-09
Double Trouble 1-9-2011.wmvAgainHandeman2012-04-152011-01-09
My scatch built 3" rocket with dual 29mm motors flying on two G33-7J Aerotech motors.
DRM II L730 and 2 x I345 Unabridgedgizza22011-08-312010-12-06
DRRA FttS 1 - SLS Explorer lancering gezien vanaf de rakethydlide2011-06-262011-04-12
Posted via email from MF72
Dual C6-5 model rocket with onboard cameraMathieu Imbert2014-01-182013-05-22
Model rocket made of two paper towel tubes. Loaded with two C6-5 engines. The parachute clearly opened before any delay happened. I have no idea what happene...
dummy- camera onboard.movPieroAcme2011-07-132011-03-12
Test microcamera - Acme rocketry
ECOF 2 003jschubz2011-09-162010-08-31
ECOF 2 004jschubz2011-09-162010-08-30
Estes Eliminator on D12-5 and key chain camera. CMASS Sudbury launch on Sunday, June 12, 2011.
Flight of Mike Borman's Giant Leap Elipse rocket on an Aerotech I211W rocket motor to 1366 feet on June 18, 2011. The rocket carried a Garmin Astro GPS and Booster Vision Gearcam video camera. A ...
Estes "Long Tom" Two Stage Rocket Launchabongdotcom2012-04-042012-02-08
Estes "Long Tom" two stage model rocket launched on a C6-0 booster with a B6-6 upper stage engine. Includes slow motion and on board video.
Estes 'Starbase Starcruiser' Onboard Videojschubz2011-09-182010-08-05
Estes 'Starbase Starcruiser' C6-3 with keychain cam. First successful attempt using new camera...
Estes Astrovision 1rocketreviews2011-05-292007-10-24
Astrovision flight for review on EMRR (
Estes Astrovision 2rocketreviews2011-05-292007-10-24
Astrovision flight for review on EMRR (
Estes Big Bertha Rocket Flies Again! Digging the Model Rockets out of Storage !5ky5urfer2014-01-172012-11-08
Bertha had not been flown since some time in the 90's. Way too long to to wait for a ride. Digging out the old rockets and flying again! An old pack of Estes...
Estes Big DaddySuperFlyboy752011-08-132011-08-08
On board and launch pad video of an Estes "Big Daddy" model rocket.
Estes Bullpup 12Dbetulakevinii2011-08-072011-08-05
First flights of our Estes Bullpup model rocket. Forgot to reset the date and time on the in flight cam.
Estes der red max rocket launchAwesomeRocket192012-09-192012-07-16
Estes Der Red Max with onboard cameraJimmyZNJ2012-09-192010-10-25
First attempt flying Der Red Max with a keychain video camera attached. Used a B6-4 engine which resulted in an underpowered flight. The chute deployed just a few feet over the ground.
Estes Eagle CATOjadebox2011-05-312008-05-04
An Estes motor CATO is captured at 1200 fps in this high-speed video.
Estes Executioner Launch with Onboard Video!homerflintstone2011-12-292010-07-11
Estes Executioner model rocket launches on an E9-4 engine. The video was shot with a cheap key chain spy camera.
Estes Executioner On Board LaunchSuperFlyboy752011-08-162011-08-14
Launch, flight and crash of the Estes Executioner model rocket on E9-6. First flight was great! The second, lost nose cone and parachute....crash.
Estes Executioner with a D12-3dafalb2011-08-272010-07-07
Estes GeminiDC model rocketwildstar21992011-09-092010-08-29
Estes Gemini DC Rocket-- 1 of 2 parachute failure
Estes Interceptor E CrashGrimracer12011-10-052011-02-21
Estes Leviathan Rocket Launchtoddawdirect2014-01-172013-10-18
Leviathan launched with a G80 10 lost this rocket on this flight in the bean field, found it four weeks later after the beans dried up enought to see down the rows.
Estes Model Rocket (SpeedFreak)lee01lar2011-12-312011-12-29
Estes Speed Freak, Modified to carry an onboard Camera
Estes model rocket with keychain video camera taped onMark A2014-01-172013-09-23
This is an old Estes Astrocam with cheap keychain camera attached with masking tape. 110 Camera nose cone was replaced with a regular nose cone. Had to launc...
Estes Oracle Flight Videorocketreviews2011-05-292008-04-02
Video for EMRR Review:
Estes Oracle Launch #2night0tripper2011-12-062010-01-24
Launch #2 of the Estes Oracle (1-23-10) at Jemison Field, Chilton County AL. The launch went ok, considering it being such a windy day.
Estes Oracle on E20-7WRocky Tyson2014-01-182010-03-24
Estes Oracle on E20-7W. Great flight, good altitude. This rocket really goes on those Aerotech motors.
Estes Oracle on E30-7Trockytysonrocketman2012-06-292007-04-30
I was bored with the lame D12-5 in the Oracle so I stuffed in an aerotech E30-7T. It was a perfect fit. Estimated at 1550' and with almost no spin. Not bad.
Estes Oracle Second Launch (2)saxack2011-09-202010-07-26
Video Rocket Cam
Estes Oracle Video Rocket High Altitude Launchwainzwhirled2011-08-072011-08-02
This was Launch number 8 with this incredible industructible rocket. It has been modified with an Aeropack Engine Retainer to accept Aerotech Engines. This was its highest flight so far: 1798 feet ...
Estes Oracle Video Rocket in Flight, Recovery (3)saxack2011-09-202010-07-27
3rd try with recovery
Estes Oracle Video Rocket Launchsaxack2011-09-202010-07-25
Video Rocket Victoria, BC Canada
Estes Oracle Video Rocket Launch & Landing 1666 ftwainzwhirled2011-08-192011-04-07
One half speed video of Estes Oracle Rocket with Aerotech E15-7 Engine. Apogee: 1666 feet.. Gardnerville, Nevada. Yes, I caught the rocket before it touched down.
Estes Oracle with E9-8rockytysonrocketman2011-09-292010-03-24
Estes Oracle with E9-8. A little too long of delay for this's just too heavy. But maybe with an Aerotech E?
Estes Patriot rocket camcrazyasian812011-09-162010-10-20
Estes Phoenix 98 Onboard Video D12amtr12011-07-052011-02-26
First Rocket Telemetry Flights 70cm band
Estes Photon Probe rocket with onboard cameraharmsworth12011-06-252010-10-12
Estes Photon Probe maiden voyage. C6-5 engine used. To see how close we came to free fall check out the stills at the end of the video.
Estes Rocket B Enginesaxack2011-08-082011-07-25
Rocket with video camera
Estes Rocket Bad Launch!saxack2011-08-072011-07-29
Rocket goes Crazy
Estes Rocket Car Crashsaxack2011-08-072011-08-05
Rocket gets run over by a car and survives!
Estes rocket launch with keychain camera attachedal nev2014-01-182013-12-06
Estes Rocket Launch with Video Camerarhchilds2011-06-282008-09-24
Downward looking Estes Astro Vision rocket launch video
Estes Rocket with attached Video CameraLampofilm2011-07-132011-07-11
Testing out a Estes Rocket with a Micro Video Camera attached to the side. Filmed in Rollingstone, Minnesota using a HMC150 Panasonic and SW10 Micro camera.
Estes rockets Sunday 9 29 2013john dietzen2014-01-182013-09-30
Estes Rocket launch.
Estes Saturn V with an F30 - OnboardDgardei2011-07-132011-06-18
Onboard video of my Estes Saturn V flying with a CTI F30-3WH motor. This was the last night of mountain road gmc's vacation bible school. Nice Flight :) (3 oz of lead was installed in the nose to ...
Estes Saturn V with E20-4 UnstableDgardei2011-11-192011-06-17
Launch my new Estes Saturn V with an Aerotech E20-4W. Rocket immediatly went horizontal and landed in the ditch across the road.
Estes SR-71 - Onboard View.wmvSimHQFan2014-01-172011-07-19
'Keychain Cam' onboard video of Estes SR-71 launch.
Estes Stormcaster rocket launch 2011.wmvdeadcraft2232011-07-132011-07-10
Successful estes stormcaster launch with an 808 keychain cam strapped to the side. One of the only two sucessful launches of the day. The engine was a D12-5, and we launched it from Middleton ...
Estes Stratoblastermatt70482012-12-132012-11-20
Stratoblaster on Aerotech F16 blackjack
EVA Rocket launch - onboard video.mpgsondaspaziale2011-05-312011-01-12
High power rocket launched on Jan6th,2011 near Treviso (Italy) with an Aerotech I161W. The onboard video is taken with a Toshiba Camileo S10 (HD resolution 720p). The onboard flight computer is a ...
Expediter with a Booster Vision Camerarocketreviews2011-06-202008-09-28
The following video is of my LOC Precision Expediter with a Booster Vision Camera. I flew it on a Aerotech H238 and it rocked!
Extreme Wildman on AT M650nar890562011-12-112011-11-09
My big flight at PBX -- 4-inch Extreme Wildman on Aerotech M650 to 15,158 feet.
Extreme Wildman powered by CTI K940 motortheluigiteam5432011-07-132011-05-08
Keychain camera on board Extreme Wildman powered by CTI K940 motor. Launch at Plaster City CA DART/TRA-SD launch site. Rocket went to 4200 feet.
FAA AFJROTC Rocket Club Black Brant IV Launch...SmirnovArkadiy74352012-02-022012-01-26
...successful launch (4316 ft. or .8 miles). One of two videos (YouTube)...the other will be on our FAA AFJROTC Rocket Club website soon. The cadets had a BLAST! Other rockets launched by our ...
Fast Purples Last FlightCPGAerospace2011-12-312011-12-07
Andrew K. of MTMA launches a video camera on one of his rockets for the first time!
Fat Boy CATO Flightsmnrocketry2011-06-032010-03-20
Attempted C11-3 flights of a modified Estes Fat Boy model rocket with onboard video camera. Both flights ended early with a motor malfunction.
Fear Factortfish382011-10-052009-06-26
Fentress - BBX - G71R.wmvrocketfliervb2011-06-032010-07-17
My Black Brant X going up on a Aerotech G71-R. I barley made the required altitude for the main parachute.
First dual deploy rocket recoverycrapsack10002011-08-192011-05-16
My 1st DD flight. Altimeter was an Adept22 with drogue deployment at apogee
First flight with camera.jrlenz852011-08-192011-06-22
Our first rocket launch with the new camera.
Flight of the Black Star VoyagerCloset Astronaut2014-01-172013-01-29
Flirtin with Disater onboard vidgetoffmylastnerve2012-03-302012-03-17
My 4" Darkstar DD on a Aerotech K1275R.Two Entacore altimeters ,main chute deployed at 600' and backup at 550' Altimeter 1 data: speed 575mph,alt. 7009 Altimeter 2 data: speed 576mph,alt. 6965 ...
Key chain video on a Fliskits Frick'N'Frack rocket..
Formula-54 Flight.avicrapsack10002012-02-172011-10-17
This is a keychain camera video of my Perfomance Rocketry Formula-54. 29mm Areotech F52-8.
Fountain International Magnet School Science Day Rocket Launch.wmvgeneralripper19642011-06-222011-05-14
Rocket launch in front of over 400 children,parents, and event volunteers at the Fountain International Magnet School on May 12,2011 in Pueblo, Colorado. Other presenters were: The United States Air ...
G71 Amateur Rocket Launch OnBoard CameraDottorM6662011-05-292011-05-23
Amateur Rocket Launch 22 May 2011 (video timestamp is wrong) ACME Launch Site Aerotech Sumo model, G71-4R Motor Reload. On Board Camera is a cheap spy cam installed on the aft of the rocket with its ...
GARLO 2011 High Flier XLGrimracer12011-12-042011-07-03
GearCam HD Rocket Videoscyface2011-07-132011-07-10
Rocket launches with the Apogee Rockets GearCam. The rocket we used was the Estes Sky Writer and the B6-4 motor.
GearCam Rocket Videos 2cyface2011-07-132011-07-11
Rocket launches with the Apogee Rockets GearCam HD.
George's Rocket Launch 2JamesJD32011-08-312010-11-28
George Catlen's Starfire Launch 2 At AHPRA November Launch, Rainbow Valley, AZ On an Aerotech I154J-11, Simulated at 4000 ft.
Giant Leap Firestorm 54 rocket on an Aerotech I-161Wmfborman2011-05-312011-01-12
Launch and onboard video from Mike Borman's Giant Leap Firestorm 54 rocket on an Aerotech I-161W motor to 2131 feet at Launch Crue's January meeting/sport launch in Holland, Indiana on January 9, ...
Gila monster.movBEHertel2011-07-312011-03-02
GLR Firestorm 54 0001spkdrgn2011-09-162010-10-20
Goodbye mini BBZ Onboard.aviFrankenvideo12011-12-262011-12-03
Onboard video from a BT-50 based Blue Bird Zero downscale. This flight ended in the treetops. The rocket and camera were lost for nearly four months until found today. Memory card was retrieved from ...
Goofy Kid Catches Oracle Video Rocketsaxack2011-08-072011-07-31
Perfect Launch Today July 20, 2011
Goofy Kid Launch Rocketsaxack2011-08-072011-07-31
Estes C6-3 with 808 Keychain Video Camera taped to side
Great Meadow 4th of July 2011.wmv805662011-07-132011-07-06
On board rocket video from the NOVAAR HPR demonstration launch at the Great Meadow 4th of July event
Great White in Alamogordo,NMgetoffmylastnerve2012-04-042012-02-02
Two flights of my Great White in Alamogordo ,NM First is Aerotech I-161W Second is I-218R
Grimracer Level One CertGrimracer12011-10-202010-11-07
Groove Tube G53 5FJ CHS 6 7 09nws062232011-12-112009-06-06
Groovy Baby my big rocket.turtlepaste2011-10-052010-03-28
Gum Camera on High Point Booster D2E.mpgrokitflite2011-10-052009-12-02
High Power 2 stage launch at Mudrock 2011wagner314152011-07-132011-07-09
This is a 2 stage cardon fiber rocket my brother and I built for Mudrock 2011. It stands 10' 10" tall and was launched on K550 to J415. On board was a small HD camera and a GPS tracker/transmitter. ...
High Power Cluster Motor Rocket "Lawn Dart" Disaster Averted at 400 Feet- 3/19/2011jmomenee2011-08-192011-03-20
Monthly TTRA launch at Varn ranch, Plant City FL. CINEMA 5 rocket had (2) G80-10 Aerotech motors and had flown successfully several times before. Igniters were tested for matched resistance and even ...
High Power Clustered Rocket Onboard Video Launch- "Cinema 5"jmomenee2011-09-222010-06-20
Launched at the Varn ranch, Plant City FL during the monthly TTRA launch. "Cinema 5" used two Aerotech G80-10 motors and an Aiptek Hi Speed HD camcorder. Rocket reached 1615 feet and safely landed, ...
High Power EX Sparky Flight testJDccc262011-05-292011-02-21
Flight test of a 38mm 3 grain Sparky motor
High Power Level 2 Rocket Launch w/ Onboard Video- Unplanned Drag Race and Almost Cow Landingjmomenee2013-03-112012-05-20
Launched at monthly TTRA launch at Varn ranch, Plant City FL. Aerotech J250 Black Max reload and Aiptek Hi Speed HD 60fps camcorder. Two Perfectfilte altimeters. Parachutes by Phylachutes. My ...
High Power Onboard Rocket Video Dec. 19, 2009- "Cinema 4"jmomenee2011-10-092009-12-20
Launched at TTRA monthly event held at Varn ranch, Plant City, FL. "Cinema 4" scratch-built rocket with Aerotech H180-12 motor (I wanted to see some blue sky before the ejection charge fired). ...
High Power Rocket flown in Nevada 2drdkccd2011-05-312006-12-29
This is a High Power Rocket (Hy-Po) flown in Nevada. It was flown at Aero-Pac's XPRS in '05.
High Power Rocket in power linesdrdkccd2011-07-132006-12-29
This is Hy-Po's flight at Dairy Aire '05. It landed in power lines.
High power rocket launch with on-board cameraroadkillnc12012-03-092012-02-27
This launch used an AeroTech G-40-7 Motor. The Rocket was 6' tall and 3" diameter. Weight was 3-lbs. Altitude not known but at least 3000 feet. The music is from the (Bolder Damn album) (Dead Meat).
High Power Rocket Onboard Video- "Cinema 3" - Feb. 20, 2010jmomenee2011-06-242010-02-23
Launched at TTRA monthly event held at Varn ranch, Plant City, FL. "Cinema 3" was powered by a G80-10 motor and carried an Aiptek HD-1 camcorder. Test of a homemade parachute release device ...
High Power Rocket Onboard Video- Hard Landing with Drogue Chute Only- Nov. 20, 2010jmomenee2011-06-282010-11-22
Launched at the monthly TTRA launch at the Varn ranch, Plant City, FL. CINEMA 4 was powered by an Aerotech I200 motor and carried an Aiptek camcorder. The shock from the drogue deployment dislodged ...
High Power Rocket Onboard Video- Some Awesome Vidcaps- and Cow Poo- January 21, 2012jmomenee2013-03-112012-01-23
Launched at the monthly TTRA launch at Varn ranch, Plant City FL. CINEMA 4.5, which is my L1 certification rocket, was rebuilt to accomodate 38mm motors and full dual deploy via a Perfectflite ...
HighFlyerXL Lost on buildingGrimracer12011-12-042011-06-13
Hot Rod Nitro Fireball Rocket with Camera on boardOfficialTrueBluePyro2011-08-272010-03-03
Hybrid Blue auf einen AT H242T am Solaris Fliegen 09hybridfreak2011-06-282009-08-09
Flug meiner 'Hybrid Blue' auf einen Aerotech H242T Kamera: Sony Cybershot 1982 ft. ___________________ Flight of my rocket 'Hybrid Blue' on an Aerotech H242T, the video was recorded by an onboard ...
HyperLOC835 with on board videoRocketmanMart2011-05-292011-03-02
This is edited video of the launch of my Hyperloc835 on a I170 ces motor, it was filmed at the EARS launch site in Cambridge England, using a MD80 video camera, you can hear the altimiter beeping ...
This is a 4" dia. HPR. It flew on a K185 to 3700'. It used dual deployment (main at 500') and had on-board video. May '10 at the SARG rocket field.
Initiator Camera Rocketrocketreviews2011-06-232008-09-28
This movie was with my LOC Initiator now fitted with a camera mount. The mount is made from a 12" long piece of LOC 2.5" tube with the camera friction fitted into a BT-50 that has been glued ...
Initiator launch #1mattieshoes2011-09-082010-04-18
Initiator on Aerotech Blue Thunder FAaronius312011-08-192011-08-02
This is my Initiator on an Aerotech Blue Thunder F!
Intruder rocket Launchjohnp9942011-06-192010-07-12
launch of a high power rocket at North Devon Rocket Club launch site 10 July 2010
Model rocket video. Launch and booster separation 12/13/08,recovery to landing 11/23/08. Stratford Classical Christian Academy Aerospace club.
It's been a Hard Day's Landingrocketreviews2011-06-232007-09-01
This is a Boostervision system being lofted by a scratch built 8 fin rocket using a BT-56 body tube. This flight uses a D12-5 motor. The camera nosecone and rocket body return on separate chutes. ...
J300TS Ladyrobin OnboardDgardei2011-12-072011-04-13
Launching my Ladyrobin 2.0 rocket with a custom made "J300" Thunderstorm motor. AMW 54/1050 motor with 4 "Large Ti" grains. Altitude was 2800 ft. Red Glare X.
Squirrely flight to 7200 feet on a 3 grain 54mm experimental motor at the April perchlorathon. (Ignore date)
Jake and Evan with Estes Oracle Video Rocket (4)saxack2011-09-202010-07-29
Jake stars at pick up of rocket
jake to recover estes oracle video rocketsaxack2014-01-172010-07-30
Jake runs to get the rocket.
james launches a rocket on-board camera!aircheck242011-05-292011-03-28
james tests out a new rocket with an on-board camera at cpf headquarters 110327_rocket-flight-james
JAMROC on an Aerotech I284W-10Timtheycallme2011-12-312011-12-15
The 10 second delay was too short, you can see the chute whip down the rocket. It zippered the piston about an inch and popped a few shroud lines.
January 15, 2011billspad2012-08-092011-01-16
Javelin three-stage rocketnar890562011-11-052011-11-01
G64 to E15 to E15.
Full scale Javelin 148 on a AT-J315R to 1925'
Jayhawk flight 1 (aft facing camera)Npowrd2011-09-042010-11-02
This is the video from the aft facing gearcam on my 10" diameter Jayhawk, which flew 30 Oct 2010 on a Cesaroni N3180. The 120" drogue parachute shredded on opening, which prevented it from pulling ...
Jayhawk flight 1 (forward facing camera)Npowrd2011-12-062010-11-02
This is the onboard video from the forward facing gearcam on my 10" Jayhawk, which flew on 30 Oct 2010 on a Cesaroni N3180. The 120" drogue parachute shredded on opening, which prevented it from ...
JB47 E-class engine with 2 on board camerasrocketbros12011-08-072011-06-15
our jb-47 rocket i built from scratch with 2 on board cameras and e class engine
JMRC Launch 13Aug11 Clustered D Engine 2-stageyitah2011-08-162011-08-14
Booster with D12-0 and two B4-2's, sustainer is D12-7 Scratch built rocket with on board video
Jr. lvl1 Peter Wetzel onboard camerabuggywetzel12012-08-092009-03-18
An I-195 , and first onbored camera
K540M Super Magnum OnboardDgardei2011-12-062011-04-13
The onboard video of my Super Magnum which flew with an Aerotech K540 Metalstorm motor to 3800 ft. Red Glare X.
K550 Super Magnum OnboardDgardei2011-06-032011-04-13
Onboard video of my Super Magnum launched with an Aerotech K550W. The winds veered the rocket a little off course so it only made it to about 3000 ft versus its planned 3800 ft. Red Glare X - Filmed ...
karsnh 8/11 launch slow mo's and onboardgernith2011-08-162011-08-15
karsnh model rocket launch slow motion launch pad camera keychain onboard. Onboard shots were taken from the estes riptide with a keychain camera taped to the side, running on a B6-4.
Keycam 100515 Deuce E9.aviTomB06672011-09-082010-05-17
Keycam EZI J90TomB06672011-11-052010-08-09
Key fob video from onboard my EZI. Motor was an Aerotech J90.
Keycam Goblin L930TomB06672011-09-162010-07-07
Keycam Goblin M1100TomB06672011-09-082010-09-10
Keycam Goblin M1350.AVITomB06672011-12-292010-06-14
I taped a key fob video camera to the black band just above the fins of my upscale Goblin. Then I launched it on an Animal Motor Works M1350 :-) It barely stayed on but this is the result. See the ...
Keycam Goblin M1500TomB06672011-09-162010-07-12
Keycam Viper F30-E9TomB06672011-09-102011-09-06
Keychain Cam Test Flightr0ckt3hc4sb4h2011-09-162011-06-05
Keychain camera rocket tragedyWallyum2011-06-282011-06-08
WARNING!! Once you get past the launch, there is very little rocketry content in this video, and lots of hanging around, swingin' in the breeze content. I come up to take a bow and wave to the ...
Kingsborough SD-10 Rocket Launch Aerial View, May 10 2011Kingsboroughsd102011-06-262011-05-16
Kingsborough SD-10's Rocket launch, May 10, 2011. Estes Big Bertha with a B6-4 engine and a video camera attached.
Kraken D12-5.wmvtonypv582011-08-302011-08-28
L1 Cert Flightbelfastboyca2011-10-162010-09-06
L1720 to K490Dharris0002011-07-312011-06-22
High Power Two-Stage Rocket in Brothers, OR
Large HP Rocket onboard Video to 5,000ftJDccc262011-09-162011-02-21
Late ejection = major zipper Super Big Bertha Rocketscsager2012-04-152012-03-02
A Super Big Bertha clone flies on an AT F40-7. Late ejection charge results in a zipper that destroys the rocket. I decide that a zipperless (mid break) design will be part of the rebuild.
Rocket launch with 808 #3 camera on board. Glen Ellyn, IL
Model Rocket with Onboard Video camera
Launching Model Rockets with Camera On BoardSteven Gunn2014-01-182013-06-24
Launching model rockets with camera on board. These launches were our first with a camera on board. We will try with larger rockets next time. These launches...
LDRS 30 Gizmo rocket launchcrapsack10002011-10-092011-09-06
LDRS 30 Madcow PRIONtommieshoes2011-09-162011-09-08
LDRS 30, NORAD Pro Maxx.wmvtommieshoes2011-09-162011-09-07
LDRS Gecko 2010sonar1002011-05-292010-06-15
Gecko rocket. 25 pounds, shot on L850 at LDRS 29, Lucerne dry lake, California. Went to 4500 feet.
LDRS XXX onboard video .wmvRktman772011-10-092011-09-16
LDRS30 | Der Red MaxScottRocketry2011-09-162011-09-10
LOC Legacy with onboard video. Launched on a G75 Metalstorm motor.
Level 1 certification flight (camera 1).mpgaltavistaimages2011-08-072011-06-12
Rocket was a modified Loc Lil' Diter rocket flying a Cesaroni H152 Blue Streak motor. On-board camera, looking up the body of the rocket. This flight went to 1576 feet and was recovered with no ...
level 1 certification MADCOW SUPER DX3glenbo462011-11-052011-10-30
Successful level 1 on a CTI H152 bluestreak Apogee 1352ft.
Level 2 Cert flight248Rocketman2482011-08-282010-05-16
Level One Certmikelibassi2012-01-242012-01-08
Rocket Shoot L1 TORC 1-7-2012 on a H133w. This was the second attempt. The First shoot had a bad chute deployment and a hard landing ( Week later repairs done and it was ...
My level 3 rocket! Thats and I hope you like the video.
Second to last flight of the Estes Leviathan. The next flight landed in a pond :( Engine: AT G80-7
Lil Hustler - At E30-7buzznau2011-12-112011-04-10
Payload section separated, but was recovered
Lil Rascal Onboard Video - Aerotech H118 ClassicDWM2312011-10-222011-08-26
Launched in St. Albans, Vermont at the July 2011 CRMRC monthly launch, is Dave's Performance Rocketry Lil Rascal all fiberglass rocket which has a Boostervision HD camera strapped to its side.
Little John - P7200 Greendavidareese2012-06-102012-04-14
On-board video from Todd Harrison's Little John on an Infinity Propulsion P7200 Green motor.
Loc Bruiser EXP on AMW K-1000 OnBoard Videorocket10172011-06-282008-10-22
My LOC Bruiser EXP flown at CTRA Invitational XIV Launch in Hurley NY. This time she flew on AMW K-1000 skidmark motor to ~2500 feet.
LOC Grad Ames 22Oct11guyw030332011-11-062011-10-23
LOC Graduator on Aerotech F40-7 White Lightning reloadable October 22, 2011 at CMASS/FlisKits anniversary launch in Amesbury, MA.
LOC IV J570WRocketryCarolina2011-10-082011-09-05
LOC IV on an Aerotech I435MiscRocketVideos2011-11-022011-01-27
My LOC IV on an Aerotech I435 on Jan 22 2011. Great DD flight to almost 3200 ft. Raven altimeter said 392 mph, 27G's after download.
Loc Lil' Diter - Level 1 certification flight (camera 2).mpgaltavistaimages2011-10-132011-06-12
Rocket was a modified Loc Lil' Diter rocket flying a Cesaroni H152 Blue Streak motor. On-board camera, looking down the body of the rocket from just above the fins. This flight went to 1576 feet and ...
LOC Onyx F-52-5TKainamhs2012-05-232012-03-25
912ft Apogee 170mph Top Speed 1.1s Burn time 11.4g Peak Acceleration 6.9g Avg Acceleration 5.6s Coast to Apogee -----s Apogee to Ejection 821ft Ejection Altitude 18mph Descent speed 36.5s Flight ...
LOC Onyx F39 Onboard Videohouseholdrocketry2012-04-152012-03-24
The 7th flight of David's Onyx. The rocket flew on a F39 at MMMSClub in Berwick on March 24th, 2012. We used too small of a parachute, so one of the surface-mounted fins detached. It will be epoxied ...
LOC Onyx G-64-7WKainamhs2012-05-232012-03-25
1548ft Apogee 230mph Top Speed 1.8s Burn time 13.9g Peak Acceleration 6.0g Avg Acceleration 9.2s Coast to Apogee -0.2s Apogee to Ejection 1509ft Ejection Altitude 19mph Descent speed 62.3s Flight ...
LOC Onyx onboard video Lawndarthouseholdrocketry2011-09-022011-05-01
Madcow 4" Nike Smoke on a CTI J290sfineberg2011-07-022011-07-02
From the TCC Rocket Launch, June 18, 2011. This is my Madcow Patriot on a Cesaroni 38mm J290. Launch reached 3032 ft and 361 mph. I had two keychain video cameras, one pointing up and one down. The ...
Magfive with two sets of airstartsrekrapmij2012-02-032011-11-11
Magfive with two sets of airstarts at Asa, Texas
Magician at Sod Farmjschubz2011-09-162010-11-08
Magnum J420, 2xH159, 2xH123.wmvtbonerocketeer2011-09-162010-12-15
MaxAttack ST 2010TheBayourat2011-09-182010-06-22
Mean Machine and Patriot.wmvMikusSuperfly2011-10-052010-04-05
Mercury Joe: Project Pilgrim Lander CameraMercuryJoeProject2011-12-312011-10-13
This camera was launched inside the capsule nose, attached to the parachute shock cord. A secondary chute was supposed to help stabilize the decent, but it didn't inflate.First time trying this, it ...
METSA/RL Turner IGNITEdwculp2011-06-282009-04-30
The RL Turner METSA academy at Rockets 09 (see ). The METSA team was composed of 13 sophomores who designed and built their own launch vehicle powered by a Hypertek K240 ...
Min Flight 1JamesJD32011-08-192011-04-27
First flight of James Donald's rocket Min on a AT K1000T at Rainbow Valley AZ on April 24, 2011. Max altitude 9880 ft. Max airspeed 994 ft/sec (Mach 0.89). Max Acceleration 15G. Minimum diameter 3 ...
Mini Omega - First Flightkremulus2011-05-292010-09-22
First flight of my mini Omega (from Semroc) carrying a micro video camera. This is slightly smaller scale replica of the 1970 Estes rocket kit that carried an 8-mm movie camera in the nosecone.
Mini-Magg AT I245-Mrocketphil12011-10-052010-04-12
Mini-Magg AT I211-Mrocketphil12011-10-052010-04-12
minnie magg l2 04182010MiscRocketVideos2012-04-172010-10-15
This was my first L2 attempt on a J350 with an extended LOC Minnie Magg. The flight was OK on the way up, but a hard snap at apogee (notice shock cord hitting rear fin in video) pulled out the main. ...
First launch of the iSpi DIY camera rocket. Rocket: Estes SkyLofter. Engine: Estes C6-5. Flight Time: 11:09AM 22 October 2011
Model rocketEndeavourshuttle2011-06-262010-04-26
Crickey! Launching this rocket is a stunning experience. It's an Executioner, 100% part of the Estes family. The replays are even more spectacular!
model rocketbruno godinez2014-01-172012-08-07
Model Rocket Camrotstupid2014-01-182013-08-10
I took out Cub Scout Pack out to launch some model rockets and decided to strap a camera to the "Mean Machine" and see how it turned out.
Model rocket crash - Onboard videoJimmyZNJ2014-01-182011-10-23
This is an attempted flight of an Estes Baby Bertha with a keychain video camera taped to the side. The rocket was powered by a B6-4 motor. The ascent was sq...
Model rocket launchMrKlustic2011-07-132011-07-13
Defective parachutes! The elastic bands holding the parachutes to the rocket snapped, likely from old age. The rocket follows a perfect parabolic trajectory and slams hard into the ground. This ...
Model Rocket Launch (Perseus X4 "Eagle") October 9, 2010 1 10th speedCPGAerospace2011-09-082010-10-10
Model Rocket Launch - 3/29/10 [HD]jonrev2011-12-292010-04-02
My brother decided to skip this one, but a few hundred bitchy guests came out to watch instead. Also: GUMCAM FLIES! Blue Ninja - D12-5 Super Nova Payloader w/GumCam - D12-5 Loadstar w/Gumcam - ...
Model Rocket Launch with Onboard Cameranick2k2011-07-132011-07-06
Model rocket launched with 808 #8 Keychain camera aboard
model rocket on cam actionYoImJustin2011-07-132011-05-25
Model rocket onboard videoradres742011-08-132011-08-06
First rocket launch with keychain videocamera attached
Model rocket with onboard cameraSIXEIGHTTWO2011-05-292011-03-20
Estes Amazon Model Rocket on a C6-5 engine. The camera is a car key camera mini dv bought off of ebay for £8. Link is below: Please rate, comment and subscribe :)
Model Rocket with Onboard Video cameracommil12011-07-132011-07-10
Model rockets launches, on-board camera footageSergey Vichik2014-01-182013-11-25
Movie camera in the Zoom 2000 glider.wmve0368412011-09-222010-06-19
Sorry so late with the latest video's I have. This one was with the same camera as in the other rockets but mounted upright into the top of a small styrofoam glider so you are looking out the front ...
Movie for Aerotech1.RayBogusz2011-06-252010-10-08
Video of exploding Aerotech reloadable engine.
MR7 V3.0montaro4x42012-04-042011-10-04
Final versión serie test 1
My 4x Upscaled Alpha Onboard Video At Rocktober Skies 2011TheBayourat2011-12-292011-11-21
Here is an OnBoard video shot from my 4x Upscaled Alpha at the Rocktober Skies Launch in Talladega, AL.
My First EVER Model Rocket LaunchTrinitrotoluene1012011-05-292009-05-22
This was really fun!!! Can't wait to see the Tripoli, MN launch Sunday May 24th @ 10:00 AM I'll Make sure to Record that one!!! The test is apparently a research rocket but will hit an approximate ...
My level 2 flightMannyskid162012-09-192012-09-04
Baby Gizmo named Fat Ass Glass on a K940 white thunder.
My level 2 rocket flightZephhyr692012-01-242012-01-09
An on board video of my rocket "Like Smoke" on a J500G. This was a successful flight to get my L2 cert.
NARAM-48 video rocketbrotoro2011-07-142008-11-18
Video rocket flight on two-stage Omega rocket at NARAM-48 in Arizona
Onboard model rocket video. E15-7 motor. GearCam DVR.
Nebraska Pickrell Thor Fire On The Farm 2011 3g2rockets2011-12-062011-04-18
Gavins 3rd launch of his Loc Precision Pro Nuke Maxx called BIOHAZZARD. Launched on a CTI G88 Smokey Sam to an altitude of 921 ft.
Nebraska Pickrell Thor Fire On The Farm 2011-2g2rockets2011-06-032011-04-18
Gavin's second launch of his LOC Precision pro nuke maxx that he calls BIOHAZARD. Launched on a Aerotech G64 to an altitude of 1301ft. This is his 4H Rocket.
Nebraska Pickrell Thor Fire On The Farm Launch 2011-1g2rockets2011-06-032011-04-18
Gavin's First launch of his LOC Precision pro nuke maxx that he calls BIOHAZARD. Launched on a Aerotech G53 to an altitude of 952ft. This is his 4H Rocket.
NERRF 7 Wildman Jr. onboard camN2IXK2011-08-282011-06-26
Nike Hercules on-board videopeter798132011-08-072011-06-12
2 stage Nike Hercules. 4 x f32 motors in booster. 1 F39 in sustainer. Only two of the F32 motors lit. The rocket cocked sideways, came in ballistic. The staging worked. Heavy damage.
Nike Smoke (1/2 scale) HP model rocket vedioredgp42011-10-132009-07-23
Nike Smoke Onboard Model Rocket Video - G38 BlackjackRocketChutes2011-06-192008-09-07 Nike Smoke: onboard video with a G38 Blackjack motor - Launch #2
Nike Smoke Onboard Model Rocket Video - G77 RedlineRocketChutes2011-12-112008-06-22 Nike Smoke: onboard video with a G77 Redline motor
NSSL-07 18 September 2010 PML X-Calibur Flight 5ROSM742011-07-052010-10-16
Fifth Camera flight of my Public Missiles X-Calibur rocket. Rocket was adjusted and outfitted with a Flycamone 2. Launched during NSSL-07 in Baarlo, The Netherlands on 18 september 2010. Rocket ...
Nuke ProMaxx 2Grain G83 BlueThunder -ZFamilyRockets2011-09-222010-06-05
Nuke ProMaxx 2Grain G83 Blue Thunder Propellant 1374 Feet on May 31, 201 North Branch, MN Tripoli Minnesota High Powered Rocket Club
NY Power Blue V2 Onboard VideoEeeebeeeE2011-07-292011-07-26
LOC Canadian Arrow (lengthened V2) powered by a Cesaroni H-223 Redline with an 8-second delay. The rocket suffered minor damage on a launch two days earlier which warped the boat tail and the fin ...
NYPower 16 - Arcas HV Onboard Rocket LaunchEeeebeeeE2011-07-292011-07-26
Aerotech Arcas HV on an Aerotech G-64-7W. Launch went very well, but the landing...not so much. Landed on top of a motor home. Fortunately no damage to either.
NYPower Aerotech Mustang LaunchEeeebeeeE2011-07-292011-07-25
A small Aerotech Mustang fitted with a Cesaroni H-87 engine with a 9-sec. delay. Estimated altitude according to is 3051 feet although it may have gone a little higher because the ...
Flight #2 from the CRG's September launch day. Rocket was flown on an Aerotech F12J reloadable motor and achieved approximately 890 ft altitude.
OD's Steppin Razor II on H123W 12-10-11o1ddude2011-12-262011-12-12
This is the onboard video from my launch of Steppin' Razor II tube fin rocket on an Aerotech H123W. Apparently tube fin rockets also whistle. Who knew? Rocket Science: Making everything else look ...
OD's Steppin Razor on G64-7 12-10-2011o1ddude2011-12-262011-12-11
Onboard video of a boost on an Aerotech 29mm G64-7 White Lightning motor. This is my tube fin rocket "Steppin' Razor'. Rocket Science: Making everything else look simple since 1958!
On Board Cam Estes Oracle on NEW Aerotech E20-7W!!rockytysonrocketman2011-09-292010-03-24
Good altitude with this motor.
On board vid of Big Rocket with water landingJDccc262011-09-162010-12-19
On-Board Estes CC Express - Flight 3caseybarker2011-08-072011-08-03
Estes CC Express two-stage rocket with an on-board HD keychain camera, flying on an Estes D12-0 to an Estes D12-7. Apogee measured at 1501 ft using an AltimeterOne.
On-Board Video from the First Launch of the YouBee (2011-01-08)jadebox2011-06-032011-01-12
The YouBee was launched on a K455 motor at the January, 2011, NEFAR launch. This high-definition video was recorded by a camera on-board the 12-foot tall rocket.
Onboard a rocket at SAM 2010rockytysonrocketman2011-09-102010-08-16
Onboard an Oracle rocket at SAM 2010. Boosted with an AT reloadable F24-7W.
Onboard a rocket to 3650'rockytysonrocketman2011-09-292010-03-24
Flight of Corkscrew using a G40-10W. Estes Oracle video nosecone installed for this flight. Great altitude on this one. See how it changes spin direction after the first half second or! ...
Onboard Estes Monarch Rocket - Flight 5caseybarker2011-06-032011-01-27
Estes Monarch rocket flying on an Estes C6-3 at the LUNAR launch at NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, on January 22, 2011.
Onboard fire in the sky day 4 of LDRS 26sflorig2011-06-222007-07-23
An on-board video of my fire in the sky rocket flying on 2 H220's and a K185 at Jean Dry Lake Nevada.
Onboard LOC Oynx Aerotech E23householdrocketry2011-11-062011-10-23
We flew our LOC Oynx on an E23 at CMASS on October 22.
Onboard my L1 Certification flight 09.17.2011scsager2011-09-192011-09-18
Onboard Rocket Camrocketsimon2011-06-252007-06-07
Video taken from a model rocket with onboard colour camera transmitting image back to base station via 2.4Ghz wireless.
Onboard Rocket Videoamtr12011-06-222011-02-26
CATO Onboard Telemetry 70cm Magnetic Rod Launch
Onboard Video - Blue Maxx - CTI N1800rocketkyle2012-03-052012-02-18
My dad's Blue Maxx on a CTI N1800 to 10,980'. The camera cut out on the way down. 02/12/12 - PMW's Sky Jam regional launch.
Onboard Video Model Rocket Clustered Estes D Enginesyitah2011-06-242011-06-18
June 2011 Rocket Launch Cluster D12-7 Lyon Township Park Michigan Starting at 1:15 you can see me running in a vain attempt to catch the rocket before it contacts the parking lot
Onboard Video Rocket Launch- Level 1 certificationlauncheverything2011-09-162011-04-10
Onboard Videos of Mid and High Power Rocket LaunchesEeeebeeeE2012-02-072012-01-28
Cast of: an Estes D-Squared, an Aerotech Mustang, an Aerotech HV Arcas, and a LOC Canadian Arrow flying on E through I engines made by Estes, Aerotech, and Cesaroni. Rockets and Beethoven. A great ...
onboard_edit1 (1)qquake2k2011-10-162010-10-23
Oracle - G80 Catodavidareese2011-06-192010-08-16
Gus Piepenburg's Oracle rocket on an Aerotech G80T at Tripoli Indiana's August 2010 launch. The motor blew by at liftoff.
Oracle Launch, Apogee Model Rocket Powered, Estes Rocket Booster on Executionerebb5592011-05-292011-04-24
Various Launches using 2 kinds of engines, a D engine and an Apogee engine, that packs a punch. Camera on board rocket launch with Apogee rocket engine, others just various view angles, and other ...
Oracle model rocketgetoffmylastnerve2011-07-312010-06-18
Video of Oracle model rocket launch from nose cam
OROC Desert Heat 2010 Nike Smoke Rocket Flight #3rbbremer2011-06-032010-07-18
A video of the 3rd launch of my Cosmodrome Nike Smoke rocket as seen through a Flip camera and an on-board key chain camera taken on July 17, 2010 at the OROC Desert Heat Rocket Launch in Brothers, ...
OUTBACK THUNDA AFT CameraAusRocketry2011-12-082011-10-10
OUTBACK THUNDA at LDRS30 in Argonia, Kansas. This was the first of 2 flights on a N2600 and 3 x J381 Skidmarks. Some interesting points: 1. The paint job is actually a big decal which didn't quite ...
OUTBACK THUNDA FWD CameraAusRocketry2011-12-312011-10-10
OUTBACK THUNDA at LDRS30 in Argonia Kansas. This is the camera facing forward, however had an issue part way through, so not the entire flight. Notice how much movement there is once seperated ...
Overpowered Aerotech Mustang with a Cesaroni H-163 White LightningEeeebeeeE2011-09-162011-09-11
Patriot B6-4SuperTigerstripe2011-09-082010-05-23
Pats Monster Rocket Launch Oct 2010 to 3300 ft.wmvdarrellholloway2011-06-032010-10-11
On board Booster Vision mini-camera view of Pat's flight to over 3300 feet on a CTI 468 I-287 motor! NEFAR club launch SW of Bunnell Florida, 10/09/2010.
Payload kit bash 3xB6-6.wmvtonypv582011-08-302011-08-28
PayLord Flight 9 18 2010 CMASSjbilotti2011-08-192010-09-20
Onboard camera in Flis-Kits PAYLORD model rocket, launched 9-18-2010 at CMASS Amsbury launch site.
Performance Rocketry G3 I284W (long).m4v248Rocketman2482011-12-292010-06-20
Inflight video of a Performance Rocketry G3 on an Aerotech I284W. This one is edited a little longer to show the spin that saved it when the apogee charge failed.
Performance Rocketry G3 I284W inflight.m4v248Rocketman2482011-12-292010-06-20
Inflight video of my Performance Rocketry G3 flying on an Aerotech I284W to 2,055ft. I had a bad ematch, so the drogue never deployed. Luckily, it laid flat and spun on the way down, so when the ...
Performance Rocketry Lil Rascal on an Aerotech H118 ClassicDWM2312011-07-292011-07-24
Launched in St. Albans, Vermont at the July 2011 CRMRC monthly launch, this Lil Rascal all fiberglass rocket has a Boostervision HD camera strapped to its side.
Perseus X4 "Eagle" liftoff on F-24 @ TORC Fest 11/6/2010CPGAerospace2011-06-262010-11-24
Perseus X4 booster "Eagle" on Aerotech F-24 @ Springfiled Ohio TORC Fest 11/7/2010. Altitude, approx: 1380 feet
Phil's Talon LDRS 29metalwizard232011-06-222010-08-25
phoenix F10 boost.movparkysjc2012-02-172011-08-28
Onboard video of an AeroTech Phoenix radio control Rocket Glider boosting on an F10 single use motor.
Pickrell Nebraska Thor Bob Launch 2010 2g2rockets2011-06-252010-10-18
Public Missiles IO launched on an Aerotech G53
Plaster City June '11 - Raven - CTI I180Skid then H400 Vmaxgizza22011-07-022011-06-13
I flew my new Super Raven from Polecat Aerospace on two cool Cesaroni Motors last weekend. The date/time is worthless except for relative time from the counter in the lower right.
PLOP 2 on H400 V-MaxMRDJjack1002011-06-262010-03-09
PLOP 2 flies on H400 V-Max at first EARS meeting of 2010
PML Bullpuppy 38mm G61W-S keychain onboard video (uncut)myrocketstuff2011-09-162010-08-29
PML Explorer on H123Fastfeet4fun2011-06-282011-04-11
H123 motor launched this rocket to about 3000 feet. April 10, 2011: Red Glare X
PML Matrix on a J550GuppiesGoneWild2011-07-132011-03-06
Onboard video of a PML Matrix flying on a Gorilla Rocket Motors 54/1050 case with experimental propellant. Tje rocket went to 5200 ft.
PML Phobos on an F40Aksrockets2011-12-262011-11-24
Subscribe! Flown for thanksgiving Thanks for everyone that helped! The rocket will fly again!
PML Phobos on H242TTimtheycallme2011-11-202011-11-06
My E80 rocket on it's second-to-last flight in this form. Strong, strong winds. Aerotech H242T. At the end you can see us chasing it as it gets dragged away.
Polecat Aerospace Nike Smoke on a Cesaroni J330 April 11, 2009rekrapmij2011-05-292009-04-18
Polecat Aerospace Nike Smoke flying on a Cesaroni Pro38 J330 at Hearne. About 2500 feet.
Polecat Aerospace Nike Smoke on a Cesaroni Pro38 I285 April 11, 2009rekrapmij2011-05-292009-10-30
Polecat Aerospace Nike Smoke flying on a Cesaroni Pro38 I285 at Hearne. About 1500 feet.
Proton M Flight at Plaster Blaster 9jdeveau1002011-09-162010-11-14
PSAS rocket launch - rocket-mounted camera - Brothers, OR (2009-05-31)PSASRockets2011-07-312010-06-17
Rocket-mounted camera from a Portland State Aerospace Society rocket launch.
Public Missiles Matrix Dual DeploymentRocketsRusdotcom2011-07-022011-02-06
Public Missiles Matrix, extended for dual deployment. This rocket went up on an AeroTech J350. On board video is from a Rocket Cam.
Purple People Eater Rocket 1-30-10davetherocketguy2011-06-262010-01-31
Modified PML IO for dual deploy. H210 red line motor. Main set at 700 AGL and apogee was at 2057'. Oh, and the time/date stamp on the bottom right is NOT correct - which is why I have that little ...
Purple Tiger E9-6dhurstell2011-11-022011-10-10
Purple Tiger (Modified Estes Maxi Alpha III) on an E9-6. This is too much delay for this rocket. You will see the camera is aimed straight up at the sky before the ejection. This flight was at the ...
QRS - Alex's Intimidator AT-J500G - Onboard CameraEMiRsrockets2011-06-262010-04-25
Alex's Intimidator Launched on a AeroTech J500 - Dual Deploy OnBoard Camera
QRS - Deans AMRAAM AT-J350W - OnBoard CameraEMiRsrockets2011-06-252010-11-14
High Powered Rocketry Dean's PML Amraam 4 Rocket Launched with an Aerotech J350
Qu8k - BALLS 20 - Carmack Prize Attempt - High Altitude Rocket On-board Videod3deville2011-10-082011-10-07
Quasar CPR I211W 11 6 2010mfborman2011-06-242010-11-09
Flight of Mike Borman's PML Quasar with altimeter chute deployment, onboard GPS for tracking, and Booster Vision Gearcam DVR camera for onboard video. The rocket was launched on an Aerotech I211W ...
Flight of Mike Borman's PML Quasar with CPR on an Aerotech I211W motor at Launch Crue's March 2010 regional contest and sport launch in Holland, Indiana. The onboard altimeter reported 2307 feet as ...
Quest Astra III vidrocpeter798132012-01-242011-07-02
Testing keychain dvr taped to a Quest Astra III, flying on an Estes B4-4
R/C Rocket Glider test flightsnar890562012-04-172012-01-29
2.6" R/C Rocket Glider on AT F35 motors. On the third flight the elevons fluttered badly and I lost control, flying inverted for a while and then crashing. I think the pushrods need to be stiffer ...
Red Glare XII - Aerobi 1 Ascent - K1100Tmep07162012-07-222012-04-16
Red Glare 12, Sunday April 15th. Flight footage (ascent) via a Contour GPS HD camera mounted in the nosecone of my 4" "Aerobi 1" rocket. Motor was a Aerotech K1100T, Apogee 4800ft AGL.
Red Glare XII - Aerobi 1 Descent - K1100Tmep07162012-07-222012-04-16
Red Glare 12, Sunday April 15th. Flight footage (descent) via a Contour GPS HD camera mounted in the nosecone of my 4" "Aerobi 1" rocket. Motor was a Aerotech K1100T, Apogee 4800ft AGL.
Red Glare XII - SM-XMR on a Aerotech M1297mep07162012-06-102012-04-15
Flight #2 of my scratch-built SM-XMR rocket on an Aerotech M1297W
My 5.5" Mercury Redstone's maiden flight at Southern Thunder '12. Had an issue with main deployment that caused a little damage, but it -will- fly again.
Review - Estes Rocket with attached Video CameraLampofilm2011-08-172011-08-14
Test 1 Test 2 Product Review Testing out an Estes Rocket with a Micro Video Camera attached to the side. Filmed in Rollingstone, Minnesota using a HMC150 Panasonic and SW10 Micro camera.
Ridgeland High 2010 TARC rocket onboard videocookewj2011-09-282010-04-06
Onboard video ($6 keychain camera) on the TARC rocket belonging to Ridgeland High Team 3
Riding a RocketR0cketManJeff2012-03-092012-02-27
Onboard video from a PML AMRAAM 4 high power rocket burning an Aerotech J350W motor. Cameras are looking towards the rocket's nose, aft, and perpendicular axis. Dual deployment and data collection ...
RisingStar on ATI F39-6Tsbddad2011-09-092010-09-05
Dynastar RisingStar on Aerotech F39-6T
Rocket Cammaxisp10002011-05-312010-03-23
Springfest 2010
Rocket Cam 1 003.AVIjschubz2011-09-182010-08-05
Estes Sky Writer on a C6-5 and keychain camera. Nice view of Johnson Creek Outlet Mall, and my little red car ;)
Rocket Cam view of a RAM JETAaronius312011-09-042010-10-31
Rocket Cam view of my RAM JET on an Estes C6-5 engine. The rocket got a bit dismangled but is still usable. And we didn't put a parachute on since it was a windy day.
Rocket Camera 1st FlightNewWaySpaceModels2011-12-062009-11-23
Here's the first flight of my "gum" camera rocket on a B6-2 motor. I used one of my square rockets as the launch vehicle.
Rocket Camera Launch 4Noah Spurrier2012-09-192012-02-13
I modified the nose cone and body of a small Estes model rocket to accept the camera, a Veho Muvi Micro DV. This isn't the greatest camera, but it was cheap and fit the rocket body. I used a B4-4 ...
Rocket Camera Short.avipevargas2011-07-292010-06-14
Rocket with Keychain Camera (Estes E9-8 motor and Big Daddy airframe), 061310
Rocket Camsneond72012-03-052012-01-14
Launch Day on Merritt Island. Flew my 808 keychain cam on a couple of flights.
Rocket Changes Spin Direction Twice!rockytysonrocketman2011-07-132010-09-23
This is a scratch built duel deployment rocket flown on a CTI G54 longburn Red Lightning motor. Very cool how it changes spin direction twice! Raven altimeter altitude of 4000' Apogee streamer ...
Rocket Fight 13 of Happy Ending 2 at MDRA Red Glare 14 Higgs Farm in Price Maryland 04-13-13basecom702014-01-172013-04-15
Flew a stretched version of my Formula54. It was heavy at 4.4 lbs. Used a CTI H123 to test but should have used an I. Went about 1200'. Video, Raven3 and a XBee Pro GPS system.
Rocket flight over 20k feetjgroverman2011-08-312011-06-05
rocket jamboree drag race.wmvderraketman2011-11-242011-10-10
Rocket Launchspider141820032011-05-292007-10-18
This was my first rocket launch that got me my level one certification for the NAR so I could help on the USLI team.
Rocket launchMrKlustic2011-07-132011-07-13
Tried the launch at Dart Airport again, this time with the camera facing the nose cap (upward at launch). The intention was to capture cool footage on the descent, but it wasn't as stable as we had ...
Rocket Launch 6AlanC982011-06-262011-06-01
Launched the rocket cam at Oklahoma Road Middle School. This rocket is an Estes Mongoose, with a Muvi Atom video camera mounted in the nose cone assembly. The Muvi Atom is a micro video camera that ...
rocket launch in 2005 from doonside onboard camerazyeborm2011-08-072011-06-18
Movie taken from my benq 1300 digital camera as a part of my 2nd year uni project. this was 2003 so a "digital video camera" was pretty dern flash at the time
Rocket launch on a winter dayonGlobalproductions2012-03-092012-03-03
Rocket launch on a winter day
Rocket Launch with Camera AttachedDavid Enders2014-01-172013-12-14
Launch of model rocket of my own design using a Estes D-12-3 motor with keychain camera attached. Orion IL. November 2013. Streamer recovery - fin broke upon landing, but has been repaired and ...
Rocket Launch with on board camerarocketbros12011-08-072011-06-14
launch of our jb-47 rocket with an on board camera
Rocket Launch with on board videoRudeabaga2011-06-262011-06-12
D29 Sugar Rocket Motor launch, 2 rockets
Rocket Launch with Onboard KeyCam - Guidonia (Rm)hawk5d2011-09-182010-04-13
Rocket Launch-Crash with on board camera and parachute manrocketbros12011-08-072011-06-16
JB-47 Launch. An internal explosion caused the shock cord to break, seperating the rocket with the parachutes.the parachute man that was on board was lost somewhere over the corn field. Not a ...
Rocket Mike 1b flying on an Aerotech J275 motorCraig Klimczak2013-03-112012-11-12
The first high-power launch of the St. Louis Rocketry Association at Elsberry, Mo. A beautiful day with a warm breeze out of the South. Mike 1b flew to 3379 feet above ground level.
Rocket Mike the Tiger II at Mid West High Power Rocket LaunchCraig Klimczak2013-04-042012-11-04
On November 3, 2012 in Princeton, IL, the rocket "Mike the Tiger II" flew at the Mid West High Power Rocket Launch event. Mike flew to 7216 feet in altitude reaching speeds of 618 miles per hour. ...
Rocket Video #3insanewalrus2011-06-252007-04-20
Rocket launch #3 for physics club at The University of Findlay
Rocket video 12-11-10.wmvJPVegh2011-08-302010-12-14
Key chain DVR attached to model rocket and launched at Alamo Rocketeers monthy launch in China Grove on December 11th 2010. Launched rocket with an Estes D12-5 motor. Rocket quickly rises through ...
Rocket video 12-4-10.wmvJPVegh2011-06-272010-12-14
First flight of Rocket booster doesn't go as planned. Launched on an Estes C11-7 at Alamo Rocketeers launch on 12-4-10 in China Grove. Delay too long, spits the motor, parachute doesn't fully ...
Rocket with Camcorder - Desert Heat 3/26/2011allencoleman462011-07-132011-04-03
Video with sound from camcorder attached to 4" x 48" rocket launched to almost 1800 feet at SARA event, Desert Heat, west of Tucson, AZ on 3/26/2011
Rocket with Camcorder - Fiesta Island 12/12/2010allencoleman462011-07-132011-04-02
Video and sound from small key chain camcorder attached to rocket that achieves approximately 800 feet altitude at DART launch at Fiesta Island, San Diego, CA on 12/12/2010
Rocket with Camcorder - Plaster City 1/1/2011 - Motor Fireallencoleman462011-07-132011-04-04
Video with sound from camcorder attached to rocket that failed to launch due to motor fire caused by operator error in assembling engine.
Rocket with Camcorder - Plaster City 3/5/2011allencoleman462011-07-132011-04-03
Video with sound from key chain camcorder attached to rocket launched to over 2000 feet at Plaster City, CA on 3/5/2011
Rocket with On-board Video Camera flies on an E engine! - NCR's Oktoberfest53rockets2011-05-312010-06-16
Ever wonder what the view looks like from a rocket? With this Boostervision on-board video camera, the high-speed flight of this Estes model rocket can clearly be seen. The camera was mounted to the ...
Rocket with onboard camerabrkyle2011-06-262011-06-18
Estes crossfire rocket powered by Estes C6-3. Camera is the 808 keychain camera.
Rocket with Onboard VideoCharles Sinclair2014-01-182011-09-18
Rocket with onboard video. Powered by a cluster of 3 Estes E-9 Motors. Perfect straight up and straight down flight.
RocketCam 2010-07-07 Custom Rockets Redliner with (very crude) 808 keychain spycam attachedhydlide2011-07-132010-07-08
First try at launching a model rocket. Rocket is a Redliner by Custom Rockets with a B4-4 engine. The camera is a keychain spycam stripped from its casing. The camera was attached to the rocket very ...
RocketCam Launchandycoopr2011-12-312011-12-20
This was my first attempt at launching a model rocket with a micro camera I installed on board
rocketcam videorocketguy20082011-11-062009-10-17
My first rocket cam video taken with a $20 spy camera from ebay. It is mounted to a scratch build goblin.
Rocketing above cloud leveltriptechb2011-07-022010-02-23
my slightly altered Madcow, super dx-3 flying on 38mm 6GXL cesaroni motors at maddox dairy farm with TCC. weighing in at 9.5 lbs loaded this bird is 4'' in dia. and a little under 7' tall. ...
Rocketry Warehouse Formula 75 Flight at Red Glare XII, Price MDDWM2312012-08-092012-04-14
Launched on a CTI I345 White Thunder motor to 2700' with a Garmin DC 40 GPS tracker. 8.4 lb launch weight. Camera is a Boostervision 720P HD, 50" parachute was too large so it drifted for about a ...
Onboard video of the 3X upscale Rockstar flight. the Chutes werestcuk ing the tube, but it was recovered with no damage.
Ron D's Lawn Dartnight0tripper2011-06-282011-01-16
Full length raw launch footage. Great flight. However, the chute failed to deploy. Rocket narrowly misses a herd of cows seen on camera fleeing the area soon after impact. Birmingham Rocket Boys, ...
Rowes Rockets Conyers School Workshoprowesretainers2012-02-072012-02-05
Rocketry Workshop at Conyers school Jan 2012 10 rockets built and flown Some had onboard video cameras a new addition to my workshops
School Launch low restbzep2011-12-052011-05-17
Scratch built rocket (Salvage 90) flies on a D12-5cookewj2011-09-292010-03-28
Onboard video ($6 keychain camera) on Salvage 90, a rocket I built for one of EMRR's online contests
Screaming EagleKiraMajeric2011-09-082010-04-20
Second flightjrlenz852011-08-072011-06-22
Second flight of the rocket with spy-cam onboard.
Second try of the boost gliders. Chad stage C6-0 to C6-3.wmve0368412011-09-222010-06-19
This was the second try with the glider rocket. Used two gliders to help get a straighter boost. Used two C motors to give enough boost for the extra glider weight. Took off and staged very low and ...
Semroc Lil Hustlerbuzznau2011-05-292010-05-25
E9 Graves Campground 13 Sept 2009 BoosterVision usb cam
Semroc Vega FlightRecordersRocketsBEC2011-05-292010-06-07
The Semroc Vega with the "808 car keys" camera taped to the body tube flies again in Chilliwack BC at the Fairfield RC Flyer's field (otherwise known as Ron's back yard). Estes C6-3, and an Apogee ...
Sepember 3rd Rocket Camerajsargevt2011-10-222011-09-04
September 3rd Rocket Launch at Underhill Central School, VT
Sheridan Rocket Videosbddad2011-06-262010-09-27
On-board gum cam in Excel Plus rocket
Sky Spy: Video From a RocketDTHRocket2011-09-222009-04-11
This is the first time I've actually gotten my onboard video to work properly! I wanted to start small, so I build this little low powered rocket on an E9 motor. The altitude was lowsy, as you can ...
skycam3 video rocket 03 28 2009tanrocket2011-06-192009-03-30
This is Skycam3. A shorter custom BT-80 booster with a Boostervision video camera built into a cone that is piggyback mid body tube. The 9v battery is inside the main body tube and attached to the ...
SkywritingRyan Smith2014-01-182013-09-29
Doing some skywriting with the sticker rocket on a D10-7 (Way to long of a delay), two other rockets as well, though I did not get rocket cam footage from th...
Slow Motion on board video of Rocket Launch.wmvAllOverButTheCrying2011-12-312011-12-27
Slow Motion on board video of Rocket Launch
Small Endeavor 071710.wmvmfborman2011-06-032010-07-18
Onboard video from Mike Borman's PML Small Endeavor rocket that was launched July 17, 2010 from a site near Holland, Indiana, USA. The rocket used an altimeter for close proximity recovery, and ...
OK- so testing the completely new Pack 1346 rocket cam in these conditions wasn't the smartest- but we managed to only lose one of the three test rockets. These shots were with B6-4 engines- smaller ...
SOAR October Rocket Launchcheviswhite2011-08-272010-10-25
Space Death 2 -Onboard-LDRS-June 2010-2.mp4Spacemo2012-09-242010-06-17
Space Death 2 flies on an M1550, two K700s, tw0 K540s, and two J570s. Two side boosters drop off after burnout of the two K540 Metal Storms. Nibbles did a ride along and parachuted down as the main ...
SpyCam Launch Dayrawkstar3202011-06-192010-05-05
My friend and I built a model rocket with a pen cam in it. The launch went well, both times, but the camera broke on impact after the second launch.
Second Rendition of Spyder AirBrake Recovery with MD80 camera. Weight without Engine 60 Grams. C6-3 Engine. Winds 3 MPH. Broke a blade on landing.
Squirrel Works Dogfight 2nd FlightZetoyoc2012-03-052012-01-31
Second flight of the Squirrelworks Dogfight on a C6-3
SquirrelWorks Dogfight 1st flightZetoyoc2012-03-052012-01-31
First flight of my SquirrelWorks Dogfight on a B6-4
SSPL scale ARCAS sounding rocket on-board cameragir13372011-12-312011-12-05
This is an on-board camera shot from the Student Space Programs Laboratory's (SSPL) scale model ARCAS sounding rocket.
Standard Missile Rocket Maiden Flight - MDRA ESL#166mep07162012-06-272012-03-12
Maiden flight of my scratch-built "SM-XMR SAM" 6" diameter, 8.5ft tall, 35lb rocket. Motor is an Aerotech M1500G. Footage was obtained with a ContourGPS HD downward facing camera in the nose cone. ...
Stefan Banic Model Rocket Launch 2 - Onboard Cameraagilard2011-05-292011-04-03
Model Rocket Launch - with Onboard Camera Music by ACDC - TNT
Steven Wilson Wac Corporal Red Glare Xnerys712012-01-242011-04-14
Steven gave me a copy of this video he shot from ON BOARD his two stage Wac Corporal !!! wicked flight to around 10,000 feet at Red Glare X !!!
Steven's Rocket on a J825R-13Timtheycallme2011-11-202011-11-06
3" scratchbuilt, ~6 feet long. Motor if Aerotech J825 Redline with a 13' delay. Electronics (in addition to camera): RDAS Compact for logging only, and scratchbuilt apogee-recording digital ...
Successful Launch of Homemade Main Chute Deployment Device- CINEMA 3.5- Nov. 20, 2010jmomenee2011-06-242010-11-21
Launched at TTRA monthly event held at Varn ranch, Plant City, FL. "Cinema 3.5" was powered by a H250-10 motor and carried an Aiptek HD-1 camcorder. Another successful flight of a homemade parachute ...
Successful Launch of Homemade Main Chute Deployment Device- Feb. 19, 2011jmomenee2011-08-212011-02-20
CINEMA 3.5 used an Aerotech H250 Mojave green motor- notice the green hue of the exhaust on the vidcaps. The vidcaps also show the moment just after the Quest Q2G2 igniter fired, cutting the fishing ...
Successful Launch of Homemade Main Chute Deployment Device: March 20, 2010- "Cinema 3" Onboard Videojmomenee2011-10-022010-03-22
Launched at TTRA monthly event held at Varn ranch, Plant City, FL. "Cinema 3" was powered by a G80-10 motor and carried an Aiptek HD-1 camcorder. Successful flight of a homemade parachute release ...
Super Alpha 2xB6-4.aviFrankenvideo12011-10-132011-10-09
Super Screamer - AT D21buzznau2011-12-112011-04-10
Express Elevator
Super Screamer Drag Racebuzznau2011-12-112011-04-10
Normal Speed
Superfly Kisses the Cloudsdavetherocketguy2012-12-132012-11-25
This is my rocket Superfly which in the past thought it was a submarine. Well, we've come to terms with that incident and set the rocket on the straight and narrow as it were and today it behaved. ...
SuperFly Rocketdavetherocketguy2011-09-082010-03-28
Team Prometheus NS1monroelkjr2011-10-192009-06-15
Tethys H159G inflight248Rocketman2482011-06-282010-06-20
Inflight video of my Public Missiles Tethys on a Pro29 6-grain H159 Green.
Tethys H170M inflight.m4v248Rocketman2482011-12-292010-06-19
Inflight video of my Public Missiles Tethys flying on an Aerotech H170 Metalstorm motor. It landed in the trees, but was easily retrieved.
The "Sickness" First Flightkirby11862012-01-112011-09-18
My entry into High Power Rocketry. Level 1 Certification Flight on a Cesaroni I470 White Thunder.
The Crash of CODE REDazodude2011-07-132011-07-10
Model rocket video flight and crash using a keychain video camera.
Third flight with near miss.jrlenz852011-08-192011-06-22
Third flight with new camera. This time we used a smaller rocket, with the same size engine (C6-5). It was a foggy day and we lost sight of the rocket in the clouds. Luckily we saw it just before it ...
Thor 7 Motor Cluster LaunchSteve Arthur2014-01-172013-04-22
7 motor cluster launch of the Thor designed by me. Launch took place April 21, 2013 with Ellis, Kansas Cub Scout Pack 115, This is a really long video. You'll want to stop watching after it lands ...
Thor Pickrell Nebraska Fire OnThe Farm launch 2011 4g2rockets2011-12-072011-04-18
This is an onboard view of my Wildman Mini Dark Star on a CTI G88 smokey sam at the 2011 Fire on the farm launch. April 17 2011.
Tiny Pterodayctl 1-30-10davetherocketguy2011-06-282010-02-01
This is a much smaller rocket than my Purple People Eater. This is a kit built stock - no mods and is single deploy. This flight went probably to only 1000' or so. Tough to say without an altimeter ...
TIR FUSEE D 7astrosquale2011-05-292010-11-21
TORC 12-31-11 Level 1 Attemptmikelibassi2014-05-102011-12-31
Rocket shoot L1 Attempt at TORC 12-31-11. PML Miranda kit on a H123w. Had on-board video and ground video rolling. The main chute did not deploy fully.. got tangled in the shock cord. So it had a ...
Tripoli "Oktoberfest" My launch # 2 - Thumb Camera viewAtomTrayC2011-12-072011-10-24
This is the thumb camera view from my 2nd launch of the day. I used an E9-4 motor. The whistling sound is due to 2 holes I drilled into the clear plastic payload tube.
Tripoli "Oktoberfest" My launch # 3 - Thumb camera viewAtomTrayC2011-12-072011-10-25
This is my 3rd launch of the day using an E9-4 motor. I put the camera upside down to show the mountains better upon descent but there was too much wind.
Trois Duex Flightpantherjon12011-09-242010-05-18
Trios Duex(Triple Deuce) going up on 5/16/10 at Orangeburg, SC on 2xA10-PT, 2xC6-5(Quest) and 2xD12-5 motors...Battery ran out prior to landing. Landed on field about 15 feet from some evil rocket ...
Tube Rocket Onboard video NSL 2008 H97-Jpeter798132011-12-312008-05-27
Onboard video NSL 2008 H97-J
Twin Fin IV D12 5tonypv582011-12-292010-09-20
Featuring the voice of CMASS Kenn Blade.
Two Stage Alpha III - Onboard View.wmvSimHQFan2014-01-172011-07-19
'Keychain cam' onboard video of Estes Alpha III (modified 2 stage) launch. Launch was unstable, so video is pretty short. Ignore time/date stamp.
Two Stage Rocket on Booster Visionaaupton2011-05-292006-12-30
Clayton has a two stage rocket spin like a dryer on the first stage and then spin the other way on the second stage. Very good sound and great staging video.
Two Stage Slow Motion Movie Camera Rocketrocketreviews2011-07-042008-09-28
Flipper Two was a 4 inch dual deploy rocket with a Super 8 movie camera on board, and took many movies from 1995-1999. It was a two stager with outboards. The movie camera was rigged to run fast, so ...
Two Ton First Flight Onboardhouseholdrocketry2012-04-152012-03-24
The first flight of our scratchbuilt rocket called Two Ton. It flew at MMMSClub in Berwick on March 24th 2012 with a G76-4. The flight was perfect, apart from some small cracks in the fin that it ...
Two-Stage D Engine Rocket Lands in a Treekirby01012012-12-132012-12-06
This rocket with a DVR-808 keychain camera attached got stuck about 60 feet up in a tree stuck when it was launched on November 10, 2012. On December 6, 26 days later, it was recovered after the ...
UK Armed Forces Day in the USA .wmvgeneralripper19642011-08-162011-07-06
Video made from an on board camera during mid power rocket launch in Hartsel Colorado USA. The specific launch of this rocket was to celebrate UK Armed Forces Day. Tripoli Colorado was holding their ...
Ultimate Wildman M2045 onboard video248Rocketman2482012-06-272012-01-29
Pictures and video from my Ultimate Wildman flying on a CTI Pro75 6G M2045BS. It flew to 8,646ft at Bayboro, NC on January 28th, 2012.
Upscale Trifid 3xD12-5.wmvtonypv582012-05-102012-04-10
UW Minimum Diameter Rocket on a L2200 Motorrwinglee2011-05-292011-05-10
UW students launch and recover a minimum diameter 3in rocket to subsonic speeds at Black Rocket Nevada May, 2011 using an Aerotech L850. The wet playa is well captured in the video along with images ...
V-2 at Spring Blast 2010 launching on a M1600 R.wmve0368412011-09-222010-06-19
This was my L3 rocket launch at Rainbow Valley in Arizona. It was a Polecat 10" kit and was assembled per the instructions. There were many pieces added to the rocket to make it truer to the 1/6th ...
V-2 Rocket Launch Vermontjvarric2011-10-132011-09-23
V2 L600 Cherryfield Maine 2000amtr12011-07-052011-02-26
Onbaoard Video 70cm video telemetry package Rocket Launched off Mangetic Rod Lubgs
Vagabond 3xC6-5.aviFrankenvideo12011-10-132011-10-09
Vagabond Crash Onboard Video.aviFrankenvideo12011-09-162011-09-09
Vagabond on a D123dhurstell2011-11-022011-08-28
Estes Vagabond on a D12-3. Nice flight, and a decent shot of Evansville at apogee
Vega at Missile Mayhem 2010 (flight 17)RecordersRocketsBEC2011-05-292010-06-07
Video (via an "808 car keys camera") aboard my Semroc Vega. Launched on Sunday of the Blue Mountain Rocketeers' "Missile Mayhem 2010". Flight on Sunday May 16th. Aerotech single use 18mm D motor.
Video from Estes Hijinks - flight number twoRecordersRocketsBEC2011-12-112009-11-16
My second flight of an eBay "gum cam" on a modified Estes HiJinks ready-to-fly model rocket. The engine is an Estes B6-4. Flight is from the south end of the Boeing facility in Kent, WA at the ...
Video Rocket at LDRSDaveHein2011-06-282008-09-03
This video was taken by an Aiptek ActionHD camera riding in the nosecone of a LOC Forte'. It was lauched at LDRS 27 in Argonia, Kansas.
Video Rocket flight at METRA launch 11/1/08N2IXK2011-10-202008-11-02
This is flight video from a camera and 900 MHz ATV system onboard a payload rocket. Flight was at the METRA launch 11/1/08 in Pine Island, NY. Rocket is a heavily modified Estes "Super Nova ...
Video Rocket Launchmajkrzakray2011-12-312011-12-13
Launch and recovery of mid-level rocket with video camera; Aerotech G engine
Vigilante Onboard trimmedFrankenvideo12014-01-172012-05-12
Viper II 3xD12 5tonypv582011-11-062011-10-23
Viper rocket moviecrapsack10002011-11-042011-10-24
WAC Corporal at NSL 2011kelsoboom2011-07-312011-06-18
Onboard video from flight of the full scale WAC Corporal flown at the NAR National Sport Launch, Lucerne Dry Lake on 11 June 2011. Powered by an Aerotech M1939W motor, it reached an altitude of 4700 ...
Weasel 29 F45 5tonypv582011-12-292010-09-20
Werk Zahltdavetherocketguy2011-12-262011-12-19
This is Chris Dale's rocket on a Aerotech J500 green motor. The rocket is extremely unusual and few really well other than a slightly longer than optimal delay. What was really surprising was the ...
Wildman Extreme M3100nraymondb2012-01-082011-12-28
This is my Wildman Extreme going up on a CTI M3100. Im not sure how high it went since the electronics failed to deploy the main. There was no damage from the fall. The clouds were 7000' that day, ...
WOOSH SCRAMBLEMrSeimberg2011-08-282009-05-27
WPI Rocket Onboard CameraRocket1542011-06-032007-12-23
Launch of a 3" Diameter rocket with an on board video camera transmitter. Launch was from CATO on an ATI211 in DEC-2007.
X-Calibur onboard launch videobnnnboy2012-08-092009-01-04
PML X-Calibur flying on a G64-7W at Bayboro, NC on 12/20/2008. Video from a Boostervision Mini Gearcam wireless video camera. Camera housed in external foam/fiberglass housing.
X-CELERATOR High Power Rocket Onboard Video - CTI J355Red Lightning MotorDWM2312011-07-132011-07-06
From NERRF 7, this is Dave Lang's successful Level 2 certification flight on a Performance Rocketry X-CELERATOR all fiberglass rocket designed by Gary Tortora. Motor is a Cesaroni J355 Red ...
XR-7930 2010.11.13SMVideo942011-06-282010-12-13
Onboard video from a Quasar One XR-7930 built by Markus Meier launched on an AeroTech F39-6T at the Sacramento Area Rocketry Group launch on November 13, 2010.
Yellow Knight Medium Powered Rocket (MPR) Southern Arizona Rocketry Association (SARA) 16 July 2011 Night Flight Capable
YouBee First Flight (2011-01-08)jadebox2011-06-032011-01-12
Roger Smith's Upscale Break Away (YouBee) is launched on an AMW Pro-X K455 motor at the January, 2011, NEFAR launch.
Zipperless Rocket design = No damage to Super Big Berthascsager2012-04-152012-03-02
The Rebuilt Super Big Bertha clone flies on an AT H128-m. Late ejection charge results in NO DAMAGE to the rocket Zipperless (mid break) design proves successful with a late ejection at 2000 ft
Cinema X-1 High Power Rocket- Maiden Launch, Dec. 15 2012jmomenee2013-03-112012-12-16
Launched at the Varn Ranch in Plant City FL during the monthly TTRA launch. Scratch-built rocket is seven feet tall and weighs 14 pounds loaded with an Aerotech J800 motor. Blue Tube construction ...
Phoenix-98 Onboard Rocket Telemetryamtr12011-07-052011-02-26
Onboard Rocket Telemetry 70cm band.
Saddest rocket video ever - Back in Black MDRA Red Glare XIcyberia552012-06-292011-12-22
This will serve as a cautionary tale. Always check the size of the memory card inserted into your rocket's camera when prepping for flight. You might find yourself in the situation where your video ...

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